Top 12 handbag brands in the world

Handbags are such versatile accessories. They come in so many models and types, such as clutches, totes, cross-body bags, weekend bags, for every style and every occasion. Moreover, each season brings into fashion a particular color, new extraordinary pattern, and shape, but, among handbags naturally, are classics that never go out of style. Buying a handbag is absolutely worth the investment as it will last for long, long years. Above and beyond, they are undoubtedly one of the essentials for every modern woman as they have many jobs to do… Those accessories give an excellent opportunity to depict our personality and taste. Not only that pursues have to fit and carry all of our staff so that they can be found within our reach. 1. Introduction

Today we will focus on well-known renowned brands. So what are top handbag brands in the world? Everyday woman spends giant amounts of money on these expensive accessories, but which brand provides the best quality and price? Also, what has an impact on these brands’ recognizability? This article of the top 12 luxury brands will answer all of the questions posed above. Which brands among those listed make that must-have classic or could be that bag that carries everything… tell us in the comment section! 2. Top handbag brands in the world

We will describe the top 12 ladies handbags brands and provide you will valuable information to satisfy your curiosity and self-education needs. So let’s take a look at the list of top handbag brands!

2.1 Coach

logo owner: Coach We definitely cannot skip Coach in this list of the most popular handbags sellers. It is a luxury leather goods manufacturer based in the USA. Having started with just 6 employees currently has grown into the empire with the estimated brand value of $3.2 billion. The brand offers products that include creativity and sophistication at a reasonable price. Apart from handbags, the company also sells wallets, watches, footwear, jewelry, eyewear, and fragrances. And what is worth mentioning, products cost in the region of $500. Coach is trendy, but the real question is which factors are the most decisive for customers, and what distinguishes this very brand among the rest?

#1 More affordable than competitor’s designer bags

When you compare the price of designer handbags, you can own 4-5 Coach bags for the price of a Louis Vuitton purse! And what is more, you can found them also at outlets on very occasional offer.

#2 Quality

This manufacturer will only approve the best of the leather goods. If the color or the texture of leather samples do not meet specification, they are simply rejected. This is the confirmation of the best quality and not just empty words!

Coach in numbers:

Creation date: 1941 CEO: Joshua Schullman Sector: Apparel Revenue: (2016) $4.2B

2.2 Kate Spade

logo owner: Kate Spade Formed in the year 1993 by Kate and Andy Spade, the brand has come a long way to become one of the most exclusive brands. Originally, the business started out with Sam handbag and was only known for making colorful purses. In the year 2017, the company was bought by Tapestry Inc with estimated revenue of $2.4 billion. And, today, the brand’s bags are recognizable across women at all ages and from all professions around the world. What is more, women are using them daily and on special events as they are universal and functional! Celebrities, such as Kate Middleton or Chelsea Clinton are, also loyal customers of the manufacturer’s goods. Now let’s look at the most fundamental reasons for Kate Spade’s bags success.

#1 Great market research

It doesn’t matter what color you want, or what type, pattern and shape, you will find it! They have truly done their research, and clients are really impressed by the value and the range of the items.

#2 Worthwhile investment

Kate Spade’s bags have a reputation of durable, and well-made products which will last for the long decades.

Kate Spade in numbers:

Creation date: 1993 Owner: Kate Spade & Company Sector: Apparel Revenue: (latest available) $1,242M

2.3 Michael Kors

logo owner: Michael Kors Michael Kors is touted as one of the most iconic handbag brands. It was founded by its namesake Michael Kors in the year 1981. Now it is based in New York and owns 1500 boutiques and almost 550 outlets. The company’s range of products includes backpacks, totes, satchels, and watches. What is more, MK does not use animal furs in the making of any of its products.

#1 Pioneer

Michael Kors has successfully carved a niche for himself in the fashion industry; people with money to spend but who are not rich.

#2 Casual Luxury

The founder said in an interview that Kors bags should be associated with the women being able to take it with them to the gym, to work, wear it on the weekend and not be regarded as something so precious that it can only be worn on a special occasion.

Michael Kors in numbers:

Creation date: 1981 Owner: Capri Holdings CEO: John D. Idol Sector: Apparel Revenue: (latest available) $4,71

2.4 Chanel

logo owner: Chanel This French icon with the estimated brand value $7 billion hits the 4th position in our ranking**.** The brand was established by Coco Chanel in 1909. Today, it is owned by Alain and Gerard Wertheimer, who are the initial partners’ grandsons. Chanel is associated with simplicity and practical fashion as well as exclusive, rare and highly desired goods. In your opinion, what is the best guarantee of quality? You do not have to answer that, though Chanel has a brilliant response to this problem, which is the durability tests that the brand runs on every bag they sell. When you buy from Chanel, you are investing in an item that will last your lifetime and even longer. The brand is famous for its exclusive products such as No. 5 de Chanel trademark, their signature perfume.

#1 Classic

Little black dress made by Chanel is still a fashion statement.

#2 Less is more

Chanel stands for simple colors such as grey, black, and navy, without complicated form and shape.

#3 Top materials

Only top quality leathers such as lambskin or caviar leather are used in the process of producing. Chanel in numbers: Creation date: 1909 CEO: Alain Wertheimer Sector: Apparel Revenue: (latest available) $9.6B

2.5 Fendi

logo owner: Fendi Fendi is an Italian luxury fashion house, which was founded in Rome by Adele Casagrande and her husband. Over the years, the brand has expanded worldwide and launched numerous stores and boutiques. Currently, it has more than 197 stores in the world, with the headquarters in Rome, Italy. The company is known for its extraordinary way of using traditional skins. Fendi is considered a high-end fashion house alongside other luxury brands, such as Moschino, Versace, and Valentino. This luxury fashion house offers a variety of products, such as fur, leather, and ready-to-wear clothing, handbags and other accessories. The legendary baguette bag will be forever associated with Fendi.

#1 Family business

Fendi has built its power on the family business. The inspiration to set up the company and then design its products were Casagrande’s charismatic daughters – Carla, Paola, Anna, Franca, and Alda.

#2 Italian glamour

This brand excels in cultivating close relations with Italian glamour and exploiting the fact that the Italian fashion labels are seen as sophisticated, fashionable and highly desired.

Fendi in numbers:

Creation date: 1925 Chairman & CEO: Serge Brunschwig Sector: Apparel Revenue: (latest available) € 800 million

2.6 Jimmy Choo

logo owner: Jimmy Choo Alongside the premium fashion brands that offer handbags, we have to point out this icon. The brand was established in 1996 by its namesake Jimmy Choo. It is mainly known for elegant, exquisitely crafted shoes, as well as handbags, accessories, and fragrances. This one of the top fashion houses in the world attracts a very refined clientele. From the beginning, the fashion label ‘s creator was focused on expanding the brand, and currently, there are more than 150 stores worldwide, many of them are placed in premium shopping destinations such as Bond Street in London or, Madison Avenue in New York. Today, the brand provides a variety of products, such as scarves, sunglasses, leather goods, belts, and fragrances.

#1 Consistency

The brand cares about being associated with feminine, wealthy and chic consumers, and in order to remain closely connected to these values, every luxurious campaign launched by this brand reflects such a vision of glamorous allure.

#2 Celebrity endorsement

Renowned personalities and celebrities, such as Cara Delevingne, are the most loyal customers of the brand. And this is a crucial factor to the brand recognizability. Jimmy Choo in numbers: Creation date: 1996 CEO: Pierre Denis Sector: Apparel Revenue: (latest available) £364M

2.7 Moschino

logo owner: Moschino Moschino takes the 7th place in our ranking. This brand has always been widely known for its satire, ironic and surreal interpretation of fashion. What is worth mentioning, the previous collection’s authors drew inspiration from… Barbie or McDonalds**.** The brand offers a variety of handbags, such as totes, shoulder bags, and clutches. It was launched in 1983 by Francisco Moschino. Today, it has over 150 boutiques and is perceived as one of the more affordable high-end brands. It has targeted the clientele between the ages of 21 and 33 with medium to high income. Now let’s look at the most compelling reasons for Moschino‘s success.

#1 Controversial

The provocative, catchy collections, such as the “capsule collection” inspired by pills and prescription drugs, had a significant impact on the brand recognizability and success.

#2 Good prices

Moschino is one of the more economical fashion brands, which is well reflected in the prices that range from 150 to 1200 GBP. Moschino in numbers: Creation date: 1983 CEO: Corrado Masini Sector: Apparel Revenue: data not available

2.8 Tory Burch

logo owner: Tory Burch On the list of top ultra-luxury brands offering bags, we should include Tory Burch. This American lifestyle company is well-known for classic but bohemian aesthetic, print, vibrant color and eclectic detail. The brand has a wide range of handbags, for instance, satchels, cross-body type, tote bags, and clutches. It offers also include tops, dresses, skirts, sweater, jackets, outwear, denim, swimwear as well as ready-to-wear shoes, and even beauty products. Tory’s bags are accessible to a wide range of customers at reasonable prices. The brand owns about 250 boutiques around the world. The brand has received countless awards, such as the prestigious CFDA for Accessory Designer of the Year.

#1 The world of Tory Burch

If you are looking for authenticity, this is the right spot for you! The brand embodies the personal style and spirit of Tory Burch

#2 Range of products

Wide range of products. From teenage girls to old women, both can easily find the bag they have always dreamt about in a Tory Burch boutique. Tory Burch in numbers: Creation date: 2004 CEO: Tory Burch Sector: Apparel Revenue: data not available

2.9 Prada

logo owner: Prada The ninth position is secured by Prada – one of the richest fashion brands. It has become an established member of the high fashion industry due to its luxurious, timeless style. It offers a similar aesthetic to Jimmy Choo, but Prada provides a larger range of items. Currently, it sells perfumes, accessories, leather goods and even… travel accessories. Prada offers excellent quality handbags in various styles, such as the iconic bowling bag or Margit bag. The company was formed in 1913 by Mario Prada in Milan, Italy. Today, it has over 610 boutiques in almost 70 countries.  

#1 Made in Italy

Consumers who pay premium prices expect to see a “Made in Italy” label, rather than a “Made in China” or “Made in India” one. That is exactly why Prada still manufactures their goods 100% in Italy, which is a guarantee of the highest quality and original solutions.

#2 Influencers

One of the factors to success is using well-known influencers to promote the brand. Prada in numbers: Creation date: 1913 CEO: Miuccia Bianchi Prada Sector: Apparel Revenue: (latest available) $3.91 billion

2.10 Balenciaga

logo owner: Balenciaga Balenciaga handbags are often described as brightly colored and extraordinary. The most popular handbags collection is line motorcycle-inspired, especially the legendary “Lariat” bag. What is interesting, in 2017 the luxurious brand released a recognizable blue shopper bag with nearly the same features as the Ikea’s shopper bags! The company was founded by Spanish designer, Cristobal Balenciaga in 1919. Balenciaga’s products became synonymous with a sophisticated, unique pattern, incredible style and wealth.

#1 Quality rather than quantity

Balenciaga has always appealed more to the wealthiest part of society as the brand is more focused on the quality and value of their products than on the profits and sales result.

#2 Individual

They not only follow new trends, but they also want to stay individual. Loyal customers and avid fans are the best proof of this approach. Balenciaga in numbers: Creation date: 1919 Owner: Kering Group Sector: Apparel Revenue: (latest available) $1B

2.11 Hermes

logo owner: Hermes Another luxurious brand in our ranking is Hermes. This French house of fashion was established by Thierry Hermes in 1837, initially specializing in equestrian leather accessories. Over the years the brand extended, and today, it directly operates about 210 stores worldwide! The brand is known for creating the most luxurious handbags. Hermes is often associated with paying close attention to the smallest details. What is more, the brand is mainly popular among celebrities and famous part of society including Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian.

#1 Symbol of wealth

The brand name has long been associated with the aristocrats. Thus, it attracts celebrities and the richest.

#2 Premium quality

Hermes always pays attention to every step of the production process of goods. The brand holds the reputation of quality products and highly-skilled artisans. Hermes in numbers: Creation date: 1837 Owner: Hermes family Sector: Apparel Revenue: (latest available) €5,966M

2.12 Burberry

logo owner: Burberry Established in 1984 in New York, Burberry is a key player in the premium bags market. The brand is mainly known for its outwear, in particular, its iconic Trench coat. It also offers ready-to-wear apparel, as well as accessories, such as bags, for instance, shoulder bags, totes, clutches, and body bags. The brand operates 215 mainline stores, digital commerce, and over 55 outlets. Burberry targets different consumers, from 25 to 60 age.

#1 Iconic color pattern

Burberry is associated with its popular color pattern, which has 4 colors (black, white, khaki, red).

#2 The durability and the quality

Coats made by the label or any other clothing article or accessory is made with excellent craftsmanship to stay longer with the wearer. The fabrics are superb! Burberry in numbers: Creation date: 1856 CEO: Marco Gobbetti Sector: Apparel Revenue: (latest available) £2,732.8 million 3. Summary

To sum it all up, you learned a lot about top designer brands 2019 in this article; about their values, management, revenues, and distinctive features. And now that you have read it, you can distinguish the most influential, innovative and richest ones among them. Did we miss anyone in our ranking? Share your opinion. At datantify, we provide the highest quality data for worldwide companies. We are devoted to providing professional and effective services. So, if you are interested in comprehensive databases – feel free to register.