The Best Advertisements of all Time

Advertisements – there are everywhere. In our favorite fashion magazines, while TV shows watching, on the Internet pages or huge billboards near our flat. Producers lean over backward to promote their offers and eliminate competition. This is why we can see a lot of advertisements assuring us of the notability of the products. Even though there are so many TV spots and online banners, not all of them stuck in our minds… but if it does, it would not be temporary for sure.  1. Ad campaign – what should it contain?

Our team has decided to assemble the best commercials of all time, which still impresses people all over the world. But before we take a closer look at these great advertisements, let’s give some thought to must-have elements of successful ads. 

  • Firstly, the advertisement needs a particular placement, which is closely linked to a target market. There are many possibilities to reach future clients – via TV, radio, the internet, leaflets or newspapers. 
  • Then, we can think about style, slogan, and graphics. It should be catchy and downright haunting. That explains the actions of adds producers, who use different methods to hit these goals – some of advertisements shock, make people laugh their heads off and others are just… weird in themselves. 
  • Passing the brand message and advantages is something crucial here. The advertising addressee should identify with presenting values that make a company stand out from the competition. 
  • People need help in the decision-making process. Precisely for this reason, we can meet with a call to actions instruction, such as “Buy now!”, “See for yourself” or “Join the best!”. 2. List of the best advertisements of all time

Now, we can welcome to our list of the best advertisements of all time. No matter how old you are, we are sure given slogans, characters or songs are so iconic, that it would not be a problem to recognize a specific add!

2.1 Coca-Cola best ad campaign (1931) 

_owner: Coca Cola, source: Pinteres_t Christmas is carols, presents and… Coca-Cola advertisement! All of us know the Santa Claus from the add. Despite the passage of time, he is still a headlining of the Coca-Cola company. Do you know that the image of Santa was made in 1931 by American illustrator Huddon Sundblom?

2.2 Nike “Just do it!” (1988)

One of the most popular advertisements for Nike is “Just do it!” campaign. It was created in 1988 and was founded by Wieden+Kennedy agency. “Just do it!” slogan has become so common that it is often used as a print under the logo on Nike’s clothes. 

2.3 Marlboro advertisement (1954) Another example of old advertisements, which has stayed in our minds is a Marlboro cigarette ad. And all because of the characteristic cowboy – Marlboro man. The campaign was created by Leo Burnett Worldwide in 1954 and was targeted to all average boys with a promise of turning into a real macho man. 

2.4 Old Spice campaign (2010)

Since 2010 we can watch the Old Spice ad starring Isaiah Mustafa. The main slogan “Smell like a Man, Man” seems to be dedicated to man, but surprisingly the objective of the ad is to pay women attention, who would put their partners up to having an Old Spice washing gel or antiperspirant. 

2.5 1984 – Apple Macintosh (1984)

Big Brother motive and Anya Major running with the sledgehammer – it must be an Apple product advertising. It was made by Fairbank Films in New York for introduction to the first personal computer available to the mass-market – Apple Macintosh, which is presently known as Mac.

2.6 BMW (2001)

So in the advertising campaign called “The Hire” from 2001, BMW created online eight-film series with a Clive Owen playing the main role. The plot of either is about something different – besides the actor and BMW cars, naturally. 

2.7 Dove for Real Beauty (2004)

Dove ad campaign for Real Beauty was created in defense of natural attractions of every woman. It was launched by Unilever and gained many partners, including Ogilvy & Mather and Edelman Public Relations. The first advertisement was launched in 2004 but over the years, the main idea of the Real Beauty campaign is still in use. 

2.8 Red Bull Stratos campaign (2012)

Extremely emotionally campaign, where we can observe the World Record Skydive. Felix Baumgartner from Austria flew 39 kilometers over New Mexico, and it took him 4 minutes and 19 seconds. During the video watching, we can feel real adrenaline, and surely we do not forget about this campaign too soon…

2.9  Snickers – You’re not you when you’re hungry (2010)

“You’re not you when you’re hungry” is another one of advertisements examples, which slogan is constantly repeated all over the world. The ad was emitted during the championship football game Super Bowl in 2010. Moreover, popular American actress Betty White stars as a hungry football player without power, who became a strong man after just one bite of Snickers. 

2.10 Absolut vodka print ads (1980)

owner: Absolut, source: Pinterest There is no doubt that the Absolut campaign is one of the best print ads of all time. How the Absolut became the top vodka in the world? Here the solution is easier than it seems. The company used the specific shape of the bottle and created a series of prints where we can see appearing contours of Absolut on the different things, physical states or the biggest cities.

2.11 Think Small – Volkswagen campaign (1959)

The campaign “Think Small” was directed by Helmut Krone. As the same name suggests, the ad is very simple but has its profound message. Volkswagen focused on the real value of the car, unlike the other vehicles advertisements full of infoglut, which pulled the wool over the viewer’s eyes.

2.12 Always #LikeAGirl (2014)

#LikeAGirl campaign by Always (feminine hygiene products brand) was made to empower every girl regardless of her age to believe in herself and break the molds. The TV ad shows teenage girls who fulfill themselves in various not females’ activities and are proud of it.

2.13 A Diamond is Forever – De Beers iconic ads (1999)

“A Diamond is Forever” – this iconic slogan was made in 1947 by advertising agency N.W.Ayer. This turned out a remedy for the crisis of diamonds sales, which was a cause of the Great Depression. In 1999 it was awarded as the top advertising slogan of the past century by Advertising Age.

2.14 Where’s the beef? Wendy’s advertisement (1984) 

“Where’s the beef?” is a good advertisement of fast-food chain Wendy’s. This campaign aims to competitors burgers and properly speaking, to lack of the beef in their food. The characteristic element of this ad is an image of adorable grandmas who are looking – for a meet, of course. The interesting fact is, that in 1984 the Coyote McCloud and Clara Peller recorded a promoting song called (what a surprise!) “Where’s the beef?”

2.15 Whassup?! – Anheuser-Busch Budweiser campaign (1999)

Without no doubt, “Whassup?!” is a successful marketing campaign for Anheuser-Busch Budweiser beer from 1999. Sitting around the phone and saying “whassup?!” became an iconic scene, which awarded Cannes Grand Prix.  Moreover, the ad was so popular that we can even see a parody of it in the “Scary Movie” film.

2.16 Ask for more – Pepsi ad (1999)

Music is a promising way of reaching to customers – especially if there is cooperation with some famous singers or bands.This product ad used a song performed by Janet Jackson for re-branding Pepsi all over the world. It was made only for marketing purposes, and customers could get a free CD with the tune when they bought Pepsi beverages. 

2.17 Sony – Make.Believe (2009)

“Make.Believe” campaign of Sony was made to present a wide range of Sony products. The advertisement took a form of print, television and digital ad. A budget for this campaign was about US$100 million in 2010, and one of the parts of it was promoting its 3D items.

2.18 What would you do for love? by Dior (2017) In 2017 Dior presented an advertisement with an actress Natalie Portman playing the main role there. The campaign promoted one of the luxury perfume – Miss Dior. Although the campaign featured TV and internet ads, Dior designed series of murals with its slogan “What would you do for love?”.

2.19 McDonald “Im lovin it!” (2003)

McDonald “Im lovin it” is a kind of brand advertising made by a German company in 2003. Next, to the recognizable slogan, the big “M” letter has appeared. The catchphrase was stated on the McDonald packages and for promoting the campaign, it was even used by Justin Timberlake vocal. 

2.20 Thank You, Mom – Procter & Gamble (2012)

What makes the Procter & Gamble the top advertisement? Surely, the purpose of a campaign. P&R wanted to create a connection between brands and people. In 2010 it was the most successful international ad in the company’s 175-year history. It got over 74,000,000 views all over the world.  3. What are your best advertisements?

Every company does it best to pay the customers attention. Unquestionably, advertisements are an effective way of reaching a particular target and call them to purchase products or use the services. Listed advertisement examples not only impact on achieving these goals but also became iconic and despite all the years have passed, some of the famous ads are still in our minds. Sources of information