Top 50 E-commerce Sites in The World 2020

Nowadays, online shopping is incredibly common and is more and more frequently chosen than shopping in traditional stores. It owes its popularity to the multitude of e-commerce platforms available with one click and products from nearly every possible category. You can purchase whatever you need without leaving your house, in every place in the world, providing you have Internet access.  The most developed online shopping market is the US one, it constitutes the global e-commerce standard. The largest e-commerce companies from the US market also occupy the leading positions in other countries thus setting and creating trends which shape the activities of other companies and their online shopping platforms.  Where does the domination of the United States really come from?

The USA’s predominance in the Internet and e-commerce stems from the whopping 288 million Internet users, a wealthy population and a widespread custom of online shopping. 
Using both computers and mobile devices to access digital services, American online consumers are used to concluding transactions in order to purchase a wide range of products and services.   Are other e-commerce platforms also popular?

Despite the domination of large platforms such as Amazon or eBay which offer pretty much every product category, traditional distributors are still able to gain market share.  The difference in popularity between the biggest e-commerce platforms occurs due to the countries or areas they operate in. 

Here’s the list of top 50 e-commerce platforms by monthly traffic:

In order to provide you with a wider perspective on the large values and competition in the global landscape of e-commerce, here are the 50 biggest e-commerce platform leaders from individual countries or continents in 2020. Their estimated monthly traffic in August 2020 was prepared using SimilarWeb.

1. Amazon 

Apart from its core business, the company also earns money from marketing services. The company divides its operations into two distinct markets: North America and the rest of the world. Amazon sells retail through its websites where the customer has access to hundreds of different product categories. It places emphasis on convenience and variety. It also enables sale to third parties on its websites. Also owns sites such as,, and  Monthly traffic on – 2.012 B visits

2. eBay

The company operates eBay, an online auction and purchasing site where people and businesses buy and sell a wide variety of goods and services around the world. The website is free for buyers, but sellers are charged for listing the items with a limited number of free auctions as well as after selling them. Monthly traffic on – 936 M visits

3. Rakuten

The B2B2C e-commerce platform Rakuten Ichiba is the biggest e-commerce platform in Japan and one of the biggest in the world in terms of sale. Rakuten as a Japanese company is dedicated to e-commerce and online retail, headquartered in Tokyo, founded in 1997 by a Japanese businessman Hiroshi Mikitani. Monthly traffic on – 533.56 M visits

4. Walmart

The Internet store of the US chain Walmart, which is the world’s biggest retail corporation, handles hypermarkets, warehouses and grocery stores. In Walmart’s online store you can find a variety of products, including but not limited to food, electronics, apparel, medicine, household equipment, and auto parts.  Monthly traffic on – 423.79 M visits

5. Etsy

Is an American website with international reach, focusing on handmade or vintage products and craft supplies.. “Etsy is the global marketplace for unique and creative goods. It’s home to a universe of special, extraordinary items, from unique handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures.”  –  Monthly traffic on – 358.55 M visits

6. Mercado Livre

The leader of e-commerce in Brazil, the largest online shopping and sales platform, a marketplace developed by the Argentinian e-commerce and electronic payment company Mercado Libre in Latin America. Buyers and sellers meet to exchange information and conduct e-commerce transactions. It also allows sellers to post vehicles, properties and services in a dedicated section of online classifieds.  Monthly traffic – 331 M visits

7. Home Depot

Online store of the United States’ largest chain of building materials and DIY stores. The product categories sold include building materials, DIY products, lawn and garden products, and decorative products. The store also offers DIY installation services and rental of tools and equipment. Monthly traffic on – 242.55 M visits

8. Allegro

Allegro is an online trading platform that allows you to carry out transactions. It’s popular especially in Poland. First of all, it enables the sale of users’ own items among themselves. Thanks to the wide access to the Internet, the service at the beginning of its activity became popular among collectors, and with time also professional traders. In addition to an auction, it is also possible to put an item for sale at a predetermined price (Buy It Now). It is also possible to combine bidding and Buy Now. Monthly traffic – 220.85 M visits

9. Flipkart

Is an Indian e-commerce company founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007. Initially, the company focused on book sales, before expanding into other product categories. The service primarily competes with Amazon’s Indian subsidiary and domestic rival Snapdeal. Flipkart is significantly dominant in the sale of apparel (a position that was bolstered by its acquisition of Myntra). Monthly traffic – 215.03 M visits

10. Target

Second largest retailer after Walmart. As a company, it runs 1,800 stores throughout the United States. Target’s diversified online store offers products from groceries to hygiene products, from fashion to electronics, furniture and interior design. Monthly traffic – 128 M visits


Online portal of the Lojas Americanas retail chain. Affiliated with local stores, the chain operates three types of stores: convenience stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets. It sells consumer and media electronics, household appliances and furniture, cosmetics and toys. The online platform is the leading Brazilian e-commerce store. Monthly traffic – 119.5 M visits

 12. Mercari

Mercari is a marketplace application that allows users to buy and sell their own products and such famous brands, directly from their smartphones. The products on display range from fashion to toys, sports goods and electronics. The app owes its success in particular to specific features, including the live e-commerce channel and the Mercari Now service, which allows users to receive cash for their products instantly. Thanks to its success in Japan, Mercari expanded its operations to the United States in 2014 and the United Kingdom in 2016. Monthly traffic – 98.98 M visits

 13. BestBuy

A leading retailer specializing in consumer electronics, technology, home appliances, computers, mobile phones, video games and gadgets in the United States. It’s operating in Canada and Mexico also, and China through a subsidiary.  After launching its e-commerce platform, Best Buy sells electronics and home appliances to American online customers. Monthly traffic on – 92.4 M visits 

  14. Wayfair

With technology and innovation, Wayfair enables shoppers to quickly and easily find exactly what they want from over 18 million items in the fields of home furnishings, décor, DIY, household goods and more. To expand its online business, Wayfair has established offices and warehouses throughout the United States, and has expanded its operations overseas to Canada, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Monthly traffic on – 77.7 M visits

 15. Macy’s

The internet store of the leading US department store chain Macy’s offers products ranging from women’s clothing, men’s clothing, accessories to children’s clothing. You can also find utilities and decoration there. Thanks to launching their internet store, Macy’s now ships their products to over 200 locations across the world.  Monthly traffic on – 74.9 M visits

 16. is an e-commerce platform and internet company.’s main business areas are Online Shopping, Rental Services, and Video On Demand. The rental service covers products from cd / dvd to clothes and household items. The store offers a wide range of products, including digital content such as e-books, games, and movies. Another core business of the company is video-on-demand, offering a selection of anime, movies, dramas and other online streaming options. Monthly traffic on – 73.4 M visits

17. Lowe’s

The online store of the second largest DIY hypermarket chain. Its current competitor is Home Depot. The chain of stores has 2,000 stationary locations in the US and Canada. Through this e-commerce platform, we can purchase building materials, home and garden furnishings, furniture and tools. Monthly traffic on – 70 M visits

18. Magazine Luiza

The online business of Magazine Luiza, founded in 1957 in Brazil, has been developed under the shorter name “Magalu”, where it sells a wide range of products including household appliances and furniture, computers, multimedia equipment and consumer electronics. Monthly traffic on – 49.3 M visits

19. ZozoTown

A platform dedicated specifically to fashion and footwear. Founded in 2004, ZozoTown started out as a mail order company and then became the largest fashion-specific online store in Japan. It supplies a wide range of brands, both local and internationally known. Monthly traffic on – 47 M visits

20. Argos

This service has become a leader in e-commerce in the UK. Argos catalog seller, also running over 800 stores in Great Britain and Ireland. Argos, a subsidiary of UK retailer Sainsbury’s, sells electronics, home and garden products, clothing, toys, sports equipment and more. Monthly traffic on – 41.9 M visits

21. Otto

On its e-commerce platform, the company sells a wide range of products from sports materials, electronics, furniture and household appliances to fashion. The online store opened in 1955 and has become a key player in e-commerce in Germany and across Europe. Monthly traffic on – 40.3 M visits

22. Tesco

Through its stationary stores and e-commerce platforms, Tesco sells food, household items, hygiene products, as well as offers financial and telecommunication services.  Monthly traffic on – 37.41 M visits

23. Casas Bahia

The Casas Bahia chain of stores specializes in the sale of furniture and household appliances. It sells locally in 700 stores in Brazil, and thanks to its online store, it also sells it online. While selling mainly furniture and household appliances, the store also provides a range of services for consumers and businesses, and supplies consumer electronics and computers. Monthly traffic on – 37.1 M visits

24. Screwfix

Screwfix is a specialized retailer of tools, accessories and gear. Apart from traditional stores, the company has developed its online presence, where it offers and ships its products to the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe.  Monthly traffic on – 30.94 M visits

25. Next

Through its internet store the retail chain Next sells products from over 400 brands. It offers various types of clothing, shoes, and household items. Next currently operates around 700 stationary stores, including about 500 in the UK and about 200 in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Monthly traffic on – 29.92 M visits

26. Canadian Tire

Through its online store Canadian Tire sells a wide range of automotive equipment, computer equipment, sports and recreational equipment, household equipment, as well as toys and food. Monthly traffic on – 28.66 M visits

27. Submarino

Is a Brazilian e-commerce company. Created in 1999, it was one of the pioneers of Brazil in this segment. In 2006, he joined with, creating B2W. It is an online store made official by the Brazilian Association of Record Producers and the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry Monthly traffic on – 28.6 M visits

28. Asda

Asda is a leading seller owned by the US retail giant Walmart which operates stores in the UK. Except for its supermarkets, where Asda sells food and various other consumer products such as apparel and household items, Asda is also a financial services and mobile telephony provider, which are also available online via its e-commerce platform. Monthly traffic on – 28.49 M visits

29. Newegg Canada

Newegg Canada is an internet vendor specializing in computer accessories, software, consumer and professional electronics from a plethora of brands. Monthly traffic on – 28.38 M visits 

30. Netshoes

This online store specializes in selling sports goods. The sports retail chain Netshoes quickly concentrated its activities on online sales. In Latin America, it has become a key partner in managing online stores for brands such as football clubs, global brands of sportswear. In addition, Netshoes is the official representative of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Monthly traffic on – 27.6 M visits

31. Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer is one of the world’s leading vendors. This store offers mostly household items, apparel and luxury food products. The company has its stronghold in the UK and Ireland but it also sells its products online as well as through cooperation with the German online store Zalando. Monthly traffic on – 27 M visits

32. Currys PC World

In the beginning the company handled the sales of electronic gadgets, though currently Currys specializes in selling radio and television equipment, as well as domestic appliances. It operates within the UK and Ireland. After merging with PC World, it acquired the name Currys PC World and currently operates an e-commerce platform dedicated to selling radio and television equipment and household appliances. Monthly traffic on – 26.86 M visits

33. Lidl

Lidl currently operates over 10 thousand stores in nearly every European country as well as the US. The company developed its internet presence largely due to its own effort within the e-commerce scope. It offers food products and a variety of other products and services. Monthly traffic on – 26.19 M visits

34. John Lewis & Partners

John Lewis & Partners is an exclusive warehouse chain operating in the UK, Ireland, and Australia on local licenses. On its website it handles the sale of apparel, cosmetics, sports accessories, household appliances, electric devices etc.  Monthly traffic on – 25.75 M visits

35. MediaMarkt

The store specializes in the retail of consumer electronics. It gained success through its e-commerce platform thus becoming the second largest (after BestBuy) consumer electronics supply chain in the world.  Monthly traffic on – 24.4 M visits


Zalando is a German company specializing in e-commerce. It focuses on the online sale of fashion, shoes, accessories, sports equipment and cosmetics.  Monthly traffic on – 22.98 M visits

37. Woolworths

On its internet site Woolworths sells food products, household equipment, cosmetics and children’s products throughout Australia.  Monthly traffic on – 22.32 M visits

38. Costco Canada

On the website of the store, Costco sells a wide range of products: computers, furniture, garden furniture, household appliances, jewelry and more. Monthly traffic on – 21.82 M visits

39. Myntra

Myntra is an internet store with fashion, household items, and lifestyle products. Especially thanks to its mobile apps, the company was able to build a strong online presence. It strengthened its position in fashion e-commerce through the acquisition of its rival Monthly traffic on – 21.31 M visits

40. Thomann

Thomann is a company specializing in the retail of musical instruments, studio equipment, lighting equipment, and pro-audio from various brands. It is commonly known thanks to its large e-commerce platform available in several European languages. Monthly traffic on – 20.03 M visits

41. Extra

The online store belonging to the supermarket, hypermarket and minimarket chain Extra is particularly specialized in consumer electronics, and household appliances. It has a separate website called Clube Extra dedicated to the sale of food, hygiene products and various other food products.  Monthly traffic on – 17.50 M visits

42. Obi

Obi is a company dealing with retail specialized in handicraft materials. It is the largest stationary hardware store chain in Germany and in Europe. It sells tools, household and garden equipment, furniture, building products and offers similar services.  Monthly traffic on – 17.39 M visits 

43. Firstcry

E-commerce platform specialized in the sale of children’s clothing, infant care products, and toys. Firstcry is an e-commerce pioneer in India. Firstcry has widened its scope of activities to franchise stores and offers its products also in several stores in many Indian cities.  Monthly traffic on – 16.07 M visits

44. Saturn

German store chain with electronics, household appliances, media, and products for home entertainment. Saturn develops its online presence through e-commerce, also abroad, having stores in Austria, Luxembourg, and Russia. Monthly traffic on – 14.81 M visits

45. Coles

Founded in 1914, Coles is a supermarket, retail store and consumer services chain that operates currently over 800 supermarkets across Australia.Through its online store it offers its digital customers food, consumer and household products.  Monthly traffic on – 14.42 M visits

46. Snapdeal

On its diverse online shopping platform Snapdeal offers products ranging from electronics, home appliances, to fashion. It received a few financing rounds from famous investors in order to fuel its development and compete for leading positions in the Indian e-commerce landscape.  Monthly traffic on – 13.48 M visits

47. JB Hi-Fi

JB Hi-Fi is a stationary vendor from Australia who also operates an e-commerce platform where you can find a variety of products including electronics, entertainment (i.e. movies, video games, music), software, household appliances, mobile phones, and many more. Monthly traffic on – 12.03 M visits

48. is an e-commerce company foundedin 2006. It offers electronic gadgets, consumer products, tools, fitness products, fashion, and many more. Before expanding its categories of successful products sold through e-commerce had started out with selling TVs.  Monthly traffic on – 11 M visits

49. Tchibo

Tchibo is a coffee products retailer and operator of cafes where you can purchase a variety of other products apart from coffee, such as clothing, electronics, electric appliances and household appliances.
The Tchibo company, through selling its coffee across the world, has expanded its activities and online offers. The offer extension now includes sale of a variety of services such as travel, insurance, and contract conclusions for mobile phones. Monthly traffic on – 11.13 M visits

50. Hudson’s Bay

Hudson’s Bay is a warehouse chain in Canada and the Netherlands, also known as The Bay. It expanded its online activity and sells high quality accessories, clothing, and household appliances on its Canadian website.   Monthly traffic on – 7.49 M visits Conclusion

Nowadays every shop, regardless of size, has its own e-commerce platform. It’s an incredibly cost-effective sales method because it gives the shop an opportunity to reach a wider range of customers, even those abroad. Online shopping is essentially the order of the day and customers reap a lot of benefits from it.  Thanks to mobile devices or computers they can purchase necessary items with one click or within a matter of seconds. Each platform pays special attention to the safety of its customers and to the quality of its services. 
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