How to start selling on Newegg?💻

The online marketplace is full of different trading platforms like Rakuten, eBay, Amazon, craigslist, etc. Lots of people order from the internet because of cheap prices, attractive offers and an array of products. It is also a popular place for sellers, who can build their brands and reach new markets – especially when they offer the sale on a worldwide scale. No matter what kind of users we are, almost everybody has heard about leaders in internet shopping services like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay or Rakuten. We are able to buy different items from the mentioned stores – clothes, motorcycles or furniture. There is also a popular marketplace called Newegg where besides goods such as fashion accessories and sporting goods, this trading platform is marked by computer systems and electrical equipment in its offer. 1. How to start selling on Newegg?

If you are interested not only in buying but also in selling from that specific trading platform, in this article we would give you some guidelines on how to sell on Newegg from the very beginning. 2. What is the Newegg marketplace?

The first thing what is needed to be explained is the main idea of Newegg. Precisely, what is Newegg marketplace? In brief, as we mentioned before, it is an online trading platform which deals with computers and consumer electronics. It was founded in 2000 by Fred Chang and at present, its revenue is 2.65 billion dollars. The name of a company is referred to as an egg – a symbol of birth and new life. It is a metaphor of new hope for e-commerce, which was in a turbulent position at that time. The success of Newegg is also proved by many awards, for example, Best of the Web granted by Forbes or Computer Shopper Shoppers’ Choice Award in 2011. As we can see, Newegg is a thriving marketplace, so there’s no wonder lots of people want to sell by this service. Now, let’s get down to brass tacks and find out how to do it. 3. Sell on Newegg step by step

Newegg has over 35 industries which your products can belong to. When you find the right category for your items (there are some restrictions in case of alcohol or firearms), you can register and make a Newegg seller account.

3.1 Choose the type of membership on Newegg

There are three options you can choose from. The types differ in prices and benefits and you can pick from:

  • Free Standard – that is a cost-free plan, where you are able to manage your products listing, take care of customer services and get feedback from the customer. You can also use on-site promotions which are special tools due to your offer would be more visible and consequently, the sale may increase. You could list up to 5,000 items in the store.
  • Professional – next to mentioned benefits in Free Standard account, you also get a dedicated account manager, who will help you in trading the goods – from watching the trends to upgrade your seller Newegg account. What is more, you have access to premium seller store which gives you an option of including videos or match HTML link directly to a page of your store. There is also a possibility of creating your marketing programs including social media campaigns or blogs. Professional type of membership lets you save some money – you have discounts in Shipped by Newegg Fulfillment and other Newegg shipping label services. The maximum number of item listing is 25, 000 and the cost of this kind of account is 29.95 dollars per month.
  • Enterprise – the most premium option to choose. You pay 99.95 dollars per month but you have all set of benefits from the Professional account. The better thing is that discounts are higher and you can list an unlimited number of items. In addition, you can use personalized post-purchase email so that it would be an option to target your customers, make on email templates and schedule emails sending. Naturally, you can choose a free option for the very first time and then upgrade your plan if you want to list more items, reach new customers or reduce costs of shipping services. This kind of actualization is possible anytime you want.

3.2 Publish products on Newegg

After you complete all the necessary information in the registration process, you become a Newegg seller. In that time you can use a special FTP transfer account which lets you upload information in different formats such as Excel or XML. In this step remember about some basics rules, such as:

  • do not steal photos from other users
  • all data and descriptions must be in English
  • choose the right category of your product
  • do not add images with extra text or merchant logo Pay your attention to the website short titles which appear in search results. It is one of the first things that customers judge, so check if spelling or punctuation is written correctly and include only essential information. In your Newegg product description do not add any information about shipping or seller – there is a special space for that kind of information. The good thing would be a use of proper formatting like underlining or italic – it would be more clear and pleasing to the eye.

3.3 Manage Newegg product

There is a special management platform so-called Seller Portal where a user is able to make all operations connected to pricing, information uploading or shipping issues. Observe changing trends or engage your account manager services (option available only for Professional and Enterprise Sellers) which help you to increase your sales over the course of time. Keep in mind Newegg seller fees during determining the price of the item. Fees can be connected with the type of your account or services like Shipping by Newegg Fulfilment. There are also some commission rates which are differed in the product category, for example:

  • 15% commission rate for food and beverage
  • 14% commission rate for apparel and accessories or bags and luggage
  • 13% commission rate for art and crafts, books, media and entertainment, cell phone accessories or office supplies
  • 12% commission rate for appliances, baby and beauty accessories or jewelry
  • 11% commission rate for pet supplies
  • 10% commission rate for DVD and videos or computer hardware
  • 9% commission rate for consumer electronics and cameras
  • 8% commission rate for unlocked cell phones and video game consoles The price of your product can be also changed because of competitors operations, so try to be up-to-date with their actions and do not estimate a price at a high level. There are many of possibilities of managing your store but watch your steps – in case of misusing Newegg selling services you need to be aware of some restrictions from Newegg group – there is even a possibility you can’t access Newegg until you stop the trade in that way. 4. Sold and shipped by Newegg

Newegg marketplace offers special shipping method known as Shipped by Newegg (SBN). The thing is, you send your items to the warehouses of Newegg, then logistic group checks all dimensions, make an inventory and in a situation of the order, it provides logistic operations, from packing to shipping to the customer. If you decide for this way of shipment, start with action in your account:

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. In Manage Items tab, choose Item List, then pick an option “Convert to Shipped by Newegg” next to the item you want to send and click “Go”.
  3. List of chosen products is shown in Items Shipped by Newegg tab. After this first step, you are able to choose an option Send inventory / Replenishment Shipments and follow instruction prepared from Newegg group. Every of Newegg sellers must be sure the items have a scannable label and are packed in a proper and safe way.

4.1 Advantages of SBN

You concentrate on all promotion matters connected with selling on Newegg and there are no worries about shipping process at all. What’s more, you avoid the costs of warehousing, shipping, and packing. You do not only save money but also time – Newegg group claims that packages are shipped within 24 hours in 99.6% orders and you are able to track orders in your account. It is also about trust in the eyes of customers – every SBN product is marked by the special logo of Newegg, which provides high-quality services. Clients are sure that the product is correct and shipped in a safe and fast way. 5. Pay attention to the feedback

There is a Newegg third-party sellers rating system where a customer is able to give an opinion about the seller, product or shipping. It is a 1 to 5 system, where 4 to 5 rating has a positive meaning, 3 is neutral and 2 to 1 means that something is wrong. In a situation of negative feedback, you can respond by asking the buyer about a reason and try to resolve a problem. If the customer doesn’t want to answer, the good idea would be leaving a response next to his or her negative comment. If you want to sell to Newegg in the most effective way, then reaction for this kind of feedback is necessary – you would look good in the eyes of other users. The cost of the service depends on the size of your items. It can be $0.95 in small standard size per unit, or $4.75 for medium oversize. All dimensions and prices related to that are available on the Newegg website. 6. Summary

Newegg – the online marketplace with over 36 million customers. It is a leader in technological products trading, where you can sell portable systems or security devices. If you have your own business and an idea for reaching new markets in an international scale has crossed your mind recently, you should try to build your brand in Newegg. There are many promoting options, different kinds of accounts and Newegg seller support which guides you in case of some problems. Follow good practice rules and enjoy sales anytime.