Top 10 laptop brands on the market in 2019

Today, laptops have almost entirely replaced desktops due to their performance, portability, and relatively low prices. They are undoubtedly the extension of our mental abilities as they are the most essential tool in the workplace or school. The laptop market is huge, there are so many models and types. These models also come with different systems; macOS, Windows or Chrome OS. Windows is the most common, it is compatible with popular apps, laptops with Chrome are perceived as the cheapest, while Apple’s OS is considered as the most intuitive to use. What laptop brands do people tend to choose? It definitely depends on personal preferences and needs. Some users will stick with the same brand, even throughout their entire life. Others will trade brand to brand, and yet others will use a random laptop brand they need for a job or school. So, which brand will meet growing expectations? What are the top 10 laptop brands? Are Macbooks really worth buying? And do Dell or Acer make more durable laptops?  Are Lenovo laptops are good? Hp vs Dell? We will try to answer all of these question marks below. 1. Introduction

Of all the brands, which offers the best laptops? This ranking of the top x laptops brands in 2019 provides a selection of facts, the most popular lines, and other crucial information about each brand. From research (also based on datantify tools), reviews and our own experience, we have figured out the best laptop brand and want to share with you the results. Let’s have some educational fun examining the best laptop brands of 2019! 2. Top 10 laptop brands on the market

Down here you will find the list of the most popular and recognizable laptop brands on the market this year. We gathered all this information for you to make your work easier and faster. The list is sorted in last to first order.

2.10 Apple

logo owner: Apple Apple definitely cannot miss this list of top laptop brands. Basic design, strong performance and trustworthy are the hallmarks of Apple. Another thing that makes the brand superior, its products are running smoothly. With 4GB of memory, the laptops run as speedily as many of competitors’ laptops with 8GB RAM or more. Besides, they are almost free of malware, virus, and spyware. What is often highlighted and appreciated by users, Apple has great customer support. What also distinguishes Apple, it has own operating system Mac OS. These laptops are definitely costlier than other products in the market, but they are totally worth it! This brand is an American multinational company founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1997. Today, it is based in California, the company’s offer includes the iPhone smartphone, IPad Tablet, and the Mac, personal portability computer.

Pro Line

This line is often praised for performance and style. There is a number of models. All come in a wide range of prices and configurations. Apple pro line has a high-resolution display, great CPU and healthy battery life. What is perceived as cons, the components are almost impossible to upgrade or replace and these laptops are really costly.

Air Line

MacBook Air is the cheapest and the simplest option in the Apple lineup. Lightweight, slimmer design, low price tag, and long battery lifespan make this model ideal for students. Air should provide enough power for everyday tasks but may not be enough for more demanding tasks like coding or graphic design. Creation date: 1976 CEO: Tim Cook Sector: Computer hardware & Computer software Revenue: (2018) $265.595B

2.9 HP

logo owner: HP Ranked as 9th in our list of best computer brands in the world is… Hewlett-Packard. Most of the brand products can be used for playing games, coding, graphic design or for basic daily purposes. This brand has the reputation of making beautifully designed, fast, durable high-end laptops at good prices. The company is also known for its great support. HP pays for shipping when you need to repair your purchase under warranty. HP was formed in 1939 in Palo Alto by Bill Hewlett and David Packard. The company offers a wide variety of hardware components as well as software services.


Omen is a high-performance gaming family. Its laptops are relatively light without sacrificing functionality or power. All models have a cooling power and long battery life. They also provide numerous gaming features like a backlit keyboard. All of these give gamers a great processing speed, vivid graphics and overall comfort. Creation date: 1939 CEO: Dion Weisler Sector: Computer hardware & Computer software Revenue: (2018) $58,472B

2.8 DELL

logo owner: Dell This laptop computer manufacturer is one of the best selling laptop brands across the world. Their products are mostly intended to be used in the office but Dell also provides options for high-end computing and they are able to run medium and high-level software. Launched in 1984 by Michael Dell, this Texas-based company is one of the best laptop companies. It provides computers, peripheral components, and data storages as well as servers, switches, printers, and other electronics. Their popular laptop series are XPS and Alienware.


This line is perceived as a mix of high-end looks with the great specification at an affordable price. It has targeted both power users and creative professionals. This ultrabook series is often compared with the flagship Apple line, Pro. It provides light, compact design, powerful and high-resolution display. Dell offers several configurations of the XPS, with prices ranging from $850 to over $2,000.


Alienware is a modern gaming series. This line comes with a slimmer screen, stronger design, and powerful components. Alienware provides a lot of GPU and CPU power and more RAM than most modern laptops do. It makes them fast and powerful. The Alienware m15 starts at $1,199. Creation date: 1984 CEO: Michael Dell Sector: Computer hardware & Computer software Revenue: (2018) $78.7B

2.7 Lenovo

logo owner: Lenovo Lenovo is touted as one of the best among windows laptop brands and high-performance electronic producer. It has a big lineup of laptops intended for everyone, from professional gamers to students, and office workers. The most known lines are the IdeaPad and the ThinkPad series. Both of them provide high-efficient laptops, including well portable notebooks and flexible design. Liu Chuanzhi established this company in 1984. It is a Chinese brand that offers a wide range of models including high-end and budget laptops. Today, it sells its products in over 160 countries.


This line competes against Dell’s XPS and Inspiron, as well as Acer’s Aspire and Toshiba’s Satellite. IdeaPad focuses on premium design, stable performance, and display. Moreover, they are at the price of every wallet. It comes with a touch, frameless and glossy screen among other features. This line targets the consumer-oriented market.


ThinkPad was originally a product of IBM until Lenovo acquired it. Numerous exclusive features like ultra-sleek design, great performance, and longer battery life are also offered by this series. Their laptops exhibit the latest technologies trends in every detail. What is even better, they provide anti-glare display and that makes them very good for daylight usage. With its quality, and durability which is particularly valued in complex, business operations, ThinkPad is the best option for business users. Creation date: 1984 CEO: Yang Yuanqing Sector: Computer hardware & Computer software Revenue: (2018) $45.35B

2.6 Samsung

logo owner: Samsung Based in Seoul, South Korea, Samsung is a worldwide electronic brand. Initially, their offer included everything from operating software to… washing machines. Currently, their flagship products are smartphones which are the number one competitor of iPhones. They provide a small lineup of laptops but have a few stunning models, for instance, Notepad 9. Samsung’s laptops both, look and work great, offer fast performance and long battery life. What is more, tech support is excellent. Their portable computers are available at different price ranges from $249 to $1399.

Notepad 9

Notepad 9 is often perceived as “ultra-portable laptop”. It is equipped in 16GB memory, latest generation i7 CPU and 256GB SSD. Creation date: 1938 Chairman: Lee Kun-hee Sector: Computer hardware & Computer software Revenue: $210.9B

2.5 MSI

logo owner: MSI Another among the best laptop brand for gaming on our list is MSI. The company is mainly known for computer motherboards and graphics cards. The brand was established in 1986 by five founders; Joseph Hsu, Jeans Huang, Frank Lin, Kenny Yu, and Henry Lu. The company partners with numerous e-sport teams like Fnatic. In the portable computers market, this brand offers high-end quality laptops with a great graphics card, powerful and modern components. MSI’s products are durable, reliable and easy to upgrade. The MSI G series consists of seven laptops tiers. We will focus on the two most common.

GC Series

This line is dedicated to gamers with small budgets. These laptops provide great graphics GeForce GTX 1050, 1050 and 1060 with intel core i5 or i7.

GT Series

The GT series consists of the brand’s flagship products. These laptops run quieter, cooler and faster but what is perceived as a big disadvantage, they are also heavier than other computers in the G series. Creation date: 1986 CEO: Charles Chiang Sector: Computer hardware & Computer software Revenue: (2017) $3.55

2.4 Razer

logo owner: Razer Razer is a premium brand among gaming laptops. This American company was established in 2005 by Min-Liang Tan and Robert Krakoff. It specializes in computer peripherals, particularly in high-end gaming mouses, but is also known for its excellent laptops. The brand is often associated with eSports. Its products target gamers and their offer includes gaming laptops, gaming tablets, peripherals such as mice, keyboards, mouse mats, gamepads. Razer’s laptops are mainly aimed at gamers with a generous budget as they are not the cheapest but they are the leaders when it comes to durability and performance. Razer Blade Pro This series targets the pro gamers who want portability and impressive power at the same time. The newest model has advanced features, great keyboard and touchpad and also next-generation GPU and CPU. Creation date: 2005 CEO: Min-Liang Tan Sector: Computer hardware & Computer software Revenue: –

2.3 Microsoft

logo owner: Microsoft Ranked as the 3rd in our list of top rated laptop brands in the world is Microsoft. This brand is commonly known for its software products, for example, its operating system – Microsoft Windows. Generally, it offers just… four laptops: the Surface Laptop, Surface Pro, and Surface Book 2 in the 13-inch and 15-inch varieties. Less is more in this case. Microsoft’s surfaces are one of the best products among laptops with Windows you could buy. They are also the cheapest of Microsoft’s offerings, starting at $799. What is more, Microsoft provides 90 days of free technical support for its products.

Surface Pro

This Surface lineup mixes the power of tablet, laptop and detachable in one product. Their laptops provide bright, colorful displays and some of the best battery life that has ever been seen in portable computers, as well as a comfortable keyboard and touchpad. Moreover, their products are available in fresh colors, such as burgundy, cobalt or platinum what makes the user experience more personal. Creation date: 1975 CEO: Satya Nadella Sector: Computer hardware & Computer software Revenue: $110.36B

2.2 Asus

logo owner: Asus Asus was founded in 1989 by T.H. Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh, and M.T. Liao. This Taiwanese multinational company produces monitors, motherboards, graphics cards, computer cases, cooling systems, and notebooks. In the notebook sector, Asus provides products at a wide range of prices, from affordable Chromebooks to premium Zenbooks and powerful, gaming machines like ROG Zephyrus. In 2016, the brand won over 4300 awards due to its innovation and commitment to quality and earned $428.73B in annual revenue.


ZenBook series is positioned as devices with an attractive, slim design and an impressive performance. They provide great battery life and a slim but powerful build. The series laptops are described as multimedia devices which also work as gaming laptops.


This series provides attractive, fanless appearance, great battery life and in the majority of models, touch display. The price is starting at $560 which makes this line very affordable. Creation date: 1989 Chairman: Jonney Shih Sector: Computer hardware & Computer software Revenue: (2016) $428.73B

2.1 Acer

logo owner: Acer Our article ends with… Acer! This Taiwanese multinational company is a major player in the laptops market. Acer’s offer includes desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, servers, storage devices, displays, smartphones, and peripherals. The brand is internationally famous or its gaming line, Predator. Acer knows how to provide premium features at accessible prices. When comparing Acer’s products to the laptops of other brands, they are of as good quality as the others, but at much lower prices.


Predator has contributed to Acer being one of the most reliable laptop’s brand**.** This line consists of the best gaming notebooks with powerful features and technologies. The new Predator Helios 300 price is starting at $1200. Creation date: 1976 CEO: Jason Chen Sector: Computer hardware & Computer software Revenue: $237.275B 3. Summary

There are numerous computer brands around the globe. All of them want to attract the customers with innovative lines, models or appearances of their products. In this article, you learned about the top ten laptop brands in 2019. Now you know about their flagship lines, revenues, and distinctive features. With this new knowledge, you can easily distinguish the most influential, innovative and reliable ones among them. Did we miss anyone in our ranking? Share your opinion below. Such lists of brands and others you can find on Datantify. At Datantify, we serve your business with the highest quality data of global companies. We are here to give you only the most professional and effective services. So, if you are interested in comprehensive databases – feel free to join us. Sources