How to dropship from aliexpress on ebay?

Over the years e-commerce has been developing dynamically. There are more and more internet business models – you can sell the goods on your own or on behalf of brokers from electronic trading platform. As we have noticed, almost every popular producent and distributor has its own website, where we have a chance to read an offer and buy an article. Surely, each of us have heard about the most popular online shops like Aliexpress or Ebay which offer an array of products – from designer clothes and brown goods to automobiles. But do you know that these mentioned online shopping leaders use special retail fulfillment model which is called dropshipping? Before we focus on dropshipping from AliExpress to eBay let’s explain how dropshipping works. By and large, it is a situation when a seller acts as a quasi broker between a client and manufacturer or supplier. It means that the customer orders an article on the website and the selling entity informs about it chosen supplier which is obliged to ship that product directly to the client. To all intents and purposes, a seller doesn’t even see merchandise which is dealing in. Precisely, what does it look like in case of Aliexpress? 1. Dropshipping on eBay from aliExpress

Many users of Ebay chose dropshipping method – buying from aliExpress and selling on eBay gains in importance because of the low-cost operations such as relatively cheap products from AliExpress and lack of payments connected with a storage. What is more, the seller isn’t burdened by all logistic processes and can concentrate on marketing and promotional things. It doesn’t mean that supplier from AliExpress can have control over actions of selling merchants from eBay – it is they who create their business, set prices and advertise themselves.

1.1 How to sell on aliExpress?

As we have known, many of entities from eBay get their goods from aliExpress, but there is another wrinkle – how to sell on aliExpress? There is a special procedure you should follow if you want to become an aliExpress seller. Firstly, register an Alipay account. In this step you have to prove that you work under legal established business which is confirmed by all necessary documentation. If you are not licensed entity you would not be entitled to sell on site aliExpress. In a case of representing a particular brand, the service requires special certification regarding to the authenticity of the brand. Another thing is paying a special service fee – the amount depends on the business category you belong to. This payment is a necessary element which involves all sellers and suppliers. Followingly, after approval of your enterprise and remittance, there is an option to name your shop. If you go under the official brand you would be obliged to write a short description of the mark. Finally, you can create your website, add products, photos, information and sell on Aliexpress. Keep in mind that it is an international electronic trading platform which has been using by thousands of consumers and sellers. For the most effective selling, check prices of products similar to yours – Aliexpress catalog is a large group of goods, maybe you would find exactly the same article like yours there.

1.2 Does AliExpress dropship?

We have had an answer to this question already. AliExpress is a great place where we are able to find several categories of different products. Naturally, plenty of people order articles for their individual use, but there are many cases when a customer become a reseller and we have to deal with dropshipping. In general, AliExpress is cooperating with many shipping companies such as Singapore Post, China Post Registered Air Mail or Correos – sometimes using services of several carrier can be more costly than choice of standard option. And as a rule, we can pick two options of shipment:

  • AliExpress Standard Shipping – in this case AliExpress shipping time can last about 15 – 45 days but we are able to track our order on the website.
  • AliExpress Premium Shipping –  a kind of transport is available for 183 countries and if we compare it to AliExpress Standard Shipping, this is more faster method. You can got your package just after 8 – 15 days. 2. How to dropship from AliExpress to Ebay?

We have found out some basis of dropshipping and know how to use aliExpress for selling – it is the time to take a look at the process of dropshipping from AliExpress to eBay.

2.1  AliExpress best buy – find your products

What would be dropshipping without products? First of all, carry out research, find proper items and think about your target market – maybe you want to deal with children articles, mobile phones or smart accessories? Users who are selling on AliExpress have opinions from customers on their accounts. Pay your attention to it and decide to cooperate only with professionals. What’s more, the high rating also testifies to answering to the description product which can turn out your bestseller. Many of experienced resellers counsel not to choose branded products. It meets with potential problems with fakes articles. By picking only branded goods, you don’t take a risk of handling copycats. In a case of some doubts, you can always contact with AliExpress sellers – maybe they would give you a few helpful tips.

2.2 Article in stock

We’ve got a product from AliExpress – now we have to add it to our listing on eBay. In some way, here is a key to success, because in this part we write descriptions, add photos and make our offer competitive. Look at AliExpress price of the product and set your own proposition of payment for this item or try to put all necessary information such as delivery conditions and the estimated time of transport.

2.3 Sell the product by dropshipping

The customer has bought our product – payment is on our bank account, and what next? You purchase this article on AliExpress, state a name and the address of your client and AliExpress delivery group would take care of the rest logistic process. It is a good idea to inform a seller from AliExpress that the purchase is a kind of dropshipping. With this, the AliExpress user wouldn’t add any extra promotion into a package. After all selling process, you will get an approval email with a special link with the tracking number. Keep in mind eBay highlights that it is you who are responsible for safe delivery within the time span you mentioned in your offer. When a client receives a package, AliExpress sends you a message with a request for confirmation that the shipment has been provided.

2.4 Returns and refunds

Naturally, there are different situations – for example, the ordered product can be not suitable for a client, so that a consumer is entitled to refund. Don’t forget that eBay provides some conditions in this field – you are obliged to determine terms of return on your auction, if you don’t do it, eBay will use a default one. In a situation when the item is damaged, you should ask for a photo, forward it to AliExpress seller and send the money back to the client. 3. Oberlo and AliExpress

There is a special entity which deals in importing dropshipped goods into reseller shop – in addition, Oberlo attends to shipment to the final customer thereon. The marketplace is available in every country and if you would like to use its services, you have to sign up for Shopify e-commerce platform. Oberlo is free if you would receive minimum of 50 orders every month. Here is a question: does Oberlo only work with AliExpress? It is available only on Shopify, so as long as you are a user of this platform, you can run any dropshipping store. Moreover, Oberlo looks suppliers up – there is a special verification process to make sure you would work with professionals who ship proper items on time. 4. Summary

We can learn success from others – there are many users on eBay who dropship items from AliExpress. Presented matters asume growing importance in e-commerce and become even a main aspect of some literature, e.g. “The ultimate guide to dropshipping” by Andrew Youderian and Mark Hayes. Dropshipping is a simple way to sell goods without worries about storing or shipping the products. You only need to find items (check top one AliExpress products) and reliable seller on AliExpress. Pay your attention to sales promotion, write an attractive description and set a competitive price. Let your business thrives and passes over logistic issues to professional!