Top 11 Tea Brands in The World

After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. Green, black, white, yellow, oolong, or herbal, these are only some of the best known and appreciated varieties of tea. While black tea is the most consumed among them all and has the highest content of caffeine, green tea holds the title of the healthiest tea and is praised for offering an impressive range of various health benefits. 1. Introduction

The top tea brands are making sure that their consumers are satisfied, but at the same time, the real tea lovers are always happy to discover new flavors and quality. That is exactly why the other less common types of tea and funky tea blends are constantly growing in popularity. The tea companies have their hands full, trying to keep up with the increasing demand for lesser known beverages. The largest tea producers today are China and India, and we are about to find out which tea company makes the best tea in the world! 2. Top tea brands in the world

In this article, we will try to provide you with the most recent data about the tea industry. We will walk you through all the luxury and legendary tea brands, and tell you a bit about their stories and ideas. Read on and find out what tea companies are considered to be the best tea brands and what unusual tea blends they offer! The list below contains the top brands of tea in the world. It is sorted from last to first by various factors (revenue, employment, etc.).

2.11 Tetley

logo owner: Tata Global Beverages Tetley is so well established in the tea industry that its name comes to mind naturally when thinking about tea. Tetley is a British-based beverage manufacturer created in 1837. Tetley was most likely the first tea manufacturer to produce green and flavored tea and is now mostly identified with these tea types. Since 2000, Tetley is a subsidiary of Tata Global Beverages. Upon the acquisition of Tetley, Tata Global Beverages became the second-largest producer of teas in the world, after Unilever. Tetley produces and distributes its products across 40 countries and owns more than 60 tea brands. Tetley is valued for its superb selection of teas and widespread availability. The range of products includes exclusive orange pekoe & black, which in the tea industry refers to the highest standard for Western and South Asian teas. And beyond that, Tetley has a variety of flavoured black, herbal, green, red tea, Ayurvedic Balance, decaf, kosher teas, and the new Super Teas. Tetley Super Teas are enriched with vitamins and minerals, composed of people leading an active, balanced lifestyle in mind. The company also shows deep concerns for sustainability, water management, and waste management, all in efforts to minimize the negative impacts on the environment. Keep up the good work Tetley! Country of origin: England Year of foundation: 1837 CEO: Ajoy Misra (Tata Global Beverages) Owner: Tata Global Beverages Sector: Food

2.10 Bigelow

logo owner: Bigelow The Bigelow Tea Company is an American producer founded by Ruth C. Bigelow in 1945 and based on her tea recipe. The company sells black, green, and herbal dried tea in over 50 mixes and flavors. Bigelow is proud of owning the only tea plantation in America, located in South Carolina, although the plantation is not used for producing the “Bigelow Tea Company” teas. Seventy-four years have passed since the company creation in 1945, and Bigelow is still a wholly family-owned business. Bigelow Tea takes pride in having become a Certified B Corporation, which is an honor held by only the limited number of 2,700 companies worldwide. This certification is granted to companies on the basis of strict standards of associated social and environmental performance, and it also promotes using business as a force for good. Moreover, in 2017, the brand has been awarded by American Manufacturing Hall of Fame for innovation. Country of origin: USA Year of foundation: 1945 Co-CEO and Co-Chairman: David C. Bigelow, Eunice Bigelow Sector: Tea

2.9 Stash Tea Company

logo owner: Yamamotoyama Tea Company Stash Tea Company is an American specialty tea & herbal tea company. Stash Tea was formed in 1972 by Steve Lee, Dave Leger, and Steven Smith (the same tea entrepreneur who founded Tazo and co-founded Steven Smith Teamaker). In 1993, Stash was purchased by Yamamotoyama Tea Company. The range of products offered by Stash Tea includes various tea types and flavors, from loose leaf teas to tea bags, organic and decaf, including less common tea types like yerba mate, pu-erh, and rooibos. We already mentioned this when talking about Tazo; now, Stash Tea is also Non-GMO Project Verified. In other words, it is certified that all of the ingredients that go into tea blends, including packagings that are also free for plastics, are made of 100% GMO-free! There is more; Stash Tea Company is the second of only two tea brands on our list that holds the prestigious title of the Certified B Corporation. This certificate ensures that the company focuses equally on profit and the far-reaching consequences of its decisions for people and the environment. Country of origin: USA Year of foundation: 1972 Owner: Yamamotoyama Tea Company Sector: Retail / Wholesale Tea & Herbal teas

2.8 Dilmah

logo owner: Ceylon Tea Services Dilmah is considered to be among the most popular tea brands in the world. The company is a Sri Lankan origin international tea producer. The brand was introduced in 1988 by Merrill J Fernando. The brand is truly ubiquitous as it is available in over 100 countries, the brand was first Australia and then has spread to New Zealand, and then also to Europe and North America and further, including countries like Russia, Turkey, Canada, Chile, South Africa, Australia, Japan, the United States and New Zealand, among many others. Currently, Dilmah is owned by its parent company, Ceylon Tea Services. The company deserves its recognition for being the leading and among the most experienced teamakers. Dilmah strives to maintain quality, authenticity, and variety in tea; it offers pure and flavored teas, like earl grey or Caramel flavored tea. Dilmah stands out from the others in the industry for selling fresh, unblended tea. Also, Dilmah believes that business can be a drive for making the world a better place and so all packaging profits stay in Sri Lanka and fund the MJF Charitable Foundation and Dilmah Conservation. Country of origin: Sri Lanka Year of foundation: 1988 Owner: Ceylon Tea Services Sector: Tea

2.7 Harney & Sons

logo owner: Harney & Sons Being among the best tea companies, Harney & Sons began its production in 1983, in Connecticut with John Harney as the founder. John’s big dream was to make premium tea a daily luxury and satisfy every tea lover. Harney & Sons is a family owned and managed company. The tea brand also distributes to restaurants, hotels, and specialty shop. This American-based tea company has also opened two tea tasting shops. Harney & Sons market a diverse product range, from loose teas and sachet tea bags, including all kinds and blends of teas; from green, white and matcha tea to herbal infusions. And then there is even Harney & Sons certified selection of organic, kosher, and decaffeinated teas, while the newest arrivals in the company’s family are the fruit and floral teas. With so many tea combinations on offer, it makes perfect sense to see this brand taking over the tea world! Country of origin: USA Year of foundation: 1983 Vice President: Michael Harney, Paul Harney Sector: Tea

2.6 Celestial Seasonings

logo owner: Hain Celestial Group Celestial Seasonings is an American tea manufacturer that was created in 1969, with Mo Siegel as one of Celestial Seasonings founders. In 2000, the company formed the Hain Celestial Group after merging with natural food company the Hain Food Group. The producer is praised for its unique herbal tea blends, although it also sells green, white, chai, and black teas. Celestial Seasonings’ signature herbal teas include combinations of spices, herbs, and other natural ingredients, like licorice, pomegranate, or hibiscus, just to name few. The company successfully shares their passion for tea to a broad audience. Celestial Seasonings is committed to sustainable sourcing methods and supports local and global communities. Moreover, the company offers popular among tourists free factory tour at the Boulder headquarters that is 30 minutes long. Country of origin: USA Owner: Hain Celestial Group Year of foundation: 1969 Sector: Tea

2.5 Yorkshire Tea

logo owner: Yorkshire Tea Yorkshire Tea is the second largest of all of the British tea brands. The brand is produced by the Bettys & Taylors Group and was established in 1886 by Charles Edward Taylor as CE Taylor & Co. Later the company was acquired by its competition “Betty’s Tea Rooms”, and as a result, these two formed Bettys & Taylors Group. The company is almost the only family tea and coffee manufacturers still left in the UK. The merchant is competing with PG Tips (Unilever) and Tetley (Tata). Yorkshire Tea is now the second highest-selling tea brand in the UK, which puts it ahead of Twinings (Unilever) and Typhoo, and behind PG Tips. The brand specializes in black tea blends, and its most famous mix is called Yorkshire Gold. Other top selling blends include tea for hard water, decaffeinated tea, as well as the combinations with a range of cakes, biscuits, and fruit loaves. Yorkshire Tea is appreciated for blends with uniquely balanced flavors and top quality teas. Additionally, each Yorkshire Tea is tasted eight times, and the company commits to the trade that respects people and the environment. Country of origin: UK Year of foundation: 1886 CEO: Lesley Wild Sector: Tea

2.4 Lipton

logo owner: Unilever When it comes to the brands of tea, Lipton is one of those tea brands that we all think of automatically. Lipton is a British-based brand of tea, named after its founder Thomas Lipton. Lipton is currently owned by Unilever, while Pepsi Lipton International sells its beverages. Lipton used to be a supermarket chain in the United Kingdom until it was purchased by Argyll Foods. After that, Lipton went out of the food business and ever since then has focused solely on the production and distribution of tea, which resulted in a varied assortment of tea formats, types, and flavors, alongside the line of teas offering particular health benefits, such as energy & focus or immunity. In 2011, Unilever stopped the practice of using animals to confirm health claims in humans about all their tea brands, unless in the cases required by the government regulations. Unilever was somewhat pushed to make this decision after receiving over 40,000 appeals from PETA advocates and in the light of PETA’s planning its “Lipton CruelTEA” campaign, but we are glad they ended experiments on animals anyway. Country of origin: UK Year of foundation: 1890 Owner: Unilever Sector: Tea

2.3 The Republic of Tea

logo owner: The Republic of Tea The Republic of Tea is an American owned tea company that produces and distributes some 300 varieties of teas. The brand was established in the year 1992. Mel Ziegler and Patricia Ziegler along with William Rosenzweig co-founded the Republic of Tea. In 1994, Ron Rubin purchased the company, and only in that time, the Republic has gained national recognition. The Republic of Tea likes to address its employees “ministers”, its customers “citizens”, and its retail outlets “embassies” which goes really well with the brand name, isn’t it? The Republic of Tea is associated with tall cylindrical tins. The brand offers multiple tea types and flavors, organic ingredients, varieties enriched with spices, herbs, fruit juices, and flowers, but also iced tea and limited editions, and tea-related gifts and sipware. Now, this is quite an impressive selection of products right there! Country of origin: USA Year of foundation: 1992 Owner: Ron Rubin Sector: Tea

2.2 Tazo

logo owner: Unilever Tazo Tea Company is an American tea manufacturer established in 1994 by Steven Smith. The company was sold off to Starbucks in 1999 for $8.1 million. Very recently, in 2017, Unilever purchased Tazo from Starbucks for a staggering sum of $384 million. Tazo produces a comprehensive collection of teas and unconventional tea blends with organic ingredients. Tazo Tea Company provides only the best tea types, both pure and herbal while enhancing the taste with a variety of unexpected spices and fruit notes. Tazo’s products are inspired by creativity, originality and are full of adventurous spirit. The brand has been going to great lengths to be identified with these values. Another interesting fact is that Tazo is also a verified GMO-free teamaker. Country of origin: USA Year of foundation: 1994 CEO: Unilever Sector: Tea

2.1 Twinings

logo owner: Associated British Foods Here comes the most experienced tea company of the bunch. Twinings is a long-established producer of tea and other drinks, like coffee, hot chocolate, and the popular Monin Syrups. Since 1964, the brand has been owned by Associated British Foods, a giant British international food processing, and retailing company. With its history dating back to 1706, Twinings has mastered the art of tea blending and has always been seen as an expert in flavors. The company offers premium loose teas and all-time classics, as well as some exciting picks and signature tea blends with a twist. At Twinings, you can find any tea blend your heart desires, be it Chai Latte, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Everyday, Fruit and Herbal Infusions, Green Tea, or Mint Tea. And if that is still not enough to satisfy your needs, they also produce organic, decaffeinated, and fairtrade tea! These results could only be achieved through over 300 years of tea making tradition, professionalism, creativity, and tea blending expertise. Country of origin: UK Year of foundation: 1706 Owner: Associated British Foods Sector: Beverages 3. Summary

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