Top 10 coffee brands on the market in 2019

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, mainly due to its caffeine content which has a stimulating effect. Many studies show that coffee improves your memory, mood, alertness, mood, and energy level, just to name a few. There is no evidence of long-term health benefits of coffee consumption in humans yet, though. The drink is prepared from roasted coffee beans. Coffee plants are primarily cultivated in the equatorial regions of the world, with C. arabica and C. robusta as the two most typically grown. Dried coffee seeds (commonly referred to as “beans”) are roasted to varying degrees with each degree resulting in a distinct flavor. With one-third of the world total coffee production, Brazil is the key player in the sector. Coffee, green and unroasted, is among the most traded agricultural commodities in the world. As coffee cultivation progresses and extends rapidly to developed countries, it raises concerns over the coffee production impact on the environment, regarding the clearing of lands and water use. All these concerns create markets for fair trade and organic coffee, which is particularly visible in the USA coffee market. In our list, we will include information about certificates as well. 1. Introduction

What is the best coffee? What coffee types are the most popular? What are the top coffee brands to keep an eye on? With the help of this article, we will try to turn you into a coffee industry expert! We will cover all the relevant coffee brands here. We will discover their profits, product range, background information, and some of the highlights of their businesses. And we are sure you will find everything you need to know about coffee producents right here, so let’s get started! 2. Top coffee brands in the world

Here you can see the list of the top 10 coffee brands in the world. The list is sorted in first to last order based on various factors, like revenue and company size.

2.1 Lavazza

logo owner: Lavazza Lavazza is the best Italian coffee. Luigi Lavazza S.p.A. is a traditional Italian company that started in 1895 by Luigi Lavazza. What is quite extraordinary, the business is still owned and managed by the Lavazza family, currently the third and fourth generations of the family! The company imports coffee from all the greatest coffee plantations around the world, in such countries as Brazil, Colombia, Uganda, and Indonesia. Lavazza offers a wide portfolio of coffees. The coffee from Lavazza is available in capsules, single-serving coffee pods, as coffee beans, blends, and instant coffee. The coffee blends include a combination of Robusta and Arabica, as well as pure Arabica in many variations. The impressive portfolio of worldwide bestsellers includes Crema e Gusto, Lungo Dolce, Qualità Rossa, Qualità Oro, or ¡Tierra! Bio Organic. The company also sells classic coffee machines. All these good things said to prove that Lavazza produces the best coffee in the world and deserves the title of a global ambassador of Italian coffee. Showing real concern about the quality of its coffee, but also the environmental and working conditions of communities, Lavazza has developed the ¡Tierra! project. ¡Tierra! is a sustainable agriculture program which includes coffee production in Honduras, Colombia, and Peru. Coffees included in the ¡Tierra! program is organic and grown on certified farms. Revenue: €2.01 billion (2017) Country of origin: Italy Year of foundation: 1895 President: Alberto Lavazza CEO: Antonio Baravalle Sector: Retail coffee

2.2 Koffee Kult

logo owner: Koffee Kult Since its recent launch in 2010, Koffee Kult’s has been on a mission to find the best coffee beans the world has to offer, and it managed to do that quite well. Koffee Kult is an American family owned and operated artisan coffee roaster. They work with the highest quality and grade of Arabica beans from Indonesia, Central and South America, and Africa. Their top-selling coffees include Dark and Medium Roast Coffee Beans which produce smooth coffee with strong and full and medium-bodied taste, respectively. With a variety of coffee types, such as single-serve cups & pods, the limited edition of flavored coffee, blends, espresso, or decaf coffee, every coffee drinker will leave the store satisfied. Koffee Kult’s coffees are certified as organic and fair trade. Their pride is the freshness of their coffee. They roast raw beans in their own machines in small batches, and then they put coffee immediately into packagings, which guarantees the best quality. With such care and attention, Koffee Kult will keep on top for years to come. Revenue: $7.2 Million Country of origin: USA Year of foundation: 2010 CEO: Jamie Mardis Sector: Coffee

2.3 Don Pablo Coffee

logo owner: Don Pablo Don Pablo Coffee was launched in 1989 by Darron and Eliana Burke. They source the best Arabica beans in the world. They grow and process their own coffee beans in Colombia, but also closely monitor the production of coffee grown on nutritious volcanic soil in South America, and smaller coffee farms in prestigious regions of Asia, Indonesia, India, and Africa. Similar to what Koffee Kult does, Don Pablo’s coffees are also artisan roasted in small batches to maintain freshness and quality. At Don Pablo, they make delicious coffee from slow-roasted premium Arabica beans. They offer a great selection of specialty coffees, in various grinds and roast levels, all 100% Arabica and GMO-free. Their hottest-selling coffee right now is the Whole Bean Decaf Colombian Coffee available in Medium Dark, and Light Roast, which is exceptional for being decaffeinated using pure water (i. e. Swiss Water Process) which preserves all the natural aroma and flavor. The second best-selling product is Don Pablo Signature Blend, an original blend selected from the best Colombian, Guatemalan, and Brazilian coffee. The result is a sweet, cocoa-toned taste with a smooth finish. This blend is perfect for coffee and espresso lovers who enjoy their coffee with complex earthy tones and notes of chocolate. Country of origin: Colombia Year of foundation: 1989 CEO: Darron J. Burke Sector: Coffee

2.4 Peet’s Coffee

logo owner: Peet’s Coffee Peet’s Coffee is an American coffee roaster and retailer founded by Alfred Peet. Peet learned how to roast and grind coffee from his father who owned and operated a coffee bean grindery and coffee wholesale. In 1966, Peet opened the first “Peet’s Coffee, Tea & Spices” in Berkeley, California, initially selling just coffee beans. In 2012, Peet’s was sold to JAB Holding, a German investment group. Over the years, Peet’s has acquired three subsidiaries, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, and Mighty Leaf Tea. In 2007, the company opened a roasting plant in Alameda, the first LEED Gold Certified roastery in the United States. Dark roasts have been Peet’s signature since its early days. The brand offers the best dark roast coffee in the world since Peet’s still roasts coffee by hand. Arabica coffee roasted this way gives a richer and deeper taste with smoky notes. Peet’s offers various coffee roasts, grinds, types, and brewing methods, as well as Bottled Cold Brew, and then also a nice selection of teas. Peet’s coffees are also sold in as many as nine different pack sizes! That way, every coffee lover will get the exact amount of coffee beans they need. Another smart move is that Peet’s provides the roast date on the package which guarantees the coffee’s freshness. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not display any certification on its packaging. Revenue: $800M (FY 2016) Country of origin: USA Year of foundation: 1966 CEO: Kenneth “Casey” Keller Owner: JAB Holding Company Sector: Coffee

2.5 Kicking Horse

logo owner: Kicking Horse Kicking Horse Coffee has been making delicious coffee “that kicks ass” for over 20 years. Not only that, their coffee is certified as Organic and Fairtrade. The company is also committed to being sustainable and socially responsible for future generations. These might be the reason why they were named Canada’s #1 selling Whole Bean coffee. Their exquisite coffee is not the only thing they are good at, however. In 2018 Great Place to Work® gave Kicking Horse Coffee the title of the #1 Best Workplace in Canada! Not impressed yet? The company was also named a 2015 Fairtrade favorite product! All Kicking Horse’s coffee beans are Arabica beans and are roasted in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Depending on the level of roast, the blend can feature bean varieties from Africa, Central and South America, and Indonesia. Each coffee blend has a different combination of aroma and taste notes, which makes Kicking Horse truly unique. Their coffees come in grinds ranging from fine to coarse, which makes them perfect for French press, drip, pour over, espresso, or cold brew preparation. Anyone will quickly become a fan of the coffee lovers’ favorite Cliff Hanger Espresso blend. Enjoy your espresso with hints of brown sugar, milk chocolate and fruity notes followed by a smooth cocoa finish. In 2017 this leading Canadian organic coffee company was purchased and become the Lavazza’s Group subsidiary. Country of origin: Canada Year of foundation: 1996 CEO: Elana Rosenfeld Owner: Lavazza Sector: Coffee

2.6 Death Wish Coffee Co.

logo owner: Death Wish Coffee Although being around for only seven years (!), the Death Wish brand does not need to be introduced these days, and it is all because of the skillful marketing. The brand claims to be the World’s Strongest Coffee, promoting itself with a skull and crossbones logo, and it has worked! The name says it all; the Death Wish Coffee contains an excessively high — about four times higher — caffeine content than regular coffee does. And so, the brand is here to serve those who appreciate extra strong coffee. For their Death Wish coffee, they use carefully selected, mostly the Indian and Peruvian coffee beans in their coffee. Besides their best-promoted coffee, the company also offers a weaker Valhalla Java blend from the volcanic soils of Indonesia and nutrient-rich soils of Central and South America. The brand has all the right certifications, including FairTrade and USDA Organic Certificate. Death Wish Coffee strives to produce a bold, highly caffeinated coffee blend without compromising the flavor. So sit back and enjoy a smooth, never-bitter taste with subtle notes of cherry and chocolate, while the clarity and focus that comes with a cup of world’s strong coffee will keep you going through the day. Country of origin: USA Year of foundation: 2012 Owner: Mike Brown Sector: Coffee

2.7 Bulletproof

logo owner: Bulletproof Coffee Bulletproof Coffee was launched by an American entrepreneur and author Dave Asprey. As a “biohacker,” he built his multimillion-dollar brand Bulletproof around his quest for life extension. Not only did he founded the” upgraded” coffee brand, but he also created the ‘Bulletproof diet’ and wrote a whole book describing the diet. This year, in the January issue of Men’s Health, Asprey was described as a “lifestyle guru.” The first Bulletproof coffee shop opened in 2015 in Santa Monica, also serving high-fat foods, which are the key elements of the Bulletproof diet. Asprey’s coffee lifestyle brand quickly took off. The company built its foundation on longevity, while it is also actively pursuing the improvement of quality. Asprey uses its platform for bettering the world, and always puts the interests of communities first. All Bulletproof coffees are rainforest alliance-certified, cultivated on clean ground, and mold toxin-free. All there is left to say, any coffee drinker will notice the difference after the first sip! The brand offers ground and whole bean, decaf, cold brew and unique coffee mix-ins with fat or proteins. The coffee is smooth and creamy with sweetness and distinct notes of cinnamon, no bitterness — just a cup of delightful coffee, and an instant boost of energy and focus! Revenue: $6M Country of origin: USA Year of foundation: 2011 CEO: Dave Asprey Sector: Coffee

2.8 New England Coffee

logo owner: England Coffee New England Coffee has been roasting and selling only 100% Arabica blends for over 100 years! It is an American independent specialty coffee roaster serving great brew since 1916. It was founded by three Greek immigrants, the brothers Menelaos & George Kaloyanides and their cousin Megaklis Papadopoulos in Boston, Massachusetts. In 2013 the business was sold off to Reily Foods Company. New England Coffee is also available in many restaurant, hotels, and supermarkets across the country. When you drink New England’s coffee, you can appreciate a balanced and distinctive flavor in every cup. The company provides a variety of blends, roasts, flavored coffees and decaffeinated coffees from locations in Colombia, Sumatra, and Costa Rica. Their beloved Blueberry Cobbler blend inspired by a classic country dessert delivers fruity notes and hints of spices. The intriguing names of blends, like New England Breakfast, Pumpkin Spice, decaf French Vanilla or Hazelnut Crème, sound very appealing and taste heavenly, and these are only a few of the blends options. The New England Coffee Sustainable Cup Project promotes long-term, environmentally friendly products and implements new solutions to combat climate change. The results provide a better future for the farmers and the environment. Country of origin: USA Year of foundation: 1916 Owner: Reily Foods Company Sector: Coffee and tea

2.9 Eight O’Clock

logo owner: Eight O’Clock Eight O’Clock Coffee has been around for well over 150 years, but its best whole bean coffee never stopped being relevant. The brand was introduced in 1859 by The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, which was just established in that year. Since 2006 the company is a subsidiary of Tata Global Beverages. Eight O’Clock makes its beans only from top-quality 100% Arabica coffee which they then roast themselves in Maryland, USA. Since the acquisition by the Tata Group, the coffee brand has expanded to other types of Coffee like 50% Decaf, French Roast, Dark Italian Espresso, or 100% Colombian Peaks which has the Rainforest Alliance seal of approval. EOC Barista Blends collection is a pretty recent addition, and on top of that, the company is just now introducing Flavors of America which is a special edition of distinct coffee themes each representing a different American state. Country of origin: USA Year of foundation: 1859 Owner: Tata Global Beverages Sector: Coffee

2.10 Gevalia

logo owner: Gevalia Not many know that the Nordic countries have the highest coffee consumption in the entire world. With the longest tradition of all of the best coffee brands listed in our article, Gevalia is the largest coffee roastery in Scandinavia. The company was founded in 1853 and now is wholly-owned by Kraft Foods Group. As a supplier of some of the very best coffee in the world, Gevalia imports its Arabica beans primarily from high-altitude coffee farms in Colombia, then from East Africa, South and Central America. Gevalia is all about sustainability and community; all of its coffee products are Rainforest Alliance Certified. Gevalia’s +30 coffee varieties are grouped into four categories for the convenience of customers. Experience traditional blends from the Heritage Collection, explore rare exotic beans with the Passport Collection, discover unique flavors in the Special Reserve Collection available exclusively online or settle for classics, like Irish Cream or Hazelnut, with the Cafe Creations Collection. The choice is endless! And whatever coffee it is going to be, you can be sure that you are getting the premium quality brew with full-bodied flavor. The company provides ‘auto’ coffee delivery. Basically, once the customer chooses the subscription option online, the coffee automatically arrives at their doorstep as often as they like. With such a convenient shipping service, you will never run out of coffee again! Country of origin: Sweden Year of foundation: 1853 Owner: Jacobs Douwe Egberts Sector: Coffee and Tea 3. Summary

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