Why Datantify

Our team is working very hard to deliver the best databases in the market. That’s why we are confident about the quality of our service. And that, in turn, is why our company and its actions are so transparent – we have nothing to hide. Learn more about our secret weapon and get to know the Datantify Alant 🤖 algorithm inside out!

Our target is to be like Google, but for database search and purchase. 🙉 And we think it’s going well because we have customers from more than 180 countries. 🙊


Datantify vs Other Competitors



We have the biggest B2B databases in the world. We are aware that when it comes to such a huge amount of data, the key point is its proper preparation and presentation. We know that no one wants to scroll through millions of records and badly grouped data.

The process of registration in our system is so simple that anyone can join.

After purchase, you will get your data in a clear and sorted form, in a file format that can be opened with any office suite available. And if any problem occurs, you can always contact our support – we are happy to help and provide feedback.


Most of our competitors have a messy registration system, they don’t give the opportunity to download samples and are rather closed in terms of contact and help. Some of them also don’t have sorting/filter systems that allow the user to personalize their choice by city, location, contact information and more.

One time payment


No subscription, no hidden costs. Browse all available databases and pay only for the records you really need.


Long term agreements/subscription plans with a lot of restrictions and various pricing thresholds, which make it challenging to choose the right solution.

Data sources


We have our original solution that gathers data from many various sources. Then we use this data to create unique, original databases which contain only verified and up-to-date information.


Most of our competition gathers data from national registers, LinkedIn, and similar sources. A database created in such a way is of poor quality and strongly limited. If we could go back 90 years, then maybe these databases would make any sense, but not today

Data quality


Our motto “The biggest, high-quality global company database” is not just an empty marketing pitch. It is the ID of our company, which perfectly describes our actions and beliefs. Learn more about Datantify Alant.


We would like for the data verification quality of Datantify Alant to be a standard in database providers branch, but unfortunately, it is not. If you ever bought a database from another company you probably know that most of the records are faulty, broken, duplicated, not up to date, and practically unusable.

Number of countries and industries


We are the biggest provider of databases of companies in the world in terms of the number of companies, industries, and countries. We have more than 105 million of companies from 194 countries and more than 4,000 industries. And these numbers are still growing.


Other companies offer a very limited number of countries and industries. Why? because as we said earlier, most of our competitors gather data from LinkedIn, national registers and public databases, which compared with outcomes from our Datantify Alant system is close to nothing.

Statistically, our competition has data sets smaller than ours by 50% to 10000%.

Data update


We know how important is up-to-date data, especially in terms of databases of companies. That’s why we paid extra attention to the heart of our system so that our data is updated every day, on a regular basis.


Others run on cyclic data updates, which are already outdated in the moment of the update, because they are coming from the sources like LinkedIn and company registers, where their quality is very low. Some of the companies don’t replace the old, useless data, and just add more data to the existing databases, and that’s why their numbers may look impressive, but in the end, their potential is weaker.

Market coverage


We cover more than 90% of all the companies in the world. Our goal is to cover more than 95% in the upcoming year.

Meet Our Engine

Hi, I’m Alant, AI Database Builder 🤖

#1 Data Grabbing

We gather data everyday from many various sources.

#2 Business Verification

At this stage, we verify if a particular business is still up and running. Thanks to this step you can be sure that you are getting only working companies.

#3 Address Verification

At this stage, we determine where the company’s HQ, local and national offices, shops, and others are located. With this step, we ensure that you will be provided with the actual, real company locations, not the ones that were used in the process of registration.

#4 Industry Verification

At this stage, we verify to which industry we should add a particular company. With this step, you can be sure that you are buying only the database of companies that provide particular services/sell products from a particular industry. That’s why we have more than 4,000 categories.

#5 Contact Verification

At this stage, we double-check contact data like emails, phone numbers, and websites. Thanks to this step you are provided with working, up-to-date contact information that is used by the employees of particular companies on a regular basis.

#6 Adding to Database

At this stage, a positively verified company is added to our database.

#7 Daily Update

Every day our algorithm updates all the changes to the companies that are present in our database. It checks if a particular company still works, if the address and contact information remains unchanged and if their offer is still the same. That’s how Datantify Alant works. A great solution that provides all our customers with the biggest, high quality business company database.