Top 19 Jeans manufacturers in the world by 2019/2020

Jeans are everywhere. They are a part of everyday life regardless of where you are in the world. These pants marked the culture of the last 140 years. They were initially made as working clothes and later become a fashion item and the symbol of freedom. Now they are world-famous for being classic, affordable and hard-wearing. Top quality products have to combine timeless design, functionality and solid fabric. Jeans look good combined with nearly any color, and they even look fine in an all-denim look. Another reason why many favor jeans over other types of trousers are because they look good no matter worn or new, and are super easy-to-maintain – they don’t have to be washed often or ironed at all! 1. Introduction

It’s no surprise that the market for jeans is enormous and so a vast number of brands is trying their best to establish themselves among other worldwide companies. Since the first pair created by Levi Strauss & Co in 1871, they became the fashion trend that is with us to this day. Popular among the workers, and later among teenagers, their base form remains unchanged after all those years. Jeans were praised for their durability, universal look, the comfort of wearing and usability. Throughout the years, hundreds of jeans variants were born, and the market has grown. Nowadays jeans are so deeply rooted in our mind and cultures that we couldn’t imagine an apparel shop without them. Of course, there are different apparel and styles now, but jeans are still strong and well not only in fashion but in overall popularity. People are inventing various creations with jeans-matching jackets, shoes, jewelry and even socks! That’s why we decided to create this ranking and gather together the world leaders in this branch. We hope that this article will be useful for you and fulfill your knowledge needs. 2. TOP 19 Jeans brands in the world

On the list below you will find the top jeans brands in the world. Some of them are well-known fashion manufacturers when others are less popular. But this one single product connect them all. The ranking was put in the “first to last place” order. Let’s take a look at the best firms in the world.

2.1 Gucci

logo owner: Gucci Our list begins with the company which achieved the highest revenue of about $7.1 billion. What an impressive result! Undoubtedly, the double G logo is one of the most recognized ones in the fashion world. Gucci is mostly known for high-end Italian leather, but it also produces casual apparel for example jeans. What is interesting the brand created “Genius Jeans” that entered the Guinness World Records as the most expensive pair of jeans in the entire world. They were valued at a whopping $3,134 back in 1998. Estimated Revenue: $7,1B Country of origin: Italy Year of foundation: 1921 CEO: Marco Bizzarri Sector: apparel

2.2 Tommy Hilfiger

logo owner: Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Hilfiger is the runner up which doesn’t need an introduction. The brand is a leader in the modern apparel industry. The company got an estimated revenue of about $6.6 billion. Tommy Hilfiger provides impeccable tailoring and amazing dressing. Reinvented shirts, chinos pants and a fresh perspective on fashion are the hallmarks of the brand. Tommy’s denim collections is a global phenomenon which we considered when making this ranking. Effective marketing and the highest standards is a major part of why this brand’s business succeed. What is more, the brand has signed famous personalities like Gigi Hadid to promote its jeans. Estimated Revenue:$6.6B Country of origin: USA Year of foundation: 1985 CEO: Daniel Grieder Sector: apparel

2.3 Calvin Klein

logo owner: Calvin Klein Another famous name on the list is… Calvin Klein. It is a global enterprise which has built a reputation as a leader in American fashion. The fashion label was started in the year 1968 with a little money as $10 000 by its founder very talented designer Calvin Richards Klein. The brand was Initially focused on women’s coats and basic dresses sold in the New York store called Bonwit Teller. Later expanded his company to menswear and jeans, eventually becoming a significant player in the most fashionable jeans market. Today his name adorns everything from underwear to jewelry and luxury perfumes. More than for his clothes, Klein become famous for his distinguished advertisement especially with a social media campaign in 2015 marketed towards young people. Plenty of models, actors, athletes and performing artists have been featured in Calvin Klein campaigns like Justin Bieber or Kate Moss. Estimated Revenue: $6.6B Country of origin: USA Year of foundation: 1968 CEO: Steve Shiffman Sector: apparel

2.4 Levi’s

logo owner: Levi’s We are sure that you’ve at least heard of the brand. This is arguably the most famous denim brand in the world. The revenue of this brand is about $5.575 billion. It became extremely popular in the 1950s because of movie stars, such as James Dean and Marlon Brando, who appeared in films wearing the company’s jeans Levis flagship products are widely available and relatively inexpensive. They are also the best quality jeans which should last for years! The company offers its customers several variants of products. Levis is very well-known for its use of denim, excellent tailoring, shoes, watches, accessories, sunglasses, and many other accessories. Deservingly have taken the 4th position in the list. Estimated Revenue: $5.575B Country of origin: USA Year of foundation: 1853 CEO: Chip Bergh Sector: apparel

2.5 Lee Jeans

logo owner: Lee It has also been a prestigious American brand with a long history. The company of denim jeans was formed in 1889 by Henry David Lee in Salina Kansas, initially producing…work jackets. It is owned by VF Corporation. Nowadays Lee’s collections include a merely styled range of top designer pants, jackets, shorts, fleece and shirts for men, women, and kids. They are a global corporation of casual and work fashion. Estimated Revenue: $3B( VF Corporation) Country of origin: USA Year of foundation: 1889 Owner: VF Corporation Sector: apparel

2.6 Wrangler Jeans

logo owner: Wrangler Another of the most popular jeans brands is Wrangler. This manufacturer combines innovative design with the highest quality. The brand has started to serve the Western cowboy market and initially was known for a snug fit style. The first Wrangler jeans were called Cowboy Cut 11MWZ. They were worn by almost any star in the country music industry of the late 1980s!
Men love wrangler Jeans, and for some of them is the best men jeans brand. They are iconic and very popular, worn by the most prominent celebrities like Jared Leto. Did you know that even Tom Hanks wore them on his wedding day when he married actress Calista Flockhart? What’s moreover Wrangler Jeans have always been a solid choice, durable, practical casual wear. Estimated Revenue: $3B (VF Corporation) Country of origin: USA Year of foundation: 1904 Owner: VF Corporation Sector: apparel

2.7 Diesel

logo owner: Diesel Next, on our list we have… Diesel. It is an innovative multi-international Italian company, known for premium jeans, and also for producing a collection of apparel, like shirts, jackets, and accessories. The revenue obtained by this company is about $2.9 billion. It was founded in the 1978 year in Molvena by Renzo Rosso and Adriano Goldschmied. Currently, they make men’s and ladies branded pants and have Diesel stores all around the world. Diesel’s philosophy is being a “brand that would stand for passion, individuality, and self-expression”. The company is also associated with expensive casual, clean line and uncomplicated design. Estimated Revenue: $2.9B Country of origin: Italy Year of foundation: 1978 CEO: Marco Agnolin Sector: apparel

2.8 Armani Jeans

logo owner: Armani Jeans This Top designer jeans brands list can exist without this icon. It has initially been founded in 1975 by the most influential fashion designer from Italy – Giorgio Armani. It provides luxury, sophisticated and timeless style. The company got a revenue of about $2.90 billion. The brand attracts renowned personalities to be its faces, such as Victoria Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo. Armani Jeans is a truly youthful collection in “ready-to-wear” casual style. This denim line was made by Giorgio Armani fashion house in 1981. Distinct designs, simplicity, and quality are the main hallmarks of this line. This Jeans may be expensive, but you’re paying for beautiful quality. Estimated Revenue: $2.90B Country of origin: Italy Year of foundation: 1975 CEO: Giorgio Armani Sector: apparel

2.9 Guess Jeans

logo owner: Guess Guess was one of the first companies to create designer pants. The revenue of this company is about $2.4 billion. Four Georges brothers launched the company in 1981. Inspiring design, affordable prices and also innovative marketing campaigns helped brothers Marciano to build a fashion empire. The brand is associated with good jean brands for a reason. A unique style is all about lighter color, stonewashed denim, versatile and more fitting forms than competitors products. Guess is a big fish in the apparel industry and has gained the trust of thousands of customers, including many popular personalities like Kate Upton. Estimated Revenue: $2.4B Country of origin: USA Year of foundation: 1981 CEO: Victor Herrero Sector: apparel

2.10 Timberland

logo owner: Timberland Another brand on our list is Timberland. The manufacturer of shoes, clothing as well as accessories like watches, glasses and leather products. The company handles its operations via headquarters based at Stratham, New Hampshire but also it operates from offices in other parts of the earth. VF Corporation owns the company just like it does own Lee and Wrangler. The brand deals in designing, manufacturing, and marketing of leather goods, shoes and casual clothing like jeans. The revenue collection of this brand is about $1.8 billion. Thus, it stands in the ninth position in the list. Estimated Revenue: $1.8B Country of origin: USA Year of foundation: 1928 CEO: Jeffrey Swartz Sector: apparel

2.11 Versace

logo owner: Versace Another famous brand is Versace. It is one of the most adored brands in luxury fashion. The revenue of this company is about $425 million. The Versace story started in the year 1978 by Gianni Versace. Currently, It operates with headquarters based in Milan. This brand didn’t get here by accident; one of the diffusion lines is actually Versace Jeans. The company’s jeans are accessible, casual, trendy among elites and celebrities. What is interesting about the logohead of Medusa, it was chosen because “she made people fall in love with her and they had no way back”. The annual turnover proves that the logo works and attracts millions of devoted customers all over the globe. Estimated revenue: $424M Country of origin: Italy Year of foundation: 1978 CEO: Jonathan Akeroyd Sector: apparel

2.12 Pepe Jeans

logo owner: Pepe Jeans Pepe is set to be the best jeans brand in the world. The company was launched in 1973 by the siblings of Arun, Nitin and Milan Shah. History of this brand is outstanding… In the beginning, brothers ran a weekend stall in London. Later, they expanded to a store in Carnaby Street. The brand was named Pepe because it was a short word that could be remembered without much effort. In 1983 the fashion label started its international expansion to Ireland and two years later to Continental Europe and the USA. Nowadays Pepe Jeans London is one of the more fabulous jeans brands and has a presence in more than 80 countries across the world. Estimated revenue: $267.02M Country of origin: UK Year of foundation: 1973 CEO: Carlos Ortega Sector: apparel

2.13 True Religion

logo owner: True Religion True religion is a leader in the modern jeans industries. It is often described as cool, modern and stylish. The revenue of this brand is about $118.5 million. Their brand was created in the year 2002 by Jeffrey and Kym Lubell. Ths fashion label opened its first boutique in 2005 in Manhattan Beach in Sunny California. The company currently operates 124 stores in the United States and 31 international shops! True religion’s products are popular among customers of all incomes. The company sells other clothes like hoodies, jackets, or very popular in a group of young folks t-shirts. What makes this brand stand out the most is that jeans styles are given names: Billy, Logan, Johnny, and Micky. Each style is impressive and unique. Worth every price! Estimated revenue: $188.5M Country of origin: USA Year of foundation: 2002 CEO: Chelsea A. Grayson Sector: apparel

2.14 Balmain

logo owner: Balmain Balmain is an example of an haute couture fashion house. The annual revenue of this company is about $75 million. It was launched by Pierre Balmain. This brand has managed to maintain its status for over 80 years, which is a really impressive result. Balmain is associated with the luxury in the purest form and classy but with… a high price tag. It also deals in manufacturing jeans of a variety of types like straight-leg or slim fit. What is more, the brand has been awarded in the competition like a fashion-industry award in New York for the best designer. Estimated revenue:$75M Country of origin: France Year of foundation: 1945 CEO: Mayhoola Investments Sector: apparel

2.15 Killer Jeans

logo owner: Killer Jeans Killer Jeans was launched in 1989 by its parent company KKCL. The revenue obtained by this brand is about $17.1 million. The name was selected to represent the rebellious nature of youth. It handles its operations via headquarters based at Mumbai in India. The company does everything from designing to manufacturing that helped the company make the price about 30% lower than the cost of most heavy competitors like Levis or Pepe Jeans! However, Killer Jeans is listed on e-commerce platforms like Amazon or Myntra, where it offers discounts on the old inventory of products. This way of making business has surely paid off for the Mumbai entrepreneur. Estimated revenue:$17.1M (KKCL) Country of origin: indie Year of foundation: 1989 CEO: Kewal Kiran apparel Limited (KKCL) Sector: apparel

2.16 Lucky Brand

logo owner: Lucky Brand Lucky Brand is an American denim company launched by Gene Montesano and Barry Perlman. It is known for good quality jeans as well as products like sportswear and activewear, outerwear or T-shirts. Unique style, modern design,  and practical approach are the most recognizable features of the brand. Moreover, the brand’s products are available with every wallet. The estimated revenue gained by this fashion label is about $10.7 million, which puts it on the 16th position. Estimated Revenue: $10.7M Country of origin: USA Year of foundation: 1990 CEO: Carlos Alberini Sector: apparel

2.17 Nostrum Jeans

Another Indian brand on our list is Nostrum Jeans. The company got an annual revenue of $9.2 million that puts it right behind Killer Jeans. It was formed in 2005 by Raj Nawani. Currently, it operates via headquarters based at Mumbai. The brand has been able to rise fame because its products are cheaper than that of their competitors like Giorgio Armani or Killer Jeans, but its products are still of excellent quality! Nostrum Jeans’ products line includes several collections like Jaguar, Jackson or Pinch. Estimated revenue: $9.2M Country of origin: India Year of foundation: 2005 CEO: Raj Nawani Sector: apparel

2.18 G-star RAW

logo owner: G-Star Raw G-Star Raw is a Dutch group specialized in denim. Jos Van Tilburg launched it in 1989. The company offers its products to target customers ranging from teenagers to middle-aged individuals. The revenue gained by this Fashion label is about $5.6 million. The company is associated with the denim industry as it deals in manufacturing and marketing of jeans as also as other accessories like backpacks or sunglasses. It is expert in jackets and shirts, especially unwashed, untreated denim. Inspirations of their designs come from vintage military apparel. Estimated revenue: $5.6M Country of origin: Netherlands Year of foundation: 1989 CEO: Rob Schilder Sector: apparel

2.19 Spykar

logo owner: Spykar The last position on our list is… Spykar. The company stands out among other Indian jeans brands as one of the most fastest-growing brands. It was formed in 1992 by Prasad Pabrekar. The Estimated Revenue gained by this fashion label is about $2.9 million! The brand’s products are available in India across 250 luxury outlets and about 1000 multi-brands stores. Spykar offers several variants of jeans, for example, a dynamic stretch which is ideal clothing for a gym and for outside too. The company also provides accessories like backpacks, perfumes or wallets. Estimated revenue:$2.9M Country of origin: India Year of foundation: 1995 CEO: Sanjay Vakharia Sector: apparel 3. Summary

In this article, you hopefully learned a lot about the leading jeans brands in the industry. We believe that at least some facts selected for this article must have been new to you. Our data is based on the research, including information gathered by our datantify tools. Such lists of companies and others you can find on datantify.  Moreover, using this tool will save your time, as there are excellent quality data, updated every day. To see more global companies join today! Let us know your thoughts in the comment section! And stay tuned for the latest articles.