World’s largest logistic companies 2017/2018

Supply chain management forms an essential part of every successful transaction. Of course, not every entrepreneur is able to organize all planning and delivering processes on her or his own. There are lots of procedures connected with controlling, information flow, packing or transport which should be performed by specialists. Luckily, logistics companies offer a wide range of these services and take care of material flow. 1. What is a logistics company?

Firstly, the term Logistics was connoted with the military as one of the arts of war. Only in the fifties, it had the meaning of distribution and later in time, there was inbound and market logistics. Globalization also had an influence in this field – logistics started to seem like something more than actions around one company. Whereas, technology development contributed to the most up-to-date term: e – logistics, which is closely related to e-commerce services. With the lapse of time, there are many of established logistics companies. If you dream about the logistics career you have a good chance to find a job in this line of business. Surely, the best option is working for the most prestigious employers in this field, isn’t it? There is nothing more to do than point the largest logistics companies in the world out. Who knows, maybe in this top 10 logistic companies there is your future employer or partner you will cooperate with? 2. TOP 10 logistics companies

10. Dynamic Parcel Distribution

It is known as the DPD service which comes from Germany and was founded in 1970. Its services are divided into classic, express, and special. This one of top ten logistics companies offers B2B and B2C parcel shipping and hires over 38 000 employees. Every day there are more than 500 cross-border transport operations, which are available to be performed in 35 countries. Their strategy is to take advantage of still growing e-commerce, which forces logistics to many changes and adjustments. DPD is trying to be up to date with innovations and looks for unique solutions, for example by using the drone as a machine for delivery.

9. DSV

One of another famous logistics names is DSV coming from Denmark. The company was established in 1976 and deals with big freight distribution and road transport. Worldwide services can also be operated by air, sea, and trains. However, DVS does not own any ships or planes, and even its car fleet isn’t wide – this is a part of its financial plan to limit costs at a minimum. DVS has its branches in over 80 countries and is divided into three sections: Road, Air & Sea, and Solutions.

8. C.H. Robinson Worldwide

There are over 15 000 supply chain experts, who are able to make global operations in over 39 countries across 5 continents. This one of the largest freight brokers deliver different supply chain solutions to over 120 000 customers all over the world. One of its main services division is Transportation Management System technology, which is available in all regions, in many languages and let customers streamline their daily operations. C.H. Robinson Worldwide also offers special handling for sensitive products. They provide trained drivers and regulated straps, protection materials and are able to prepare individual logistics plan.

7. DHL International GmbH

One of the top logistics companies in German which has its own branches in over 220 countries. In the beginning, DHL was operating in the transport of goods from the USA to Hawaii. Surely, it is one of the best logistics companies to work for – in 2017 DHL was certified by the Top Employer Institute as a Global Top Employer. The company offers a wide range of services for different industry sectors such as chemicals, energy, retail, technology, public sector, consumer or automotive. What is interesting, DHL is supporting one of the most famous football teams Manchester United.

6. DB Schenker

Over 2000 branches all over the world and more than 72 000 hired employees. In German, there are many transport companies names, but DB Schenker is a leading-edge logistics services provider even in a global perspective. It operates in trade in goods by land carriage, marine transportation, and air forwarding. The company also pays its attention to sustainability and support the major objectives of Sustainable Development Goals by ONZ.

5. McLane Company

This American logistics company was founded in 1894 in Texas and operates grocery and foodservice distribution points. McLane Company serves customers who are popular all over the world, e.g. KFC, Pizza Hut or 7-Eleven. What is more, the company is a leader in the distribution of alcoholic beverage, such as wines, spirits, and beer. McLane also supports Partnership for a Healthier America, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and United Way.

4. La Poste

Another top logistics company in the world is the French company La Poste which was founded in 1991. In 2017 La Poste group operated in parcels and express expanded into international markets in Italy, Russia, Brazil, and Vietnam. The company tries to follow the innovations – in 2016 it started to use drones as a way to deliver goods to isolated customers from secluded places in France.

3. Kuehne + Nagel

This operator of one-stop shopping services has been functioning since 1890 and has over 1300 offices all over the world. There are nine Logistics Control Centres where specialists manage all international logistics processes at least in eight different languages. The company hires over 76 000 employees and was appreciated in Employer Branding Excellence Award in 2017. Then Kuehne + Nagel got two prizes: one for the best image campaign, and another in innovation category. Of course, there is not only one award – the company was certified in many different logistic topics, for example, Kuehne + Nagel clinched the title of Sea Freight Forwarder of the Year.

2. FedEx Corporation

Example of American transportation logistics’ company which delivers goods to 220 countries. In its fleet, we can find over 39 airplanes and 5000 delivery trucks. FedEx not only focuses on high-quality logistic services but also gets into different social actions. Until the end of 2016, the company assisted 97 societies all over the world. What is more, the operator supports one of the biggest football events UEFA Europa League and is the official logistic carrier of ATP World Tour.

1. UPS

UPS is the top of the best logistics companies in the world. It was founded in 1907 in Seattle and hires more than 434 000 employees. The company offers its services in sectors of industries such as healthcare, high-tech, retail and consumer goods, industrial manufacturing and distribution. Furthermore, UPS has a fuel-efficient fleet and highlights the meaning of sustainability – this is why it got Energy Star certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The company takes care of its employees too. Firstly, they fully understand cultural backgrounds and emphasizes equity. On the other hand, UPS  invests in the personal growth of its employees. There is even UPS University where all workers can find a full library of online courses which let them become more qualified. There’s no doubt that it sounds like the best logistics company to work for. The global number of delivered packages in 2016 totaled 4,9 billion and UPS got lots of technological awards like Digital Edge 25 for UPS My Choice and Access Point Network Integration in 2016 or the title of Near Real-Time Service Performance Reporting in 2015. 3. Top logistics with the bully pulpit

Logistics is still a developing field in which more and more needs new employees and perpetually is looking for new solutions to make services faster and better. As we notice, market competition is quite big – there are lots of logistics companies which offers their services all over the world. They need to be prepared – e-commerce and technology development challenges all business entities to keep up with innovations. If they took advantage of the opportunity, kept a good employee treatment and remembered about sustainability, they would stand their ground as top logistics companies in the world.