TOP 50 Business Industries

The industries can be divided into three categories: primary, secondary and tertiary industries. Industries allow us to easily classify companies and organizations into groups that produce or distribute similar goods, services or sources. Firms may be highly specialized and operate in only one industry, or they may be dedicated to multiple sectors at once, in which case such firms are called conglomerates.

The genetic industry can be artificially expanded, while the mining industry cannot increase its production in any way. The secondary industry basically covers the manufacturing sector, while the service industry is the service industry, including transport, hotels, investment, etc. Primary industries include sectors that supply raw materials, such as agriculture, and can be further divided into two categories: the genetic industry and the extractive industry

Below you will find a list of 50 business sectors we have prepared:

1. Architectural Industry

Operators in this industry are mainly involved in the planning and design of buildings. residential, commercial, recreational, industrial and institutional structures. Estimates for the next 5 years indicate that global benefits can be expected from the increase in construction activity in this industry. Especially when it comes to non-residential construction as architects usually provide preliminary design services.

Industry worth: $365.2 billion

Leading countries: China, United States of America, Japan, Italy, UK,

Largest companies: Gensler 5,500+ employees (USA), Nikken Sekkei 1910 employees (​​Japan), AECOM (USA) 51 000 employees, HDR 1 590 employees (USA), Sweco 1 200 employees (Sweden)

2. Engineering Services Industry

The engineering services offered by companies in the industry relate to the design, development and use of machines, structures, processes, materials and systems. The services may also include inspection and evaluation. It is likely that this industry will globally also benefit from the growing economy in the next few years. Higher pace of urbanization, population growth will stimulate investment and with it the benefits of engineering companies.

Industry worth: $2 tr

Largest companies: Siemens (Germany) 405 000 employees, ABB (Switzerland) 110 000 employees, Emerson (USA) 86 700 employees, Hitachi (Japan) 350 864 employees, Neste 4 872 (Finland)

Notable associations: National Society of Professional Engineers, IEEE, American Association of Engineering Societies, Society of Women Engineers, International Engineering Consortium

3. Coal Mining

This mining industry extracts various types of coal, usually hard coal, anthracite, fossil coal. They are also often brown coal. Industrial companies can also expand mines and prepare the coal for sale by washing, sieving and sorting. The demand for coal is predicted to decline as many countries focus on developing renewable energy sources.

Industry worth: $600bn

Leading countries: China, India, Indonesia, United States of America, Australia

Largest companies: BHP Group Limited (Australia) 80 000 employees, Rio Tinto (Australia)45 000 employees, **China Shenhua Energy (**China) 78 000 employees, Anglo American (USA) 90 000 employees, **Coal India (**India)248 550

4. Iron Ore Mining

The iron ore industry includes mining companies and they usually extract hematite, megasite and taconite ores. Usually in the area of these activities are also; development of mining areas and processing of raw materials into forms suitable for further industrial use. The expected decline in iron ore prices over the next 5 years is likely to be due to weaker demand from the industry’s largest market, China and India.

Industry worth: $319.7bn

Leading countries: Australia, Brazil, China, India, Russia

Largest companies: Vale (Brazil) 213 413 employees, Rio Tinto (Australia) 45 000 employees, BHP (Australia) 80 000 employees, Fortescue Metals (Australia) 11 000+ employees, ArcelorMittal (Luxemburg) 168 000 employees

5. Oil & Gas Exploration & Production

This global industry covers oil production, oil shale and oil sands extraction, natural gas production and related activities. Oil and gas performance will decline in five years as a result of lower product prices and increased demand for alternative forms of energy.

Industry worth: $5tr

Leading countries: United States, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Canada, China, 

Largest companies: Saudi Arabian Oil Co. (Saudi Arabia) 66 800 employees, Sinopec (China) 385 691 employees, Exxon Mobil Corp. (USA) 64 000 employees, TotalEnergies (France)105 476 employees, BP PLC (UK) 60 000 employees,

6. Marine & Container Terminal Operation

Companies from the marine and container terminal operation industry operate terminals, including docking devices and piers. The activities of this industry include the provision of loading and unloading from ships, settling the formalities of customs requirements for shipments and the operation of a computerized logistics system for transhipments.

Industry worth: $53bn

Leading countries: China, Singapore, Tianjin China, The Netherlands

Largest companies: Hutchison Port Holdings (Hong Kong) 253 983 employees, PSA International (Singapore)  13 000 employees, DP World (United Arab Emirates) 50 000 employees, APM Terminals (Netherlands) 22 000 employees, COSCO (Beijing, People’s Republic of China) 30 980 employees,

7. Apparel Manufacturing

The industry is engaged in the production of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. The industry consists of fabric buyers and those who manufacture fabrics themselves with permanent production facilities. Clothes are part of everyday life and the observed demand is increasing. The industry is expected to grow in the coming years.

Industry worth: $826bn

Leading countries: China, Europe, India, US,Turkey

Largest companies: Christian Dior (France) 163 309 employees, Nike (USA) 79 100 employees, Inditex (Spain) 162 450 employees, Adidas (Germany) 57 016 employees, H&M (Sweden) 107 375 employees,

8. Automobile Engine & Parts Manufacturing

This industry focuses on the production, rebuilding of engines and engine parts for vehicles. The group of engine types includes gasoline and diesel engines, as well as engines of vehicles using alternative and hybrid solutions. Growth for this industry is pro-cyclical – as GDP improves, so does the demand for engines and parts. Growth in this industry is still expected, despite some negative trends – economic slowdown on a global scale.

Industry worth: $291bn

Leading countries: China, USA, Japan, Germany, India

Largest companies:

9. Auto Parts & Accessories Manufacturing 

This industry produces automotive parts and accessories, not engines. Typically, parts and accessories are supplied to OEMs for vehicle production or as available spare parts at dealerships. The global automotive parts and accessories industry is likely to recover in five years.

Global Market Size: $2tr

10. Bakery Goods Manufacturing

This industry includes companies that produce fresh bread, bakery wares and frozen bread. Related in this industry is also the acquisition of raw materials for the production of bakery products. This industry is projected to grow within five years.

Global Market Size: $367bn

11. Beer Manufacturing

The global brewing industry mainly produces alcohol based on hops and barley malt. Revenue is projected to increase in this industry as craft beer sales in mature markets are also increasing and demand in emerging markets grows.

Global Market Size: $214bn

12. Travel Agency Services

The Global Travel Agency Services industry comprises businesses engaged in tour wholesaling (i.e. developing tour packages that include airline and accommodations to be sold through travel agents or online) or acting as retail travel agents to the general public and commercial clients. The industry also encompasses companies primarily engaged in providing travel arrangement and reservation services, including online-only booking systems.

Global Market Size: $290bn

13. Tourism 

Tourism is defined as international visitors spending across national borders travel primarily for business, convention or conference travel, government business, as well as the more familiar tourism for leisure, vacation or to visit friends and relatives. Major industries that benefit from tourism expenditure include domestic and international air transportation, accommodation services, food services, drinking places, automotive rental and travel agencies.

Global Market Size: $1tr

14. Internet Service Providers

Industry operators provide internet access via wired networks. Some internet service providers (ISPs) offer extra services such as online hosting, online page designing and connectivity consulting. ISPs may provide local or national coverage to retail clients and deliver backbone services to other ISPs. This industry excludes wireless internet services provided by wireless carriers.

Global Market Size: $1tr

15. Hotels & Resorts

Operators in the Global Hotels and Resorts industry include hotel and resort accommodations with private or shared facilities, and with or without meal services and restaurants attached. This includes both chain and franchised operators. However, it excludes all other forms of accommodation, such as motels, caravan parks and camping grounds, youth and backpacker hotels and bed and breakfast establishments.

Global Market Size: $1 tr

16. Footwear Manufacturing

Operators in the Global Footwear Manufacturing industry manufacture a wide range of footwear for men, women and children. These companies manufacture rubber and plastic footwear; plastic or fabric uppers; and rubber and plastic protective footwear. Operators in this industry also manufacture house slippers and slipper socks. Operators may manufacture men’s or women’s footwear designed for dress, street or work.

Global Market Size:$235bn

17. Computer Hardware Manufacturing

The Global Computer Hardware Manufacturing industry produces and assembles desktop and laptop computers, computer storage devices and computer terminals, in addition to computer peripheral devices, such as servers, modems and routers. Telecommunications equipment, such as cell phones, is excluded from this industry.

Global Market Size:$279bn

18. Cosmetics Manufacturing

The Global Cosmetics Manufacturing industry prepares, blends, compounds and packages toilet preparations and personal care products, including perfumes and fragrances, hair care, makeup, oral care, personal hygiene and skincare products. Operators in this industry are large multinational organizations that operate across the globe. Industry products are predominantly sold in downstream grocery, mass merchandisers and specialty retail stores.

Global Market Size: $387bn

19. Household Cooking & Appliance Manufacturing

Operators in the Global Household Cooking and Appliance Manufacturing industry manufacture both major and small electric appliances for household use. Products manufactured by the industry include laundry equipment, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, irons, food mixers, humidifiers and shavers.

Global Market Size: $499bn

20. Music Production and Distribution

Operators in this industry sign musicians and artists to recording contracts, allocate budgets for artists’ recordings, produce and master artists’ work, distribute artists’ music to retail and promote the artists’ work through various advertising campaigns. This industry also includes music publishing, which involves leasing music as intellectual property for use beyond live performance such as in promotional material and other forms of media, notably, streaming services.

Global Market Size: $33bn

21. Plastic Product & Packaging Manufacturing

Enterprises in the Global Plastic Product and Packaging Manufacturing industry manufacture a variety of plastic goods, including plastic building materials, products used to package food and beverages and plastic products used to manufacture furniture and other durable goods. Companies that manufacture foam products, such as those used in automotive manufacturing and insulation for housing, are also included in this industry.

Global Market Size:$489bn

22. Pharmaceuticals & Medicine Manufacturing

The industry comprises companies that manufacture biological, medicinal and pharmaceutical products in various forms, including ampoules, tablets, capsules, vials, ointments, powders, solutions and suspensions. The overall pharmaceutical market can be segmented into prescription-based, or ethical products, and over-the-counter medications. Industry products are predominantly distributed via wholesalers, and are then sold via pharmacies or distributed in hospitals.

Global Market Size: $1tr

23. Sugar Manufacturing

Companies in this industry manufacture raw sugar, liquid sugar, refined sugar and molasses. Sugar and molasses can be derived from either giant grass called sugarcane or the root vegetable sugar beet. This raw material is processed into a range of sugar products for industrial and consumer uses. The final products are sold to grocery wholesalers and retailers, organic chemical manufacturers and food manufacturers.

Global Market Size: $56bn

24. Fertilizers & Agricultural Chemicals Manufacturing

The Global Fertilizers and Agricultural Chemicals Manufacturing industry formulates and prepares fertilizer products, pesticides (e.g. herbicides, insecticides and fungicides) and other agricultural chemicals (e.g. insect repellents, sheep dips, fly sprays and flea powders). Key markets serviced include the agricultural sector, households and various commercial and industrial users.

Global Market Size: $451bn

25. Fruit & Vegetable Processing

Operators in the Global Fruit and Vegetable Processing industry process fresh fruit and vegetables into canned, bottled, preserved, frozen, dried (except sun-dried) or otherwise processed or preserved food products for human consumption. The industry also blends salt, sugar, preservatives and other ingredients with fruits and vegetables to make consumer food products. This industry does not include producers of wine (IBISWorld report C1123-GL) or vegetable cooking oils.

Global Market Size: $304bn

26. Paper & Pulp Mills

Paper and pulp mills produce a variety of bulk paper, paperboard and pulp input materials using woodchips, clay, lime, dyes, chemical resins, bleaches and other inputs. Pulp mills separate cellulose fibers from wood and other recyclable materials to make pulp and paper mills use this pulp to manufacture paper products. Some paper mills manufacture paper and paperboard through their own separate pulp mill processes while others choose to purchase pulp from upstream pulp mills.

Global Market Size: $488bn

27. Airlines 

The Global Airlines industry includes airlines that transport passengers over scheduled or unscheduled routes, both domestically and internationally. Cargo that is transported within passenger aircraft is also included in this industry, though dedicated cargo airlines are excluded from this industry.

Global Market Size: $472bn

White Passenger Plane Flying over the City during Sunset

28. Biotechnology

Operators in the Global Biotechnology industry primarily use living organisms or molecular and cellular techniques to develop products that are used in agriculture, food, industrial and medicine production.

Global Market Size: $299bn

29. Transport Industry

The transport industry is involved in the transport of humans, animals, and goods from one place to another. The sector does that by various modes of transport, from which the most common ones are air, land, and water. The industry includes infrastructures, vehicles, and business operations. The infrastructure consists of the fixed networks, including roads, railways, airways, canals, etc. and their respective terminals. Operations and vehicles are closely related; the operations decide how the vehicles are handled through various policies and legislations.

Global Market Size: $746bn

30. Telecommunication industry

This sector enables wireless or cable communication through the use of mobile phones, internet, and other telecommunication services. Internet service providers, wireless operators, and satellite companies dominate in this industry. These days, phone calls are still a standard form of communication, but they are not that popular anymore.

Global Market Size: $1,103tr

31. News Media Industry

The news media industry is dedicated to providing news to the general public or a more specific target of readers or listeners. The news media include traditional print media (newspapers, newsmagazines), broadcast news (radio, television), and the Internet (online newspapers and magazines, news blogs, podcasts, apps, etc.).

Global Market Size: $85bn

32. Movie Production & Distribution 

This industry comprises operators that primarily produce and distribute motion pictures. Distributors work with theatrical and home media entertainment products, including digital and physical versions. Movie producers also hold distribution rights to movie libraries that receive revenue from cable and network TV; however, companies that principally broadcast and produce TV content are excluded from this industry.

Global Market Size: $77bn

33. Candy & Chocolate Manufacturing

Operators in the Global Candy and Chocolate Manufacturing industry purchase and process sugar, cocoa, cornstarch, nuts, fruits, emulsifiers and flavorings, to create chocolate and other confectionery products. Final industry products include chocolate, chewing gum, hard candies, marshmallows and toffee.

Global Market Size: $208bn

34. Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is a global collective of diverse sectors that provides remedial, diagnostic, curative, preventive, rehabilitative, palliative, therapeutic care. Generally, this industry helps to revive and maintain the health of people through the use of the goods and services provided by it.

Global Market Size: $59.70bn

35. Cardboard Box & Container Manufacturing

Operators in this industry convert paper, paperboard and old corrugated containers into cardboard boxes, containers and similar packaging solutions. The industry produces corrugated and solid cardboard packaging for a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, wholesale, shipping, retail and others. Flexible packaging such as paper bags and plastic sacks are excluded.

Global Market Size: $329bn

36. Courier & Delivery Services

Operators in the Global Courier and Delivery Services industry primarily provide air, surface or combined express courier delivery services of parcels, documents and packages for business customers. Industry operators generally provide services between metropolitan areas or urban centers and form a network that includes local pickup and delivery to serve customers’ needs. This industry excludes services provided by national postal services and commercial airlines.

Global Market Size: $440bn

37. Wireless Telecommunications Carriers Industry

Operators in this industry operate and maintain switching and transmission devices to ensure direct communication via wireless radio transmission. Wireless services include mobile voice services, messaging services, broadband data services, and mobile backhaul network services (ie, the transmission of data from small subnets to the core of the network). Carriers can also sell mobile phones and other equipment to customers. The industry does not include virtual mobile network operators.

Global Market Size: $1,103tr

38. Insurance Brokers & Agencies

Operators in the Global Insurance Brokers and Agencies industry act as brokers or agents in selling annuities and insurance policies. Brokers act on behalf of clients, whereas agents represent insurance companies. Insurance brokers and agents earn commission income that is calculated as a percentage of the premium of policies sold. They also earn some fee income for risk management consulting and other value-added services, including insurance program administration.

Global Market Size:$460bn

39. Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing 

The Global Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing industry produces complete civilian aircraft, including aerospace engines, propulsion units, auxiliary equipment and parts. Prototypes of aerospace products, aircraft conversions and complete aircraft or propulsion systems overhaul and rebuilding are also included. Military aircraft manufacturing and related services are not included in this industry.

Global Market Size: $298bn

40. Sports Betting & Lotteries

Operators in this industry offer legal gambling on lotteries, including draw lotteries, Lotto, Keno and scratch tickets, as well as wagering on official sporting events, including horse racing. The industry also includes noncasino video machines.

Global Market Size:$231bn

41. Wholesale

The global wholesaling market refers to the management and transfer of goods in the distribution chain from manufacturer to retailer. Wholesale distributors either sell or orchestrate the sale or purchase of goods between wholesalers or the sale of goods from wholesalers to retailers, and non-consumer goods in the form of materials used in production. Other industry actors include logistics, warehousing and transportation organizations.

Global Market Size: $46,370 b

Men Working in a Warehouse

42. Commercial Banks 

Operators in this industry provide commercial, industrial and consumer loans, as well as offer deposit facilities to their customers. Industry operators also accept term deposits, extend mortgage and real estate financing and invest in high-grade securities. Income from investment-related activities is excluded from the industry.

Global Market Size: $3tr

43. Fast Food Restaurants 

The Global Fast Food Restaurants industry is composed of restaurants where patrons pay for quick-service food products before eating. Purchases may be consumed on-site, taken out or delivered. Gross revenue is derived from both franchised and company-owned stores. Franchise fees are not accounted for in total industry revenue. Most of the industry’s establishments also sell beverages, such as water, juice and sodas, but usually not alcohol.

Global Market Size: $798bn

44. Book Publishing

This industry comprises enterprises, known as book publishers, that carry out the design, editing and marketing activities necessary for producing and distributing books. These enterprises may publish books in print, electronic or audio form.

Global Market Size:$109bn

45. Commercial Real Estate

Operators in the Global Commercial Real Estate industry buy, sell, rent and operate owned or leased real estate, including income-generating residential properties (e.g. apartment buildings) and commercial properties (e.g. retail malls, hotels, restaurants and casinos). The industry also includes real estate services, such as brokerage, property management, valuation and other consulting services.

Global Market Size: $4tr

46. Ship & Boat Building

Companies in this industry operate shipyards or boatyards. Shipyards are fixed facilities with dry docks and fabrication equipment capable of building ships, including barges, cargo ships, container ships, ferryboats, fishing boats, passenger ships, patrol boats and sailing ships. While ships are intended primarily for commercial use, boats are defined as watercraft typically suitable or intended for personal use and include cabin cruisers, dinghies, motorboats and rowboats.

Global Market Size:$119bn

47. Casinos & Online Gambling

The Global Casinos and Online Gambling industry consists of gambling facilities that offer table wagering games and other gambling activities, such as slot machines. These establishments often provide food, beverage and lodging services. The industry also includes legal online gaming on casino-type games.

Global Market Size: $231bn

48. Accounting Services

Operators in the Global Accounting Services industry provide a range of financial services related to accounting. These include preparation and auditing of financial statements; tax consulting and preparation of tax returns; bookkeeping; accounting systems design; and financial and business advisory services.

Global Market Size: $574bn

49. Graphic Designers

Companies in this industry plan, design and manage the production of visual communication to convey specific messages, clarify complex information or project visual identities. These services can include the design of printed materials, point-of-sale displays, packaging and corporate identification.

Global Market Size: $42bn

50. Cheese Manufacturing

The Global Cheese Manufacturing industry encompasses natural and processed dairy-based cheese production. It excludes the manufacturing of plant-based cheese products, as well as other dairy products.

Global Market Size: $133bn


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