How to start your business with importing from China?

There are hundreds of ideas on how to do business. We can decide to cook in our own restaurant, set up a cleaning company or invest in properties. At the present time, more and more people choose to deal with goods imported from China. 1. How to start your business with importing from China?

This country is the largest exporter from a global perspective with a result of 217.43 billion USD. Why buying from China and selling in another country is so popular nowadays? The answer is easy to guess: it is a good way of making money. Have you heard about one of the most famous American hypermarket Walmart? Products from this shop are mainly imported from China, and Walmart became the biggest company in the world – its revenue exceeded 500,340 USD. That’s impressive, isn’t it? No wonder so many people think about doing business in this way. If you are also wondering how to buy products from China to sell and make a profit, check the article below which would resolve all doubts. 2. Choose products from China to sell

If you start your business from scratch, you need to decide what types of products you want to deal in. It is not only about guessing which one would be the most attractive for you, but it’s connected with many pieces of researches and the budget estimation.

2.1 Not only the low price

The first thought that comes to your mind might be to buy cheap from China and resell. But finding articles at a low price is not enough. You need to think about what people really buy – carry out research, check statistics and find a foothold. Then compare prices of chosen products in China and your country and decide if it would be profitable for you. Naturally, Rome wasn’t built a day – at the very beginning, you might choose some random products before you score a hit and find this “the one” product which would be connoted with your company and become the flagship.

2.2 Seasonal products – good for a while

In an array of cheap products to import from China, we are able to pick these seasonal ones. Christmas socks and jumpers with Santa Claus might be valuable articles for sale but only in this part of the year. The season is gone, and you are with hundreds of bells and whistles. And what about the next months in the year? What would you sell? To make a successful business one of the most important thing is cash flow. Without the demand for seasonal goods, it might not be enough to keep positive cash flow and stay in the game. 3. Find your partner selling Chinese products

OK, you have found bulk products from China which seemed to have a chance to be bestsellers in your country. What now? The next step is to find a supplier who is selling China products online and let you buy it in wholesale.

3.1 Best direct from China websites

One of the easiest ways for forging commercial links is to meet our potential partner face-to-face. A right place for that could be the trade fairs and conferences where sellers present their products and services. In many cases, we don’t have a chance to join this type of meetings or merchants who arouse our interest are unavailable. Along with e-commerce development, there is a common practice to get in touch with suppliers on the internet. You can use different Chinese import sites of companies who handle manufacturing or selling products which you have chosen. In general, there are all the necessary data and information about the company. Without any problem, you could get their email addresses and contact them with a proposition to buy from China wholesale. Try to look professional – the best option would be writing an email in Chinese. If you can’t use this language, ask a translator or person who is keen on Chinese for help.

3.2 Alibaba – making money importing from the best

Sometimes the process of searching producers websites can last too long. The other thing is you can find entities which are not confirmed by certificates or any third party. It could also be the waste of time in a case when a chosen company won’t answer and will turn out that it doesn’t even exist. There is a particular marketplace which wins over the hearts of many businesspeople importing goods from China – Lots of entrepreneurs claim that they make money with Alibaba because of reliable suppliers who offer their products on this website. There are two types of sellers: Gold Supplier and Free Membership. Every seller might get Gold status when some conditions are met. The service verifies companies – their business licenses and contact persons. Cooperation with these entities passes for safe transactions, and in the light of, more than 85% of buyers chose to work with Gold Suppliers only so our advice is to select sellers with this kind of account. Pay your attention to contact with a supplier – it is important to be in constant touch. If the user answers much time behind schedule or the response indicates a lack of competencies and professionalism, try to find another partner to work with. Then it is just a matter for arrangement how cooperation would look like. Determine quantities of products, payment issues, and shipping process.

3.3 Let others find your supplier

Depending on the country you come from, there must be some agencies which can work on behalf you and engage in all operations connected with importing – from finding a partner to shipping the items. Import things from China with someone who has control over every detail let us sleep more untroubled, but it is related to additional costs – and it is not such a low cost… Another thing is that brokers can render to be frauds and the problem would be something more than a lack of your items, but also waste of money. When you decide to import bulk items for sale from China by this kind of agencies services, make sure that it is a proven one – read comments and opinions or ask for a piece of advice others importers. 4. Start to resell products from China

We find proper items, a supplier who handles these articles, and all shipping process went well, so now it is the time for selling Chinese products. If you are thinking about selling items online, you are able to use different online marketplaces – from your domestic ones, to international like eBay. How to do it in the most effective way? Look at some tips below:

4.1 Estimate a good price

Before you start to sell items from China, you should carry out research and check if someone offers products similar to yours. If does, pay attention to the price. Do not trade goods at too high prices – it would be harder to sell, and high price is related to more top customers’ expectations. On the other hand, try not to take it too low – clients might think that you are handling with fakes or bad quality products.

4.2 Details of your offer

Picking an online shopping platform and valuing the item is not enough to score a hit. Selling China products online is also connected with creation eye-catching auction. Pay attention to descriptions which should contain all the essential information about your product. Your offer would not be made without photos of the item. Do not steal pictures from other users and try to present the product in a proper perspective with a clear background. Remember also about determining the time of shipping and return conditions.

4.3 Take care of opinions in your account

What encourage buyers to select your offer among competitors? Next, to the attractive price, they would focus on recommendations from other users in the marketplace online. In general, every shopping platform gives an option to leave a comment after the finalization of a transaction. Do your best to look professional. It doesn’t matter if you are buying wholesale from China and selling on eBay or you do it in your domestic marketplace – treat a client with respect, answer quickly and send orders on time. Those actions surely would equal positive comments and it leads to reaching a new group of clients. 5. Promote your brand

The final step is promoting your items. You want to make money importing from China and build the brand – when you notice that your articles are selling well, then it would be a good time for concentrating on promotion. There are many methods to do it. For example, use possibilities on shopping platform like listing the product. You are able to up the position of the item in the search engine due to an additional payment. But in that case, there is a better chance for visiting your auction by a customer and your sale can be higher in the result. You can also use other different websites to promote the brand. Ask your family and friends who have their own blogs and pages for sharing a link to your site or use the power of social media – create your profile on Facebook or Instagram and add posts to remind people about existing of your product from China to sell. 6.Summary

Now you know how to make money with Alibaba or another Chinese online marketplace where is a possibility to buy items in wholesale. During choosing the products, pay your attention to customers expectations and check offers your potential competitors. Sometimes trending products in China might not be interesting for people in your country. Remember also about picking the reliable supplier and under no circumstances work with unsure entities. The rest is a matter of the proper value of the good, being up-to-date with changes on the market and promotion process. Keep in mind that your business would be spinning on the turbulent background, so in case of some mistakes and fortuitous events – do not give up.