TOP 25 Biggest Industries in Ukraine

Ukraine is the largest country entirely in Europe in terms of area, bordered by Russia to the east and northeast, Belarus to the northwest, Poland and Slovakia to the west, and Hungary, Romania and Moldova to the southwest.
Since independence, Ukraine’s population has been steadily declining. It is caused by broadly understood economic migration and a low birth rate.  The favorable climate, the richness of soils and the location in the vicinity of the Black Sea and Azov Sea make the territories of Ukraine very desirable by Russia.
Below you will find the top 25 largest industries and sectors in Ukraine in 2022 from the Datantify database:

1. Bank

The banking sector performed well in 2021, supported by strong earnings and low impairment losses, but asset quality risk remains significant. The economic recovery contributed to the rapid growth in loans, both in the corporate and retail segments.
The number of banks in the Datantify database: 17,692

2. Cafe

The coffee industry consists of roasted coffee – caffeinated and decaffeinated – in the form of whole grains, ground, prepared in an espresso machine or a press, instantaneous (not requiring the use of espresses or other tools except boiling water). The hot drinks market is divided into retail sales for home consumption and local or catering sales for consumption outside the home. The home market, also known as the off-trade market, covers all retail sales through super- and hypermarkets, convenience stores, or similar sales channels.
The number of companies in the Datantify database: 13,074

3. Grocery

Food accounts for a large proportion of household expenditure, but its relative importance compared to other products declines as income increases. The food market covers all types of fresh and processed foods. It is divided into the following segments: Dairy products and eggs, Meat, Fish and seafood, Vegetables, Fruits, Bread and cereals, Oils and fats, Spreads and sweeteners, Sauces and spices, Ready-made food, Confectionery and snacks, Food for babies and pet food.
The number of companies in the Datantify database: 12,172

4. School

The Ukrainian education system has a long tradition, but its reputation has suffered recently from increasing quality problems, many of which are the result of the rule of the former Soviet Union and the rapid social transformation that followed the fall of communism. After a significant drop in 2011 and 2012, the number of educational companies in Ukraine continued to increase. In 2020, over 16.7 thousand people were registered in the Ukrainian education sector. organizations, compared with approximately 15.4 thousand a year before. The number of institutions in the Datantify database: 12,114

5. Post Office

2019 was a significant year in the long history of the postal sector. Trends that have developed gradually over the decades have gained momentum. This was because sector traffic, revenues, business models and infrastructure were constantly changing beyond recognition. In the observed period, the largest number of this type of business entities were registered in the country, in 2020. over 98.3 thousand companies operated in the Ukrainian transport and logistics sectors.
The number of post offices in the Datantify database: 10,955

6. Pharmacy

The regulatory quality assurance of drugs is closely related to the trends that characterize the current state and development of the pharmaceutical market in Ukraine. According to the State Medicines Register of Ukraine (SDRU), 13,664 drugs were registered in October 2020. The main importers of drugs to Ukraine are Germany, India, France, Italy, Slovenia and Hungary. Ukraine has practically no own production of active pharmaceutical ingredients. The forecast of the estimated current health care expenditure in Ukraine until 2025 predicts that it will amount to USD 19,590.90 million (government and consumer spending).
The number of pharmacies in the Datantify database: 8,442

7. Store

The turnover of retail enterprises in Ukraine in 2020 reached over 868 billion UAH. This meant that there was an increase of UAH 75 million compared to 2019. In 2021, the leading industry was fashion and clothing with 19 chains, followed by food with 17 retail chains. Consumer electronics came third in nine networks.
The number of stores in the Datantify database: 8,073

8. Hotels

The number of hotels and similar short-term accommodation facilities increased sharply in 2010-2011 and reached their highest value in 2013. By 2019, the industry had developed so much that more than 3,000 accommodation facilities were available to tourists in Ukraine. The number of hotels in the Datantify database: 7,767

9. Restaurants

The catering sectors in Ukraine have been developing since 2017. In March 2021, Ukraine had nearly 14,700 cafes, restaurants and bars, compared with 18,600 in March 2020, when the pandemic hit the country for the first time. Local restaurants are losing money due to the lack of foreign tourists who usually flock to popular Ukrainian cafes and restaurants. The most effective way to build a business in this industry is to work both as a store and as a bar or cafe. The number of restaurants in the Datantify database: 7,281

10. Beauty

The beauty industry is booming and is one of the fastest growing consumer markets, driven in particular by the cosmetics and skincare segments. Such large changes are reinforced by a generational change and the entry into the market of young consumers who are more willing to take care of the condition of their skin and body. An additional tool driving these changes is social media, eCommerce and internationality. These tools have a lasting impact on the purchasing habits of cosmetic products. The number of companies in the Datantify database: 7,571

11. Clothing stores

There are still many local stores, and many brands sell their clothes online. Store premises become a gift room and a place for collecting online orders. Audiences are increasingly shifting from desktops to mobile devices, and it is becoming essential to improve browsing and checkout on mobile devices. The number of clothing stores in the Datantify database: 7,543

12. Gas Stations

Gas imported to Ukraine from the Polish Gas Measurement Station Hermanovice fluctuated over the years, reaching a peak of 1.4 billion cubic meters in 2019. billion cubic meters in 2015. Slovakia was the leading entry point for imported natural gas to Ukraine, occupying 65 percent in 2020. total volume. For comparison, the share of gas imported to Ukraine via Poland via the route was 9%. The number of gas stations in the Datantify database: 7,025

13. Hospital

The annual number of business entities in human health and social work sectors in Ukraine increased over the period from 2010 to 2020. The largest number of business entities in this sector was recorded in 2020, when nearly 37.6 thousand firms performed in the market. The statistics show the forecast of the estimated number of hospitals in Ukraine by 2025. It is projected to reach 1844 by 2025. The number of hospitals in the Datantify database: 6,133

14. E-commerce

Ukraine ranks 65th on the list of the largest e-commerce markets. The Ukrainian eCommerce market contributed to global growth of 29% in 2021. E-commerce revenues are expected to grow, and emerging new markets along with existing ones have the potential for further growth. They are driven mainly by East and South-East Asia, where offline shopping has a medium and a weak infrastructure.
The number of companies in the Datantify database: 4,135

15. Manufacturers

In the manufacturing industry, the largest number of economic entities was recorded in 2010 at the level of 143 thousand. In 2020, their number exceeded 115,000. The revenues of manufacturing enterprises increased to around 2.15 trillion Ukrainian hryvnia in 2020. This result was the highest annual income analyzed in the period.
The number of manufacturers in the Datantify database: 4,045

16. Furniture

Today, consumers replace furniture more often than in the past, which is associated with a growing standard of living and a steady increase in income. Additional factors driving the continuous growth of the furniture market are aesthetic considerations combined with the need to ensure comfort in the apartment. In addition, furniture can now be conveniently purchased online straight to your home, which is also pushing the growth of the market.
The number of companies in the Datantify database: 3,751

17. Car Service

In 2018, there were approximately 3.16 million registered vehicles in the country. In the passenger market, the brand share was fairly evenly distributed, with Renault and Toyota having the highest sales shares in 2019. Car services are an important element of the economy with the growing number of passenger and delivery vehicle owners.
The number of car services in the Datantify database: 3,470

18. Dental Clinic

In recent years, there has been a decline in visits to dentists since 2016. In 2020, the number of visits dropped to 32 million from around 39 million.
The number of dental clinics in the Datantify database: 2,827

19. Tourist Attraction

Ukraine has many tourist attractions: mountain ranges suitable for skiing, hiking and fishing: the Black Sea coast as a popular summer destination; nature reserves of various ecosystems and various points of outdoor activity. According to UNWTO data, the number of people who came to Ukraine for holidays, leisure and recreation decreased from about 1.35 million to 15 thousand in 2009-2019. The number of companies in the Datantify database: 2,396

20. Wholesaler

Since 2014, wholesale companies have experienced an increase in annual wholesale turnover. The annual wholesale turnover of wholesale trade enterprises in Ukraine in 2020 reached around 2.46 trillion Ukrainian hryvnia.
The number of companies in the Datantify database: 2,125

21. Insurance

The revenues of economic entities in the financial and insurance sector of Ukraine reached approximately UAH 342 billion in 2020, compared with Ukrainian UAH 307 billion a year earlier. Wages in 2020 were the highest in the observed period.
The number of companies in the Datantify database: 2,076

22. Construction

In the observed period, their number was the highest in 2010, when over 75.2 such companies were recorded. By 2012, the sector lost almost 20,000 jobs. entities, when the number fell to around 50.8 thousand. In 2020, nearly 56.9 thousand businesses operated in Ukraine. construction companies. The number of companies in the Datantify database: 1,866

23. Real Estate Agency

Entities operating in the real estate market in Ukraine generated revenues in 2020 of approximately 159 billion Ukrainian hryvnia. In the observed period, the highest earnings in the sector were recorded in the year before the 2019 pandemic. The number of agencies in the Datantify database: 1,827

24. Software

The largest number of product offices of IT companies in Ukraine was recorded in January 2022. In 2020, almost 234.2 thousand people operated in the Ukrainian information and telecommunications sector. business entities. The number of registered companies in this sector has been systematically growing in recent years. Ukraine is attracting more and more attention as an IT direction. It is considered the best outsourcing target by the Global Sourcing Association and has over 200,000 highly qualified IT professionals.
The number of companies in the Datantify database: 1,666

25. Law

In June 2021, the “Best Lawyers” website published an article about the best lawyers from Ukraine for 2022. It distinguished the professional excellence of 588 lawyers in 61 practice areas, including 38 winners of the “Lawyer of the Year” title. The Lawyer of the Year awards are given each year to only one lawyer from each area of practice in each region, with exceptionally high overall feedback from his colleagues, making him a unique distinction.
The number of lawyers in the Datantify database: 1,533 Conclusion

It is difficult to define up-to-date and precise statistics on various economic and industrial sectors during the ongoing war in Ukraine. The situation of these areas in the country is changing dynamically, but it can be based on data from January and early February 2022. Some of them were updated at the end of 2019 as the pandemic of early 2020. It also dynamically began to change the reality of many areas of the Ukrainian economy.