How to Become Sucessful Salesman – Tips and Tricks

What makes the salesman best? What attributes are fundamental for a good salesperson? These questions are on a daily basis of a lot of managers and CEOs. At first sight, answers for these questions may look obvious, but believe me, they’re not. Of course, there are basic attributes and skills that every salesperson should have, but in this article, we are focusing on the ones that are beyond basics. Below you can find some sales tips that can help you achieve sales success. 1. Attributes of a successful salesperson.

Besides the obvious ones like self-confidence, high personal culture, honesty, openness etc, there are some special ones that are very useful and can make you a better salesperson.

1.1. Stay open-minded and love your job

Yes, these ones are not that obvious at all. And what is more interesting these two work in short and long periods of time. But how? Well, let’s begin with staying open-minded. This one was one of the most underestimated successful sales technique years ago. A lot of sellers tried the same universal formula and techniques for every single customer, which has a very small effect for final sales levels. They didn’t understand that people are very different, and in the face-to-face sales the same formula can’t work for masses. You have to open your mind and approach every customer individually. That means you have to prepare something different for every client you want to talk to. Customers love to be at the center of attention and you have to make them being in the center of your attention. Make them feel special, and listen to them carefully, so you can change your approach to fit them even better. Another one of sales tips for success is to love your job. And that one applies to literally any job. If you don’t love it – you will not achieve success. The rule is simple. You need to love gaining new customers, getting leads, debating with prospects, closing the sales, understanding the customer needs and more. Also, you have to love rivalry to become the best. If you are feeling that you cannot compete with others, or you don’t believe in the product you are trying to sell, then you should try to sell something else. Everything needs time, work and effort, this is a fact. But if you work hard and try, then it will pay off.

1.2. Self-improvement is your way to success

Next of sales tips is: never stop your personal development. Sales branch is always in motion, changing every month. There are always new trendy on the market. And if you want to be the number one you should know them and be ready for them. That’s why learning and improving your attributes and skills over the years is a good way to achieve success. You should attend industry meetings, read books about selling, sales techniques and more, read articles and follow the news on social media. There are a lot of ways to keep you up-to-date, and to be on top, you need to use them

1.3. In contacts, assertiveness is your best friend

To achieve success in sales you need something more than self-confidence. You will need an attribute that will allow you to keep you on the very delicate border between the convincing customer that he needs your product, and being too forceful or aggressive in it. This attribute is called assertiveness, and it is a part of self-confidence. With assertiveness, you can move your negotiations forward without being aggressive or passive. For example, If you are too much passive or aggressive, then your customer may think that you are not sure about the product. If you use your assertiveness you can achieve your goal clearly without being aggressive or passive to your potential customer. It will always leave a better first impression.

1.4. Be an ambitious observer and good apprentice

Everything that grown big and best came out from an inspiration. And to boost your sales you need to remember that. If you want to be on top observe the ones who already reached it. Get inspired by them, use their methods and develop them to fit you and your product better. Learn their techniques and behaviors. A lot of older salespeople want to help newcomers with their knowledge. Listen to them and be a good apprentice – it will definitely pay off soon. And even if your company set the goals for you, you can always hang the bar higher for yourself. This will always motivate you to become better and better. If you connect this with your open mind, then this combination will get you to discover new and innovative ways to achieve your goals. And even if you achieve success, you can always set the bar a little higher and chase your chances. 2. Successful salesman tips

There are some successful salespersons who want to share their story and what led them to achieve their goals. They want to spread the useful knowledge and experiences to new salesman’s, so they can become better easier. Below you can find some of the tricks shared by them.

2.1. Think before you speak and listen to your customer

Let’s try to put ourselves in the customer’s place. Do we want to talk with someone who aggressively advertises his product? Who does not introduce himself and listen to us? The answer is: definitely not. As a salesperson, you should know that dialogue between you and your customer is a very important part of selling. This dialogue should cover topics around the product and how it can improve your customer life. But you can’t jump out of somewhere and hardly try to convince your client to buy it. At the beginning of the conversation, you should briefly introduce yourself. It means you have to tell your customer who you are and what company do you represent. If you gain the interest you should wait for a little for him to open up and introduce himself. Before you start to talk about your product and offer you need to know your customer a little. Remember that customers love to be heard, so if they want to talk – listen to them. This will also give you an opportunity to gain knowledge about your customer needs, so you can make a plan for the next parts of the conversation. Also if you listen to them they will feel that you are someone who understands them and care about them. Next thing is: before you speak think about it. Is what you want to speak necessary? Does it fit in the topic? Can it be useful for your customer? If you are not sure, then think about something different. Don’t buy time, talk about things that are important and can concern your client.

2.2. Everything needs time

The next of the sales tips are: do not rush anything. Take it easy and calm down, don’t try to do everything quickly. If you start a conversation with a prospect don’t bury him with all the information you have to tell. Ask more than your answer and don’t interrupt your speaking partner. Get to know about his problems and needs, ask what they need, what they could change if they can, but don’t make promises and explanation about your product. You need to convince them they need it before you finally unveil what your product is and start to speak about how it can be the cure for all of your client problems. Observe your customer, check his mood by noticing his body language and behavior. If they look nervous, upset, try to end the conversation quickly ask them if you can contact them at other time that would be more appropriate. You have to remember that your customer might be busy and by giving space to him you showing respect towards him.

2.3. Finalize your deal with class

The last successful salesman tips apply to the final stages of selling product. They will only work if you followed earlier tips and you convinced your customer he really needs your product. After you present your product ask the prospect if they have any questions or concerns. Answer them, and let them know about everything they need to know. If they are still not sure about making a deal then ask them if there is anything that holds them back from the purchase. Talk with them and try to provide solutions for their situation. Sometimes your client needs to think more about your proposal. The can’t make an instant decision. To solve that you need to encourage them to make it. Show them that you can wait for them to decide by proposing a demonstration meeting or offering some samples. Make sure that they can contact you easily by leaving several contact information. Finally, the last of the sales tips is to stay in touch with your customers. After closing the deal you shouldn’t forget about your client. If they are happy with the entire sales process and the product they probably will return. Make them sure that you remember them by sending simple reminders for their birthday, message them in social media and more. You can also contact them indirectly by sending them informative articles, or contact with them more directly to meet for coffee or lunch. If you are open-minded you can also use your creativity and come out with another form of staying in touch with your clients. 3. Summary

In this article, we showed very useful sales training tips that can lead any salesperson to be successful in sales. They include a variety of skills and attributes you will need to know if you want to boost your sales. They are recommended by the sales specialists around the world, so you can be sure they’re working. Thank you for your attention and the time you spent to read this text. We hope that it will be useful on your way to become the number one in sales soon!