What is the Biggest Industry in the United States?

The USA is the fourth largest country in the world and the largest country in the Americas by land area. It exerts political and cultural influence in the world because it is backed by the status of the most powerful country in the world, which allowed it to maintain its status as an undisputed global power.
Real-time statistics on this country provide a wealth of impressive facts and figures. Keeping these statistics supports the political, economic, industrial and cultural development of the country. Each year, the USA attracts crowds of foreign immigrants, investors, and usually tourists.
Below you will find the top 10 largest industries and sectors in USA from the Datantify database:

1. ATM

The operators of this industry include banks with ATMs. ATMs are devices that provide customers of a given bank with access to financial transactions without the need to be physically operated by a cashier or teller. In this industry, institutions with such devices are universal, industrial or business banks providing services for clients with companies.
The current number of ATMs in the Datantify database: 243,071

2. Doctors

This group of specialist doctors includes people whose practice is limited to a specific branch of medicine or surgery. Family doctors from health centers and outpatient clinics are also included. Doctors in particular fields include oncologists, ophthalmologists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, allergists, dermatologists, radiologists, cardiologists, cardiologists, gynecologists.
The current number of specialists in the Datantify database: 211,518

3. Beauty Salons

This industry includes hairdressing salons, children’s hairdressing salons, day spa, nail salons, beauty salons, makeup and eyelash specialists, places specializing in braiding hair. Day spa salons provide services, such as massages, facials, waxing, body wraps, aromatherapy. While hairdressing salons offer a wide range of hair care treatments. Cosmetic and make-up places also offer permanent make-up.
The current number of beauty salons in the Datantify database: 149,857

4. Churches

The operators of this industry are related to churches, temple management, temples, synagogues, mosques and other houses of worship. Churches are also places where religious organizations are stationed, which ensure that meetings are held, and they promote religious activities and worship.
The current number of churches in the Datantify database: 142,862

5. Dentists

The composition of this industry includes doctors with PhDs in Dental Medicine, Doctors in Dental Surgery or Doctors in Dental Science. People of this industry deal with an independent dental practice, after obtaining appropriate qualifications. They accept patients privately, running an office or employing assistants or working in premises of other owners, i.e. hospitals or medical centers.
The current number of dental specialists in the Datantify database: 140,611

6. Corporate Offices

This industry includes corporate offices of companies of various types, including business centers, real estate agencies’ offices in cities, offices of social organizations, offices of private economic activities of various specificities.
The current number of corporate offices in the Datantify database: 129,516

7. Auto Repair Shops

Industry from the automotive department, repair, repair, repair and repair of cars, cars, trucks, vans and motor vehicles. The caretakers of the operators of this company are networks of car repair shops, garages and car care centers.
The current number of car repair shops in the Datantify database: 121,457

8. Business Management Consultants

The industry applies to consultants or advisers who operate for businesses and business owners. Consulting operators advise public sector agencies, including health, non-profit organizations. They advise in areas such as human resources, business strategy, marketing, IT strategy, corporate strategy, finance and logistics.
The current number of businesses in the Datantify database: 101,02

9. Apartment Building

The industry includes contractors responsible for the construction of new multi-family residential units and multi-story flats, condominiums, tenement houses and premises. Complexes built by operators of this industry are used as rental apartments, housing cooperatives or condominiums.
The current number of companies in the Datantify database: 100,739

10. Chiropractors

There are practitioners in this industry who are qualified and have a chiropractic degree. Mostly they are independent doctors – practitioners who treat and diagnose patients based on the concept that the nervous system coordinates all the functions of the body. The chiropractor, through the appropriate range of movements, by manipulating the spine, aligns its vertebrae, as a result of which the pressure on the nerves in various areas of the body is reduced. They also conduct consultations that allow, if necessary, to refer the patient to another doctor, when the patient’s health problem occurs in a field different from their practice.
The current number of chiropractors in the Datantify database: 100,538

The US economy is the largest and most developed economy in the world and has remained largely unchallenged in this role for decades. However, in recent years, their long-term position has started to seem less stable as China pursues a rapid economic development policy.
The population in the US has grown steadily over the past decade, largely due to the influx of migrants into the country. This is sometimes problematic as illegal immigration is rampant in some areas, posing many challenges to the US government. Nevertheless, the influx of investors will certainly continue to contribute to the continued economic development of this country. Total number of companies located in Germany from the Datantify database: 11,105,000  The full database of Industries and their companies in USA can be found here: https://datantify.com/databases/by-industry/location:united-states