How to Succesfully Promote Your Product Anywhere

You can create a brilliant product, have an efficient staff and a head full of positive thoughts, but without customers who would take up your offer, you do not have a chance to succeed. This is why promotional management is so important part of planning the product strategy. The customer needs to get to know about your offer. When your potential clients spot the product, you need to convince them, that your article is the one they should choose from other competitive goods. 1. How to successfully promote your product anywhere?

There are many different ways of promotion which depend on the type of businesses and products you deal in. In this article, we would like to present you some tips on how to promote your products successfully. Appropriate using of proposed methods might contribute to the success of your business. 2. Define a promotional plan

Planning is a fundamental part of managing. It should contain essential information and targets, which can be measured and monitored in time. So the first thing is defining the purpose of promotion. It is related to the situation of the company. Some of the entities would concentrate on increasing market share, then others would try to change the image of the company. In general, during the creation of the plan, we need to take into consideration following elements:

  1. How to pay people attention?
  2. What to do to interest others?
  3. Is your offer desirable enough?
  4. How to convince a person to purchase your product or service? In compliance with determined procedures, we should observe several actions between the stages and draw conclusions appropriately. 3. Types of promotions -- There are some channels and methods using for the realization of a promotional purpose. Even from the customer perspective, you can see advertisements of different products almost everywhere – in the trade fairs, newspapers or on the internet blogs. If you think which of this array of promotion possibilities would be the most suitable for promoting your products, look at the propositions below and go over how to implement the chosen types to your promotion scheme.

3.1 Physical matters

Attendance at trade fairs, organizing a degustation or giving some coupons out in the street. You can pay people attention to your offer in a physical environment. We could find many events, where there is a possibility to exhibit a stand with the offer – it lets other people get familiar with your product and you are able to convince them to purchase it personally. This kind of promotion in connection with a promotional model or brand ambassador position, who is responsible for representing the brand outside. The person is present not only in events and conferences but also in schools, universities or shopping malls. A brand ambassador interacts with potential clients and this is a great way of attracting their interest. Acting on its role, you can hand promotional information, free entrance, trials or other gadgets. Somehow, your attitude and behavior are related to the brand and company perception, so if you do not have any outgoing and honey-mouthed people in your team who prove themselves as a brand ambassadors or promotional models, there is always a possibility to use services of marketing company, which hires special body responsible for representing brands outsides.

3.2 Traditional media

Using traditional media (generally known as outernet) is another type of promotion, where your product might gain in popularity because of placing the advertisement in newspapers, billboards or television. If we decide to put the advertisement on the billboards, let’s try to pick the traffic place, that it should be seen by as many onlookers as possible. The good idea might be to create a visible note with the graphic which would be an eyecatcher and stay in mind for a long time. One of the advantages of electronic media is a large area. This allows us to reach to people from different part of the country (and even the world). In this case, we need to make up original catchline, which would be connoted with our product. Another good solution might be using the image of a famous movie star or sports player in the course of advertisement making, who would play in the spot and recommend the article. Promotion branding by newspapers and magazines should not be a result of an accident. Let’s choose the editions, which could be truly chosen by people we want to reach. For example, if we sell dumbbells, the great idea would be placing adverts on sport and healthy lifestyle magazines.

3.3 Internet possibilities

Almost 4 billion people are users of the internet. No wonder, that internet promotion is something that more and more marketers pay attention to. Having such a huge extent lets you catch people interest form anyplace and at any time. To be precise, effective online operations let you find the customer easily, but to reach this goal you need to concentrate on the following elements:

3.3.1 Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a very general conception and concerns an array of different promotion brand operations. The main purpose is getting the best positions of the service in search results after an internaut enters special phrases into a search engine. These phrases are called keywords and if we know them, we will be able to use it in our content or code of the website. As we know, the promotional program should be attention-grabbing. So how to do it by e-promotion methods?

3.3.2 Look at your website code

The very first thing is your website. Mind you, there are products which you want to promote. So pay attention to every detail and try to optimize it regularly. Let’s start with the HTML code. Does it meet standards? Is it correct? Or maybe there are some mistakes which make for wrong views your website on the search engines? Speaking of the code, do not forget to determine meta tags such as title and description. It should contain mentioned earlier keywords, in that the customer would distinguish your offer from the competitive background.

3.3.3 Link building

If we are sure that our page figures on search engines without troubles, we can concentrate on another promotional advertising method such as link building. This strategy is about placing links directing to your site on other portals, forums, and blogs. Keep in mind, that our link should be high-quality and relates to the content of the service we put it on. It is worth to perform links which do not only point to the main site of the brand, but also to its subpages – it is better seen from a search engine perspective.

3.3.4 Use the content

We have already mentioned about keywords. When we use these phrases in a proper way, we can pay attention to other internauts and reach them easily. This is why so many companies blog. In their articles, we can see placed keywords, in that readers who are interested in a particular article. So after entering the name of it on the search engine, can see the brand page at the begging of the positions. That kind of e-promotion is connected to some rules you should follow to create effective content:

  1. Do not overuse keywords. We know that it is important to place them, but too much of a good thing.
  2. Optimize text under the words which truly matter. Dispense with phrases which have no meaning to your brand and products.
  3. Make a sensible article. Write pertinent and choose the subject which could interest the segment of customer you want to reach.

3.3.5 Promote by emails

One of the basic promotional channels on the internet, where we are able to pay an interest of the users is email sending. We should have an email listing from our website (from newsletters or free coupons registration), so we need to use it and show internauts what we sell. This type of mails might contain not only the description of the offer but also some extra promoting elements, e.g. money saving coupon or free entrance to the event. Remember to write a massage where there would not be any grammatical mistakes and the text should be eye-catching. You can add photos or an interesting (but clarify) background.

3.3.6 Social Media

Let’s open the Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profile and look through the products which are promoted there. This promotional system is more and more popular – it is an easy way to be found by customers. You can add attractive photos and posts about the product and be up-to-date with customers behaviors. The important thing and the condition of social media success are being active. Create special discounts available only on your Facebook profile or organize competitions on Instagram. Give a term, that if someone wants to take part in it, then has to share the post on the own profile. In that, other users get to know about the competition or a discount. In the consequence, they also meet with your brand. Using the image of famous users of social media portals is another idea for brand promotion. Sending some free articles to a popular blogger who has many followers on the account, then asking for taking a photo while using it and adding the picture on the profile yields a boost of people who are aware of our brand. When the fans see their role model has such a fabulous product, they will certainly want to get it as soon as possible. 4. Summary

There is no doubt that brand promotion should be a deliberate process, where we use only the most effective promotional techniques. Everything depends on the kind of business we run and the purpose of the promotion we want to reach. There are many possibilities to choose: from using traditional media such as radio and newspapers, to increase internet promotion methods. Observe the market, both the customer’s behavior and competitors move. Make a plan, do marketing research and implement the most suitable methods for you.