Top Sales Trends of 2019

What would the company sales without sales trends performance have been like? Analysis the customer behavior and their intention to buy create a sale trend, which is always based on a particular period of time. It helps to understand the company position and choose the specific tools for increasing sales. There are many sales trends which are used by companies, but for today we decided to present the top sales trends of 2019. Look below and check if any is familiar for you!
1. Top sales trends of 2019 

A wide range of techniques, scanning of scrutinies, and conducting the researches has led the companies to find the biggest sales trends out. We make no secret anymore and point the top sales trends of 2019 right now.

1.1 Account-based Selling 

You might have heard about the account-based selling (ABS). It isn’t any emerging strategy, but many companies find it useful to increase sales. This sales trend engages the entire organization in reaching to a high number of accounts. Due to the close collaboration of particular marketing and sales departments, they try to take advantage of the valued clients, which are either treated as a sole source of revenue. Let’s highlight the ABS is not a good idea for every business. It is mostly applied in B2B companies which sales are complex and with huge opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling. They start by setting the ideal customer profile to find the target accounts. If the research shows the small businesses are this type of clients, then implementing an account-based selling should be considered. 

1.2 Sales Outsourcing 

Sales outsourcing is supposed to be a popular sale trend within the strategy of companies which aim to reduce (or even avoid at all) costs of managing sales processes, what is connected to lack of necessity to hire the salespeople. This kind of outsourcing involves the third party to handle the sales operations and is used by small start-ups, either big companies.  These are some more advantages of this sale type. They include a reduction in the risk of sales failure, concentration on other business areas or to benefit from the best sales skills of the employees from an outsourcing company. Let’s say, for example, the company decided to engage a staff to head sales operations. After a year or more, they might retrain and jump ship, so the company is left holding the bag… But if the company chooses the outsource entity, it can be sure that sales operation would be provided as long as the contract is valid – even when the employees would change there. 

1.3 Social Selling 

Surely, Social Selling is one of the sale biggest trends right now. Without a shadow of a doubt, this sales trend is a response to social media development. It would not be surprising that Social Selling is used via social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter. The way of selling is precisely related to interaction with users. The possibility of indirect contact with a client is an essence here. In this case, the company does not interrupt the customer space, comparing to the cold calls and emails. If the business wants to succeed in social selling, it has to define some basic aspects and answer the questions below:

  1. Who is my target audience?
  2. Which channels am I going to use for finding my clients?
  3. What should my profile be like?
  4. What kind of content would be appearing in my profile?
  5. How can I encourage users to get in touch with me?

1.4 Sales Automation

Automation is an inevitable process which affects every single organization. It isn’t only about the technical issues connected to the innovative production methods but also occurs in employees, marketing or sales management. Sales automation is one of the biggest sales trends assumes automation of pricing, payment date controlling, document flow, etc. Thanks to the process, the employees can get more specific statistics presenting important data about the customers. It is a good source of information which makes understanding the client’s behavior easier. Likewise, replacing the traditional way of preparing the contracts and other papers with the automatic templates saves time and, by extension, company money. Sales automation is also useful in different aspects, for example, it might remind about the project deadlines or planned meetings with clients. Of course, we can not forget about such an important issue as a price uniformity. The automated system asserts the up-to-date prices, so consultants would not be able to make a mistake during the making of a deal and spend additional time for searching the proper ones. 

1.5 Sales Enablement

Another way for sale growth is sales enablement. This sales trend provides essential tools for the company’s sales team. It can be various technologies, knowledge solutions, negotiations courses, or a content thing. Supporting people managing sales processes concerns to push the limits, correctly choose and reach to the target market, or express the employees’ skills. 
The sale trend is becoming more and more practiced due to the view of nowadays selling. Customers are tired of annoying cold calls and junk mails. Then the question arises: how to perform an offer and give the incentive to purchase a product? Taking advantage of sales enablement lets a business face these difficulties. Even if the team joins only well-qualified people, it is never too less for education. And it’s like the practice makes perfect, isn’t it?

1.6 Omnichannel Sales

Omnichannel sale is an example of sales trends which aim to understand the customers’ needs. That is a fresh look at multichannel Concepcion basing on the clients shopping experience. The critical role here is to see modern customer behavior. In the light of Eurostat Statistics, the 73% Internet users who bought goods online in 2018 were people between 18-24 either 25-54. As we can see, this is a group of young people who are open to innovative technologies and create new patterns of buyers behavior. They order the items via different channels, such as websites, mobile applications, social media profiles, or email offers.  For better understanding the sale trend, let’s look at the example. There is a company dealing with sports clothes. It puts an offer on its website, then places an advertisement on the social profile and send it by mail to the prospects. The warm lead is able to get familiar with the product in many different ways. Next, the customer might take this offer up and scroll through the mobile app. Well, …he isn’t sure about the color of chosen running shoes, but after a few hours later he knows that a red one would suit him. Therefore, the purchaser logs in his computer and orders the item online. On the next Monday he picks the shoes up from the store, and by the way, also buys thermoactive T-shirt there. Can you see the possibilities which are given to the customer in the omnichannel sales trend? Between the integration of promotion, and distribution operations, clients might buy the chosen goods whenever they want and in the way they want. 

1.7 Closer to a marketing 

The last sales trend links two managing processes, which both are intended to find the prospects expectations and anticipate their decisions. It is said that marketing is a perfect complement to sales operations. How can you imagine selling the items without advertisements, sales promotions, and PR actions? Launching a product is not enough to boost sales success. Consumers need to know that the product has appeared on the market, so the marketing strategy is a necessary element here.  The presented trend in sales relies on the collaboration of sales and marketing team. The well-coordinated flow of information and realization joint projects lets the company achieve one of the main end objectives and increase sales. Naturally, either of the company’s area can attain high results separately, but working together has the effect of synergy. Both teams should know how sales funnel looks and determine the model of ideal lead together through brainstorming sessions. 
2. Summary 

Sales trends have been changing depending on the time, technological development, and customers experience. Companies find the sale trends useful to understand the changes overall market and find a way for the sale growth. No matter what kind of business is run, the market observation and adapting to the present circumstances is something that a company needs to perform if it purposes the goals with maximization of profit ahead.

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