Importing from China – step by step guide

China – one of the most dynamic economies in the world. It is the biggest exporter in the worldwide perspective and takes the 1st place in a coal yield. What’s more, we can indicate a heavy industry as the main category of process industry in this country. China still puts energy into electronics industry development and is famous for its electronic brands such as Oppo or Xiaomi. Chinese products are known as high-quality and attractively-priced articles, so it is no wonder why import from China has been becoming so popular nowadays. If you are thinking about importing products from China but you are just off the boat in this area this step-by-step guide is for you! We will give you a clue what kinds of products are worth to be brought and how to import from China in the most effective and easy way. 2. How to start import business from China?

As we know, the beginning is always the hardest, but if you start in the proper way it will be easier later for sure! First of all, you have to go over things you would import from this part of Asia. If you still don’t know what to import from China it is the highest time to carry out a research. In the light of data from 2016, China exported mainly:

  • computers
  • broadcasting equipment
  • telephones
  • integrated circuits
  • office machine parts
  • electrical transformers
  • semiconductor devices
  • video displays Why importers chose exactly these presented best things to import from China? The answer comes from low prices, technical specification and innovative and unique ideas. Of course, there is an array of different possibilities to import to, for example, clothes, audio alarms or household washing machines. Find articles which will be the best selling in your country and are able to give you the maximum profit.

2.1 Check if things to import from China are permitted in your country

There are as many regulations as there are countries in the world. Of course, importing from China regulations in EU countries will be similar. Before you decide to trade chosen products ensure if these goods are legal in your place and under what conditions you can import and deal in. And naturally, do not forget about checking another import rights regulated by your country which are connected with paying duties and taxes.

2.2 Good cooperator = easy importing

There is no game without another player, so if you know what you want to trade in, you have to find a Chinese partner who produces or handles these chosen goods. Surely, you are wondering where you can find such partners and how to get in touch with them. What is more, importing from China is connected with different difficulties you have to be aware of. First and foremost – the language barrier. Chinese is quite a complicated language, both in writing and in speaking. But we have got a consolation for you – most of Chinese are keen on English and sometimes they attend a meeting with their translators so you will communicate with them without any problem. Another trouble can be cultural differences. Chinese focus on ethical standards – professional presentations, prepared a summary for every participant of the meeting and proper dress code are basics you have to obey. Be prepared for the long process of negotiations. Chinese value patience so doesn’t hang on your time plan because appointment will be extended for sure. Importer from China likes to give and get presents. Exchange of gifts is usually during the banquets or on the last day of the meeting. Remember not to hand any clocks – in Chinese culture it means that a host is dying.

2.3 Where find a reliable importer in China?

With an eye to potential difficulties we can face during importing items from China we have to find a reliable partner there. We can do in on our pat by dig internet up – there are lots of specialized websites of Chinese producers or sellers. But this trawl can be very time-consuming and may not yield expected results. In many cases, we can’t be certain that Chinese importers we found are dependable and fancy cooperating with us. It is necessary to look through their recommendations and get as much information about them as possible. Next step is forging commercial links. The best and the easiest option is to send an email – ideally if the text will be in Chinese (in that your future partner would think about you as about professional). In a situation when we would like to import product from China but we are going to have partner found, we can use different agents, who specialized in this field. They verify our potential cooperator and help us with all transaction details. But there are two sides to every story – this kind of service is quite high-priced so we need to be prepared for additional costs.

2.4 Make a deal with Chinese exporter

So luckily – we have a brilliant idea for a business, products necessary for it can be launched and we would cooperate with a professional Chinese businessman. Now it’s the time to foot the bill. We would get some instructions on how to transfer money and sometimes we would be obliged to make a down payment. In most cases transaction will be operated by international bank transfer. 3. Transport of imported goods from China

OK, let’s see what we’ve got here: goods we would trade in, relevant partner and we are even aware of paying importing fees from China. But what about the transport of these products to our country? There are some possibilities we can choose from. The best option is depended on the kind of imported product and its size or amount in particular. Of course, every one of them is related to costs such as packaging fees or container payments. Think about the type of articles and choose the most economic solution:

3.1 Maritime transport

Shipping import is the major way of importing Chinese products. It is a low-cost option which can be used for large items and is chosen by both companies and individual clients. If you decide for this kind of transport you have to be patient because the packages can be provided even after 45 days. Importing from China to the USA lasts about 30 days, and import from China to India can be in process for 15 days. Remember about atmospheric conditions – in case of dangerous storm or snow, the waiting time can be longer. In case products would fill all space in the container, the cost per unit will be less. But if your and other importer’s articles from the same port to load are less than the container is able to be lumbered you pay just for an amount equal to your target market.

3.2 Air Carriage

Import products from China by planes is a safe transport option and it is not only one advantage of this kind of delivery goods. Air freight shipping is the fastest way to get your package – you can expect the delivery even after a few days (mostly it lasts about 3-5 days). You can use the services of air courier which ensures door-to-door import when the weight of import things is less than 150 kg. In that situation, the estimated time of delivery can be shortened even by 2 days. Import stuff from China by planes can be divided into two categories:

  1. General – it is about goods which are marked by their high value, for example, jewelry, perfumes or electronics. There is no doubt that kind of items should be transported in special conditions. Naturally, this service will be more expensive than a port to port imports by ships, but because of the value of these things, it is better to secure them in the most possible way.
  2. Special – the type of special products involves dangerous things and living animals. Pay attention to the importing procedure. They need to be checked before the transport and pass all inspections – there are cases when airlines do not accept some kinds of products aboard.

3.3 Courier services

Courier services are a very popular method of shipping import when the package is small and it isn’t cost-efficient to use services of sea transport companies. It is also necessary to choose operations of delivery man when we need to get original shipping documents. There are many international services of couriers such as DHL, FedEx or UPS. The time of delivery goods is generally very similar and it is you who choose with whom you want to work. In websites of every courier companies, you can find detailed information about prices for importing goods from China.

3.4 Check your imported goods from China

This is the moment you have been waiting on… Your goods have arrived! If it isn’t door-to-door transaction you have to set up a delivery plan with your customs broker about clearing customs through. We hope that there will be no troubles with your package – both in planes and ships. 4. Summary

What have you found out from this importing guide? Surely, you know now that you have to be patient and prepare for long negotiations with your Chinese partner. You shouldn’t be worried – there are lots of businessmen who cooperate with them and thanks to this network they know how to make money importing from China. Do not waste your time – think about the idea of business with Chinese items and join the group of lucky traders!