Top 30 E-commerce Sites in China 2020

Boasting more than 850 millions internet users, the Chinese market is undoubtedly the largest in the world. Though China hasn’t yet attained an economic status with high incomes, it most certainly is on a good way. The largest Chinese cities already have similar levels of income to the most developed economies.
The Internet and e-commerce existing in China became one of the most advanced ones in the world due to the numerous Chinese population actively using mobile phones and computers. This, of course, involves purchasing and paying for everything online.

1. We want to present you a list of Top 30 Chinese online stores by monthly traffic:

Their estimated monthly traffic in October 2020 was prepared using SimilarWeb.

1.1. Taobao 淘宝

Taobao, whose actual owner is Alibaba, is no stranger to the e-commerce industry. This C2C giant sells quite literally everything, from notebooks to vehicles. As opposed to its Western equivalent, eBay, Taobao owes its success as a leader on the industry’s market offering, among others, free registrations for its users. 
Monthly traffic on – 419.44M visits

1.2. Jingdong 京东商城, known mononymously as Jingdong is an online retail platform specializing in B2C transactions. It offers a variety of products categories, ranging from clothing, electronics, to cosmetics and household appliances. What’s interesting about this particular e-commerce platform, is that 12% of the company is owned by the American giant known as Walmart.
Monthly traffic on – 194.06M visits

1.3. Tmall 天猫

Tmall is another company owned by Alibaba. Tmall’s main area of focus is B2C services. It’s a virtual shopping mall containing the online stores of several brands, including Gucci, Calvin Klein, Burberry, and many others.
Monthly traffic on – 153 M visits

1.4. Alibaba1688 阿里巴巴1688

Alibaba1688 is a B2B platform selling a wide range of products to Chinese customers, while primarily catering to wholesalers and retailers. It offers several product categories, including electronics, clothing, and household appliances. Alibaba1688 was created by AliBaba Group for the purpose of making it the domestic counterpart to AliExpress, who mainly distributes its products internationally.
Monthly traffic on – 45.10M visits

 1.5. Xiaohongshu 小红书 (RED)

Also known as Red, Xiaohongshu caters mainly to the fashion industry. Apart from selling products, Xiaohongshu offers its customers unique services such as exchanging photos, videos and vlogs of the clothes it sells. 
Monthly traffic on –  21.62M visits

1.6. Dianping 滇平

Dianping is a bulk shopping site that offers more than just offers and discounts. It is similar to Yelp in the US (but was actually created before it) and started its journey online with reviews and offers. As a result, Dianping is growing exponentially and its revenues have grown thirty percent since the start of the year.
Monthly traffic on – 16.60M visits

 1.7. Suning 苏宁易购

Suning is a department store chain offering predominantly household appliances, electronics, car accessories, and beauty products. Apart from its e-commerce platform, operates nearly 2000 stores located throughout China, but also Hong Kong and Japan. 
Monthly traffic on – 12.33M visits

1.8. Amazon China 亚马逊中国

Amazon China was originally founded as, but it ended up being acquired by Amazon. Currently, Amazon China’s main objective is selling foreign products to Chinese customers. 
Monthly traffic on – 11.50M visits

1.9. Meituan

Meituan operates well-known service mobile applications in China. It offers more than 200 categories of services – mainly catering, but also car rental, bicycle rental, hotel and travel reservations, cinema tickets and other entertainment and lifestyle services. It covers 2,800 cities and counties throughout China.
Monthly traffic on – 10.58M visits

1.10. Vipshop 唯品会

Vipshop is an e-commerce platform whose purpose is to offer discounts and flash sales for thousands of brands, including but not limited to clothing, furniture, accessories and beauty products.
Monthly traffic on – 8.13M visits

1.11. Dangdang 当当网

Dangdang was originally founded in order to sell books online, however it now offers a variety of product categories, namely beauty products, furniture, or clothing among many others. It operates on a B2C basis.
Monthly traffic on – 5.39M visits

1.12. Kongfuzi 孔夫子旧书网

Kongfuzi is a website dedicated to selling books. It operates on both a B2B and B2C basis, allowing customers to purchase either new or secondhand books. Kongfuzi also ships its products to several locations outside China.
Monthly traffic on – 5.1M visits

1.13. Taobao Juahuasuan 聚划算

Juhuasuan is a website belonging to the Alibaba group, located in the Taobao subdomain, Despite the collapse of the wholesale purchasing industry, Juhuasuan continues to do exceptionally well. The site sold 57% of all product-based transactions, more than all its rivals combined.
Monthly traffic on – 1.68M visits

1.14. Gome 国美在线

Gome is one of the largest privately owned electrical appliance retailers in mainland China and Hong Kong.
Monthly traffic on – 1.24M visits

1.15. Kaola 网易考拉

The online shopping portal, based on the Chinese koala pronunciation of NetEase Inc., has become one of the fastest-growing websites where Chinese consumers can buy foreign goods. The site uses the Chinese government’s loose cross-border e-commerce rules that apply to consumers buying goods for personal use from retailers and brands in other countries.
Monthly traffic on – 1.14M visits

1.16. eTao 淘

eTao is a website comparing prices of different offers. The site is designed to help consumers compare prices and ultimately direct them to the cheapest option for their final purchase.
Monthly traffic on – 666.72K visits

 1.17. Jiuxian 酒仙网

Jiuxian is an online store that specializes in selling wines and spirits. This year, the wine retailer has expanded its storefronts and also has a virtual store in Tmall and Dangdang.
Monthly traffic on – 496.52K visits 

1.18. Fanli 返利网

Over the past 10 years, the Fanli team has focused on recommending cost-effective products to users, while at the same time developing the app as an assistant to make purchasing decisions, such as price comparisons and historical price searches across the entire web. Fanli tries to help consumers achieve information symmetry and make purchasing decisions faster. These days, virtually every app asks you to buy, and at Fanli you can buy slowly with caution.
Monthly traffic on – 423.36K visits

1.19. Yaofang 药房网

Yaofangwang, created by a Shangjaisk company, is guided by the health of its customers. The company focuses on building the internet + medicine and health business ecosystem, thanks to which clients can buy cheap and good medicines, but also provide clients with a full range of technical advice and services. The website aims to create a “chain pharmacy” with a leading industry model, uniting small and medium-sized pharmacies. The website has a purchase price comparison system and a disease knowledge base.
Monthly traffic on – 363.68K visits

1.20. Yihao Dian 1号店

Yihao Dian is an online food business founded by Gang Yu and Junling Liu in July 2008. Yihao Dian is a business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce website that provides users with a platform to shop online. Yihao Dian has “virtual stores” that have images of grocery shelves on walls and other surfaces in urban public areas in China that passersby can scan the codes underneath the images with a mobile device to buy the right groceries online.
Monthly traffic on – 332.34K visits

1.21. Mingxieku 名鞋库

The famous shoe store has many brands and categories that can meet the needs of customers for one-stop shopping, and with extremely competitive prices and good shopping experience, it has become the first choice for young people.
Monthly traffic on – 287.99K visits

1.22. Mogujie 蘑菇街

Mogujie follows the C2F (Consumer-to-Factory) model. The Mogu platform features live streams, short videos, photos, reviews and written articles by users, an in-house editorial team, and professional fashion influencers. Mogu’s “Trilateral network” of users, influencers and merchants allows the company to gain greater efficiency from vendors and producers. There are fewer middlemen, which translates into less risk and shorter time from design to sale.
Monthly traffic on – 276.10K visits

1.23. Mia 蜜芽宝贝

Established in 2011, Miya is the leading women’s service platform in China, incorporating a business integrating retail, private label and membership marketing. Miya is a company founded by women, run by women and serving women.
Monthly traffic on – 270.70K visits

1.24. Yangmatou 洋码头

E-commerce platform featuring live streaming of shopping scenes. It also ensures fast and safe transport of shipments directly abroad. The website also provides consumers with genuine guarantees. Ymatou provides consumers with free shipping and tax on purchased goods so as not to worry about troublesome procedures and solve problems with the purchase.
Monthly traffic on – 257.28K visits

1.25. Jumei 聚美优品

As the largest beauty e-commerce platform in China, Jumeiyoupin has over 100 million registered users. He is a pioneer of the concept of “mass purchase of cosmetic products” and is committed to providing each user with a unique shopping experience and is well liked by hundreds of millions of users around the world.
Monthly traffic on – 219.40K visits

1.26. Vancl 凡客诚品

Vancl was formally run in October 2007. Nine years after its founding, Vancl has always followed the online business model of selling its own apparel brands and has obtained several funding rounds of over $ 500 million.
Vancl products include men’s and women’s apparel, footwear, children’s wear, and home furnishings.
Monthly traffic on – 191.96K visits

1.27. Beibei 贝贝网

Established in April 2014, is the country’s leading mother and baby shopping platform with over 100 million users. As a professional shopping platform for mothers and babies, Beibei works with thousands of baby brands and provides exclusive discounts of up to 10% on baby clothing and footwear, mother and baby products, toys, household goods, etc.
Monthly traffic on – 179.04K visits

1.28. OkBuy 好乐买

OkBuy was founded in August 2007 and is the first professional B2C footwear sales website in China. So far, tens of millions of registered users have used its services. There are 300 well-known brands of sports footwear and sportswear, popular footwear and hundreds of thousands of authorized, original products available in this online store.
Monthly traffic on – 140.63K visits

1.29. Meilishuo 美丽说

Meilishuo is a rival of Mogujie, the platform looks similar to Instagram or Pinterest that enables women to find personalized clothing and skin care products. Users can search for experts, shops, group buying sites, and share online shopping links and information on their favorite products.The products listed on come from third party websites, and primarily have listings on Taobao, China’s largest e-commerce site. When users click on a product on Meilishuo, they are redirected to the third party sites, including Taobao, where they can make their purchase, after which Meilishuo receives a commission.
Monthly traffic on – 132.82K visits

1.30. Womai 中粮我买网 is an integrated sales platform through two online and offline channels. Commodities currently sold include imported food, fresh fruit and vegetables, grains, oils and rice noodles, local specialties, snacks, brewed drinks, biscuits and cakes, baby food, wine, tea and other categories.
Monthly traffic on – 60.97K visits

2. Conclusion

Online shopping platforms from other countries can definitely draw inspiration from those operating dynamically in China. Each of the companies listed in the ranking has clearly established goals, mission and guiding principles. Following their policy, they constantly gain more and more customers and sellers who want to add their offers. The Chinese market is changing dynamically, and the pandemic situation around the world has forced most people to change their shopping habits. Now you can order purchases straight to your home or pick packages at automatic points. Such solutions ensure time savings and safety. Read also our previous article:
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