Best Sales Pitch & Example in 2019 [Sales Knowledge]

Sales process would be much easier if there is an ultimate formula on how to persuade your potential customer to buy a product or service. But because our world is filled with diversity (which is great, I mean – if everyone was the same the world would be boring, right?) we can’t have a formula which will work with everyone. If you want to achieve the success you have to be prepared for everything, to embrace your customers and their needs. And that’s why there is something called sales pitch. In this article, we will show you what it is, how it works and we will present you the great examples of it. Introduction – what is a sales pitch

The sales pitch is a form of sale presentation which is a “golden line” in your product presentation, whose function is to create persuasion to someone or something to initiate and close the selling process. The entire sales pitch is a part of a whole product presentation strategy that should lead you to success. As we said earlier there is no universal formula that will work with every product and every customer. But there is a basic formula of the sales pitch that can help you understand how sales pitch work, and even how you create your own one. Creating a good sales pitch isn’t an easy task to do, but with these definitions below you should be able to achieve it Also, there is something called a startup pitch, which differs from what we are describing in this article. If you want to know more about it, please visit this post: Best Startup Pitch & Example in 2019 [Sales Knowledge].

The design of sales pitch

A sales pitch can be the introduction of a product/service or an expansion of its description. That’s for what it was invented. It can be either formal or informal and can be delivered in a huge number of ways. The elementary parts of a perfect sales pitch are:

  • First Impression
  • Beginning statement
  • Delivery We will describe them one by one for you now.

First impression

Who hasn’t heard that the first impression is the most important thing…basically everywhere: in sales, in making new friendships, in getting a job… it’s everywhere. And it’s no difference here: the good first impression is a core of good sales pitch. Basically, to impress someone we need some kind of stimulus, an impulse which interacts with human five senses. So it can be visual, audible and more. We use it to create a chemistry between buyer and seller which is a key to a successful sale. The first impression can be done in a lot of ways. You can achieve it with an appropriate appeal, with gestures or the sentence prepared for a specific customer. Because of that, you need to observe your potential clients and gather as most information about their wants and needs as possible. With this knowledge, you can create a “‘pitch” that can make you a new customer in a single attempt. The way you deliver your first impression should be as natural as it can be, so the customer will feel that you can trust you – which is, of course, the fundamental part of a successful transaction.

Beginning statement

This thing is as important as the first impression. The few words that change everything. There is no deeper philosophy in the beginning statement – the sentence you start your presentation with. It is usually the attention-grabbing sentence or a positive statement that introduces the best information about the product or service. We can choose the method depending on the available attention span. For example – the first one often works with children, people in a hurry or the people who have a lower attention span. The second one works with people who can give you their time and listen to you. The beginning statement should be catchy, complex and easily understandable. It should be also flexible, so you can fit it to more than one customer.


The last part of the sales pitch that you should have prepared before you use it is the delivery. There are multiple ways you can attempt to attract your potential customer. You should stick to the rules of Savoir-Vivre and good etiquette when you are planning this process. Yes, it should be fast to gain attention, but you can’t also “verbally attack” your customer. Try to intrigue your customer to gain interest. Also, watch out for your language and don’t speak in broken English – this will ruin the entire pitch. This formula for a sales pitch is very flexible, which means you can develop it very quickly and change its form to fit a specific customer. Also, every part of the sales pitch is also flexible. But you have to remember that your pitch will only work if you keep these three parts together because there is a huge risk that if you don’t pay enough attention to one of them, your pitch will fail entirely. Now, as we know what is the sales pitch, we can move to another question.

Why you should use a sales pitch

This form of presentation was used for years, and to be honest it is still working today. In history, there were huge product campaigns that were based only on a few pitches like Apple’s Think Different idea. A motto of a company and a great, timeless pitch. Nowadays it may not have the same impact as before, but it is still one of the most successful ways to gain customers and sell products. So the answer is pretty simple: if you want to boost your sales, you should have the knowledge about the sales pitch and use it. Also, this can be a useful “little thing” that will help you outscore your competition. The introduction to the sales pitch is done here. We can now share the knowledge about how to create your own sales pitch and some sales pitch examples that worked impressively well. So let’s move on! How to create a sales pitch

Despite the core of sales pitch seems to be acquirable easily, the creation of the entire presentation is not. Nowadays sales pitch is more like a two-way street than a highway, which means that with your presentation you need to create a long-lasting effect that will be memorable for your customers and open the ground for a discussion. That’s why creating a good sales pitch is now considered as some form of art. Below you can find the instructions on how you can do it, and we hope they will help you in the entire process.

Are you listening? About the contact with customers

One of the basic rules you should remember when you are planning a sales presentation is to listen to your customer. It is as Important as the first impression that we mentioned earlier. No one like to listen to someone who floods us with information about his product. If you don’t intrigue your customer with the first impression, if you don’t win the interest then your pitch is probably fried. Even if your customer keeps listening to you there is only a very small chance that he will buy your product or service. It is because you are making a monologue and not talking to him. People tend to trust people who listen to them. And trust is crucial for the sales process. Try to form your presentation to the way when the customer has as more to tell you as you to him. Listen about his problems, about his needs – this information will help you to change the shape your presentation “mid-air” which can lead you to the successful trade. Remember: Rule number one: Listen

Provide a solution

Outcomes of multiple scientific pieces of research show that people more likely to buy products that solve their current problems. And this is the truth known for years. To provide a solution you need a perfect, all-star knowledge about your products and the target group of your customers. You can gain it through the deeper research and with the use of our first rule. Being a solution provider isn’t as easy as it can look. You need to be trustworthy authentic and honest. You can’t lie to your customers or tell them that your product will make their problems disappear if it’s not true. Don’t try to force your product to people who don’t need it or have different problems to solve. Even if they decide to buy it and then realize it won’t help them they can return it or even boycott you. And this is the last thing you need as a salesperson.

Are you sure you are talking to the right person?

This step applies more to B2B salespeople than to B2C ones, but it can be useful in both. Even if your research is deep as an ocean, if your pitch is made of gold and your product is great – if you are making a presentation to the person who is not in charge of making a purchase decision then you are in the lost position. Before you even start your speech make sure that your interlocutor is the one that is responsible for the decision. If your research doesn’t provide this information before you start your pitch try to gain this knowledge from the person you are talking to. This will save you and your customer time and effort, and you don’t lose a pitch that can work perfectly.

Know your best and understand

We mentioned that you need to listen to your customers, to hear their problems and needs, to do research about them. Even if you have a head full of this information they will be not useful as long as you will don’t understand your customer. You not only need to know his situation – to make a perfect pitch you need to understand and feel it. If you do then you are greatly increasing your chances to achieve success, and creating a long-time bond with a customer that will return to you. Remember to measure success not only in a single product sales but in the number of loyal, returning customers, because they are very important for you.

Present your product as the best choice

In the sales theory, we can find an interesting term known as BANT. This term is the abbreviation of words: Budget, Authority, Need and Time. These things are the 4 most frequently made objections from the customer. As you are planning your presentation you need to be aware of this fact and be prepared to answer these objections. for example, if your competition has a similar product in an offer right now, you need to enhance differences between them, and show why your product may be a better fit. Make your customers sure that your product is the best choice on the market, how much it will help them and how much money they will save in the long period of time.

Be a proactive, wise listener

Earlier we told you that you should listen to your customer and why it is important in the whole process. But, being only a listener does not help you in sales. You can’t passively wait for your customer to call for actions – this is your responsibility as a salesperson. You need to be a side in dialogue, to answer and interact with your customer. Listening should provide you information and define the next steps in the entire presentation, but you are the one that must delicately push it forward. Do not jump from point to point and try to force transaction finalizing as fast as possible, because this can lead to unexpected end of a relationship with your customer. Instead of this try to suggest to your customer that he can take his time to make a decision, and offer another meeting or trial version of your product or service. This will tighten your bonds with the client and will probably make an impact in his final decision.

Brief summary

If you are preparing a sales presentation and you want to be sure it will be the best one you must follow all the information we showed you above. The process of planning should be done carefully, and all the parts of the presentation need to be created wisely. You need to be ready for everything your customer comes in to avoid any possible obstacles and failure. This will not be a simple task as we said, but definitely can be done if you will pay attention to every detail. To make your work a little easier we will now show you some examples of the best sales pitches, that worked very well. These can be used as a base to your own pitch or as an inspiration if you want to make it completely by yourself. Examples of great sales pitches

Now, as we know how the sales pitch can be created, we can take a look at some examples. And there are a lot of them. Because sales presentations are everywhere – in everyday life, in pop culture, movies, books…not only in business. They are invented to work in business, but who tell we cannot use them as a plot point, or a strong-script-line in a great story? In this paragraph, we will show you some great examples of sales pitches that were made around the world.

The Pixar sales pitch

source: Pixar/The Young Folks Let’s start with a huge caliber. Who doesn’t know Pixar? Their famous animations like Toy Story, Finding Nemo and made a million dollars and make the studio famous to the level of Disney and Dreamworks. The key to success here is a similar story structure in every movie. There is a narrative template (Thanks to Emma Coats, former Story Artist) which can be applied to any Pixar film: “ Once upon a time…/ Every day…/ One day…/ Because of that…/ Because of that…/ Until finally…” If you have ever watched any of the Pixar movies this pattern may look pretty familiar. What is most important about it that delivering your pitch with this scheme you automatically make it sound like it is a story. People tend to remember interesting stories better than just facts smashed in their face. What is also great about this template? It is very flexible and expandable, so you can use it almost everywhere. But be aware and make sure to always make your potential customer a hero in your story.

Rhyming Sales Pitch

It may look a little strange, because who will tell that something as simple as rhyme can help you sell the product. Well, a lot of researches and observations delivered to us very interesting outcomes: Rhyming sentences and statements are perceived better than standard ones, without the rhymes. For example, a short sentence: “Don’t delay, buy today” used by Mr. Louis Rossmann to advertise his shop is simple, catchy and easy to remember. But will it be like that if we change it to: “Don’t wait longer, buy today”? Definitely not. The shape of the entire message has changed even if the meaning and core is the same. This second, changed sentence is painfully normal and standard, nothing remarkable happens here. You can clearly see how powerful the rhymes are.

The Wolf Of Wall Street Sales Pitch

Here we are, in the first example found in pop culture. One of the great, well-received movies Wolf of Wall Street, contains some useful information for salespeople. Let’s us take a look at the scene where Jordan Belfort talk with the customer on a phone and in seconds convince him to buy shares in a small company. Of course, during this speech, Jordan lied about the size of the company, about the high tech it produces and more. What we are talking about in this great sales presentation example is the form and delivery of the message. Mr. Belfort was very calm and cool during the entire dialogue with the customer. And this is the only road that will lead you to success, to be honest. Keep calm, and be prepared so no one can shock you with anything. The second thing we are going to take a look in this scene is the form of presentation. At the first step, Jordan has created a bond between him and the customer, reminding him about a postcard he sent earlier. He sounded very trustworthy and real which will automatically give him an advantage. After this, he makes sure that his customer stays interested by telling that he now get something special for him. Again Belfort shows his customer that he is important and also win his interest in one sentence. He also makes sure that his customer has time for a talk at the moment. Next few words contain the most important information about the investment, including Size and name of the company, What it does, how it works and the budget information. After that Mr. Jordan uses the argument of benefits “$6 thousand will make $60 thousand” which is also a part of the entire pitch. To finish it Belfort ensures the customer that everything will be fine with a sentence: “I never ask my clients to judge me on my witness, I ask them to judge me on my losses because I have so few”. What a great line to finish a pitch. At this moment of the scene, the customer is already in and decided to invest his money. In just seconds. This entire scene is one of the best examples of the sales pitch we can find in pop culture. It has everything we have told here, including all the small things. Summary

Every journey comes to an end, and so our. From this article, you probably gained knowledge about how sales presentation works, how you can make your own one and which sales pitches you can use as an example. We tried our best to deliver this information to you, so you can easily start developing your product campaign with on-point sales pitches, great one-liners and achieve success. We want to add that there is something that can help you even more in this process: personalized database. Here, in Datantify, we believe that knowledge about the customer is the key to achieve a goal. The more you know, the easier it is to prepare. And that’s why we think you should consider getting a database of your potential customers, so you won’t waste time to do research by yourself. Thank you for your attention and time, we hope that our article will lead you to success sources of information: