What to Sell Online – Top 25 Products

The global online sales market is constantly evolving. Last year showed many challenges and benefits for online stores. People in areas where access to many stores is difficult, use a lot of online shopping options, while saving on fuel and time. Within a dozen or so years, the internet developed very quickly and various services were born. On-line sales platforms are within reach of every person with access to the Internet.
In this article you will check what to sell online this year. When developing business ideas, it’s important to know which products are gaining popularity.
Top 25 products to sell in 2021:

1. Face mask

The market for personal protective equipment has become competitive, but there are still many ways to stand out. Because masks have become an everyday reality these days, many people have decided to buy custom masks that match their outfit or to stand out from the crowd. When you want to sell this type of product, find face mask suppliers wholesale. You can also create your own face masks for sale online. The unique design of the mask designed by you can attract customers willing to buy masks other than the regular ones. According to Google Trends top searches are:

  • face mask
    top countries: Great Britain, USA, Philippines 
  • face mask pattern
    Regions: New Zealand, Australia, USA

2. Posture correctors

Much of the work done from home involves the use of a computer. Spending time in front of the monitor for several hours in an unconsciously hunched position leads to curvature of the spine and back. That’s why posture correctors have become a hit with those looking to prevent possible back problems. According to Google Trends, the number of searches peaked in the first half of March. The way to stand out from the competition is the appropriate selection of the group of potential customers. Computer workers, parents of children learning distance learning are good target groups. When creating your product description, consider the health benefits of enforcing good posture from an early age.
According to Google Ads Keyword Planner top global searches are:

  • posture correctors: 100 k. – 1 mln /mo
  • back brace for posture: 10k. – 100k /mo
  • posture brace: 10k. – 100k. /mo

3. Household storage containers

When many people were transferred to work remotely or decided to find remote work, the desire to organize their home space significantly increased the sale of household storage containers. Containers are very helpful in organizing items or clothes seasonally. The availability of patterns and sizes is so diverse that they also can be used as an accessory to your home decor. Depending on what room we need them for, many people use containers to store food, supplies or even cosmetics. The high number of monthly searches for “storage containers” means that storage can be a profitable business to start an online business. Various types of containers are available for many product possibilities and extension of its line. You can start gaining customers by promoting your product on popular home organization and interior design blogs. People are more likely to buy products when they come to your website after reading a blog post than ads.
According to Google Ads Keyword Planner top global searches are:

  • storage containers: 100k – 1mln /mo
  • storage box: 100k – 1mln /mo
  • food storage containers: 10k – 100k /mo

4. Kitchen towels

Interest in the less waste or zero-waste lifestyle encourages people to buy reusable products that are durable and will serve for many years. Kitchen towels can be used for many household activities. Both for wiping hands, holding hot objects and cleaning. Extremely durable towels are washable at high temperatures and can withstand repeated use. Competition in this industry is high. On the other hand, those companies that gain a significant share in the market target their offer to a similar demographic group: older consumers with higher income. This gives a unique opportunity to sell their products to a younger group of potential customers who do not want to overpay on items such as kitchen towels. With lower dropshipping costs for kitchen items, you can charge less than larger suppliers.
According to Google Ads Keyword Planner top global searches are:

  • kitchen towels: 10k -100k /mo
  • dish towels: 10k – 100k /mo
  • cotton kitchen towels: 1k – 10k /mo

5. Art software

In recent years, there has been a huge variety of digital art products available. However, it is worth noting that programs are constantly being created and improved. You can create a program that combines the most needed options, or create additions to existing programs by observing what is most useful and chosen by digital artists. You can also take into account the division into beginners and more advanced users. According to Google Ads Keyword Planner top global searches are:

  • artweaver: 1k. – 10k. /mo
  • art software: 1k – 10k /mo
  • clip studio painting: 100k – 1 mln /mo

6. Digital Tablets

The digitization of art is still going strong. Devices that help us create patterns, drawings or paint when connected to a computer. There are also independent graphic tablets on the market that do not require constant access to a computer. At one time, such devices were used only by professionals due to their price and specificity of use. With the “technological leap” over the past two decades, this market has evolved so that a variety of tablets and digital art devices are readily available. Even more and more devices like the iPad are gaining popularity among artists.
According to Google Ads Keyword Planner top global searches are:

  • best drawing tablet: 10k. – 100k. /mo
  • drawing tablet with screen: 10k. – 100k. /mo
  • digital art tablet: 10k. – 100k. /mo

7. Home Assistant Systems

With the era of smartphones and IoT, people want to be able to control everything on the go. Do you want to turn on the lights in your house before your arrival? Sure, no problem, want to cut the energy in a particular space of your house? Here you go, make your house safer with intelligent flood/fire sensors? The market has it. That’s why a new market was created. The market for electrical home assistance is smaller than the others, but it’s growing fast. A huge amount of room for innovations and creativity makes this market very friendly to newcomers.
According to Google Ads Keyword Planner top global searches are:

  • home assistant: 100k. – 1mln. /mo
  • smart home devices: 10k. – 100k. /mo
  • smart home system: 10k. – 100k. /mo

8. Colorful wallpapers

Wallpapers have been around for quite a long time. What is more important in this field is not technology, which stays almost the same since the invention of wallpapers, but patterns they’re sold with. Through all of them, the most trending now is solid colors (because of the modern style trend), and multi-colored ones. There were some peaks of sales of wallpapers, mostly in the warmer seasons, when a lot of people decide to build their house or refurbish/refresh their spaces.
According to Google Ads Keyword Planner top global searches are:

  • colorfull wallpaper: 10k. – 100k. /mo
  • wallpapers: 1mln. – 100 mln. /mo
  • house wallpapers: 10k. – 100k. /mo

9. Bike saddles

People looking for a new means of transport to avoid crowded buses or trains started buying bikes in the summer of 2020 to such an extent that the market could not keep up with this need. The bicycle saddle primarily affects the comfort and type of riding. They play a very important role in ensuring safe longer journeys without injury. The choice of saddle depends on our anatomy, riding style or discipline. For an online store, helping you find the best saddle can be a profitable product. Searches for various types of saddles indicate that you can sell a wide range of types of saddles. An online bicycle store is the best option for selling this type of product. You can target your ad to different groups of people riding different bikes.
According to Google Ads Keyword Planner top global searches are:

  • bike saddles: 10k. – 100k. /mo
  • saddles: 100k. – 1mln. /mo
  • bike seat: 10k. – 100k. /mo
  • bicycle seat: 10k. – 100k. /mo

10. Handheld device accessories

People are looking for accessories and gadgets for phones and tablets all year round. The market in this category is huge. Products from this category, which are the most popular, give plenty of opportunities to reach different customers depending on the type of device they have. Using google Ads to promote a product can be profitable. Another option is to use Facebook Ads to target specific groups based on the design or functionality of the enhancements.
Some items you can sell under this category are:

  • Tripods
  • phone cases
  • screen protectors
  • selfie sticks
  • portable chargers According to Google Ads Keyword Planner top global searches are:
  • power bank: 100k. – 1mln. /mo
  • portable charger: 100k. – 1mln. /mo
  • selfie stick: 100k. – 1mln. /mo
  • screen protector: 100k. – 1mln. /mo

11. Toy kitchens and play food

Toy kitchens have continued to be a popular home entertainment for children since the 1920s. It is not an ordinary toy to pass the time, it is also a good tool for developing fine motor skills. They effectively capture children’s interest and take their attention when parents work from home. Companies are exploring this market and working on new toy kitchen designs. Creating an organizational campaign in social media regarding children and their parents will be a good sales strategy. Instagram allows you to create a photo carousel, thanks to which you will present your product from different perspectives and its use.
According to Google Ads Keyword Planner top global searches are:

  • toy kitchen: 10k. – 100k. /mo
  • play food: 10k. – 100k./mo
  • play kitchen: 10k. – 100k. /mo

12. Baby Playmats

Moving to work remotely from home requires parents to organize a suitable space for their children to play. Also for babies and toddlers. The health benefits of children’s play mats have popularized their sale. Both the organization of space at home for children and the growing number of nurseries and kindergartens contribute significantly to the development of this market.
According to Google Ads Keyword Planner top global searches are:

  • baby playmats: 100k. – 1mln. /mo
  • mats for baby: 10k. – 100k. /mo
  • play mats: 10k. – 100k. /mo

13. Bookcases and standing shelves

The sales trend of bookcases and standing shelves has been increasing recently. People have more time to read books or beautify their living space when they spend a lot of time at home. A large number of libraries have limited their activities due to activities limiting the spread of the coronavirus. To sell these types of products, you can create a blog with interior design tips and link to your products accordingly.
According to Google Ads Keyword Planner top global searches are:

  • bookcase: 100k – 1mln /mo
  • standing shelves: 10k – 100k /mo
  • ladder bookshelf: 100k – 1mln /mo

14. Portable Vacuum Cleaners

Portable vacuum cleaners are niche products that are still very popular. They provide the convenience of cleaning as they are lighter and slimmer. The market value of this product is increasing. They are useful vacuum cleaners both for cleaning at home and in the car. In promoting your sales, you can find YouTube channels that deal with the technical review of various equipment, including vacuum cleaners, and contact them. Such channels are followed by people checking out new products worth buying.
According to Google Ads Keyword Planner top global searches are:

  • handheld vacuum cleaner: 10k. – 100k. /mo
  • portable vacuum: 10k. – 100k. /mo
  • cordless handheld vacuum: 10k. – 100k. /mo

15. Temporary tattoos

The closure of many tattoo studios due to the restrictions on the threat of coronavirus infection caused a great interest in temporary tattoos. They can be made safely and at home with henna, which is natural but very similar to ink. Among the younger generation, tattoos have become very popular when they are often an asset to musicians, creative directors, celebrities and artists. Lots of people are looking for good but ready-made tattoo designs that can be applied to the skin. If you want high sales of such a product, sell it on Instagram, TikToku or Pinterest. And also show different social ads to different customer groups to increase your sales. You can use Pinterest to create boards of inspiration for a variety of tattoos and trendy designs for potential buyers.
According to Google Ads Keyword Planner top global searches are:

  • temporary tattoos: 100k. – 1 mln. /mo
  • henna tattoos: 100k. – 1mln. /mo
  • removable tattoos: 100k – 1mln. /mo

16. Needlecraft patterns

Handicraft patterns are a sought-after and popular product sold in 2021. Doing needlework or crocheting is a good anti-stress therapy to do in your free time. It is a hobby for people of all ages, ranging from school children to older people. Selling in the handicraft industry gives you many opportunities to expand your product line. In addition to the patterns themselves, kits and tools for needlework involving various techniques can be sold. To promote your sales, become an active member of the Facebook forums and groups to share your skills and insights. Building a community in these niche markets will help you reach your target audience faster and easier. You can sell a needlework pattern as a downloadable PDF (not a finished item) and send your customers a tutorial on how to create it. According to Google Ads Keyword Planner top global searches are:

  • crochet hooks case: 1k. – 10k. /mo
  • knitting cable: 10k. – 100k. /mo
  • needlecraft patterns: 100 – 1k. /mo

17. Hair styling tools and accessories

Hair styling tools and the various accessories associated with them quickly gained popularity. Such products are popular, because many people have gained extra time to take care of their hair while at home. YouTube videos about hair styling and the tools you need have a very large number of views. These are videos covering topics from hair styling tutorials to reviews to tips.
The field of health and beauty is guided mainly by the visual form, so when selling popular items, it is best to do it using platforms such as Instagram or YouTube.
According to Google Ads Keyword Planner top global searches are:

  • scrunchies: 1 mln – 10 mln. /mo
  • hair accessories: 100 – 1 mln. /mo
  • headband: 100k. – 1mln. /mo

18. Sketchbooks

Sketchbooks are more mobile than canvas, and many people use them to create their own planner or calendar using colored tapes, crayons or stickers. Many people in the world are also starting their artistic path. So far, this is a needed product. Sketchbooks with a nice cover encourage buyers. You can use the options to design your own covers to expand your product series. There are many profiles of influencer artists on instagram, thanks to which you will reach a wider group of potential customers. There are also other art platforms where you can include your product.
According to Google Ads Keyword Planner top global searches are:

  • sketchbook: 100k. – 1mln. /mo
  • drawing sketchbook: 10k. – 100k. /mo
  • daily sketchbook: 10k. – 100k. /mo

19. Food

 Online food product sales are growing super fast now, not only because of the e-shop systems implemented by the majority of shops but also because of the availability of products and fast logistics. There are a ton of food supplies that we can order through the internet now, and every day more people convince themselves to give it a try. Mostly these products are dry, with a long expiration date like spices, noodles, candy, tea, coffee, beverages and more. What makes this market even better, it creates a great number of opportunities to try new tastes, from all countries in the world. Competition is hard and based mostly on the import/export system but we can say it is definitely worth giving a try. The popularity of noodles is built by a simple factor: a variety of tastes and forms, easy to prepare, long expiration date, and universality. Most trending now are the ones imported from far Asia, with high-quality ingredients and original tastes.
According to Google Ads Keyword Planner top global searches are:

  • noodle: 100k – 1mln. /mo
  • spicy noodle: 100k. – 1 mln. /mo
  • foreign food: 1k. – 10k. /mo

20. Colorful underwear (socks mostly)

Funny patterns of underwear and socks is still something now. A decade ago, people with visible socks or colored socks were viewed as “freaks”. Currently, they are very fashionable clothing accessories. Popular especially among teenagers and young adults. Many people see socks as another form of expressing themselves through clothing. A wide range of designs and ideas allows you to create a unique offer that encourages you to buy. Occasional socks, socks with favorite food or with characters from pictures are the most popular. According to Google Ads Keyword Planner top global searches are:

  • colorful socks: 10 k. – 100 k. /mo
  • funny underwear: 1 k. – 10 k. /mo

21. Branded apparel

With the boom in streetwear, designer clothing only grew in popularity. Not only among young people who want to show themselves among their peers at school or college, but also among adults who want to show their social status. People love branded things. You can run a resale business or cooperate with well-known brands. According to Google Ads Keyword Planner top global searches are:

  • clothing brand 100 k – 1 mln /mo

22. LED lighting (bulbs, strips, and LED systems)

From the beginning of electricity, people tried to improve everyday use devices to be more energy efficient. Nowadays a lot of electronics are designed to save as much energy as possible to help our environment. And that’s why LED systems are trending. Of course, this trend reached lighting systems too. Now on the market, we have a huge variety of bulbs and light systems equipped with LEDs, which happen to be very energy efficient and more durable than other light devices. There are also other advantages of LEDs: flexibility of factors. You can choose the power of the bulb, color warmth, light stream power and more. There are also multicolor ones which you can change color with remote control, and even smart ones that you can pair with your smartphone and operate a variety of bulb factors from it.
According to Google Ads Keyword Planner top global searches are:

  • led lighting: 1 mln – 10 mln /mo
  • bulbs: 100 k – 1 mln /mo
  • led strip lights: 100 k – 1 mln /mo

23. Gaming equipment

A specific group with a huge variety of needs, which are the players, opens up wide sales opportunities. Some will need headphones with a microphone with high-quality sound pick-up and noise filtering, others will need a display with a high refresh rate. The market for the first video games and its hardware paved the way for the current gaming hardware market. Back then it wasn’t as popular as it is now. There are a lot of players of all ages. Most of the people who started playing when they were children still enjoy it in their free time as adults. The community of players has grown to such an extent that tournaments or competitions are organized in special stadiums. Hardware manufacturers strive to invent and create innovations that will provide players with the strongest experience. According to Google Ads Keyword Planner top global searches are:

  • gaming keyboard: 100 k – 1 mln /mo
  • mechanical keyboard: 100 k – 1 mln /mo
  • gaming pad: 100 k – 1 mln /mo

24. Portable Audio Devices (Bluetooth speakers and headphones)

Small devices that you can take with you in the field or on a trip improve the quality of entertainment. Wireless speakers and headphones continue to gain popularity, especially with the emergence of the next generation of bluetooth. There are also functionalities of new models of wireless speakers and headphones. People do not like a lot of tangled cables during use or they go to places with no access to electricity or ports. Also, newly emerging phone models are gradually moving away from mounting aux inputs, leaving only the charging port. Bluetooth speakers’ popularity has several spikes throughout the years. Further sales spikes are expected. According to Google Ads Keyword Planner top global searches are:

  • bluetooth speakers: 100 k – 1 mln /mo
  • wireless headphones: 100 k – 1 mln /mo
  • bluetooth headphones: 100 k – 1 mln /mo

25. Smartphones

With the launch of the first iPhone, which revolutionized the smartphone industry in 2001, the market expanded several times more. Nowadays, many people cannot imagine their lives without a smartphone. At the end of 2020, the new iPhone 12 model was launched, which is a breakthrough model of existing apple smartphones. Samsung has also released the latest smartphone model of its brand recently. Other brands also try to be up to date and catch up with the functionalities offered by telephone giants. The market is thriving all the time, because the average life of a smartphone is estimated at 2-3 years. People are eager to change smartphones earlier into other models that interest them, their appearance or various functionalities, they like to experiment and test new devices.
According to Google Ads Keyword Planner top global searches are:

  • newest phone: 100k – 1 mln /mo
  • best gaming phone: 10k – 100k /mo
  • best smartphone 2020: 10k – 100k /mo Conclusion

There are so many online stores and marketplaces that it is impossible to count their number. Online shopping continues to evolve and development will likely continue, especially when cryptocurrencies and blockchains were invented. New payment methods are prepared, and security systems for users are improved. Nowadays, we don’t have to go to shops or warehouses to buy something. The only drawback to online shopping is delivery. You have to wait for something that paid for, but there is also the risk that the item will be damaged or lost in the transport process. Companies are trying to improve the delivery process and make it safer, but for now these are ideas and concepts. There are many ways to start selling products online today. But if you want to start your own business in this field, you have to create a product or order it from someone else.