Guide – How to find products to sell on Amazon?

Electronic commerce has been gaining in importance recently. It is caused by internet development and a plenty of advantages – both for sellers who could run successful businesses, reach new market segments, do networking or build the brands, and for buyers who can do shopping without leaving their homes, avoid queues and use special online promotions. On the internet, we are able to find almost everything. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for toys for your children, office equipment or motorcycle engines – e-commerce offers a wide spread of products in different types, colors, and sizes. 1. How to find products to sell on Amazon guide

There are also more and more shopping platforms where we can buy and sell items. One of the most popular marketplaces is which has over 310 million active customers. No wonder that so many merchants think about starting selling on this platform. If you are in the circle of interested entities, but you do not know where to find products to sell on Amazon, check this guide and choose items which would win over the hearts of Amazon users. 2. How to decide what to sell on Amazon?

At the very beginning of your internet business, you have to answer the crucial question: which products to sell on Amazon I would like to deal in? Without a proper product you will not find buyers and as a result – not make a profit. Presented shopping platform lets you sell different kinds of articles, so the choice would not be so easy. Keep in mind that on Amazon there are also many sellers, who can become your competitors what is related to some difficulties with customer finding and keeping. So, where to source products to sell on Amazon and get a chance for being the top seller there?

2.1 Carry out research to find products to sell on Amazon

The first step is to carry out research. It means you should check what products are available on the service and what is their sale position. One of the fastest ways for finding things to sell on Amazon is a perusal of Amazon Best Seller list. When you choose this option, you would see the most popular articles which customers decide to order. Products would be grouped by its categories such as toys and games, electronics, camera and photo, clothing and jewelry and so on. The presented list is updated hourly and is based on sales only. Next, to the Amazon Best Seller ranking, there is another list – Amazon Hot New Releases. Mentioned positions regard best-selling new and future releases and might give you some product ideas to sell on Amazon, because of providing for market trends. Beside Amazon Best Seller and Amazon, Hot New Releases lists you can also see a ranking of products Most Wished For and the most famous items ordered as gifts. In many cases products from one Amazon list could be covered in another platform ranking. But, how to find top selling products on Amazon? In some way, when you notice that an item appears in every marketplace list, it is easy to guess that the demand for it is (and will be) very high. Of course, you can always offer a product which hasn’t been listed on Amazon auction yet. This type of action is connected with some risk – you do not have any data and information about past sales and trends. There is also an option that listed product might turn out to be a bomb and the scale of selling would be zero or scant. What is more, adding a new article which is not available on Amazon is related to the long process of product registration.

2.2 Finding things to sell on Amazon – trust and tested ones

In a situation when we are not sure about our new product and market conduct, we should focus on articles which are trust and tested. Try to find items to sell on Amazon which are profitable and grow in popularity not only for a season. Some kinds of products such as Christmas socks or valentine gadgets might bring profit but not in a long time span. All available Amazon information about the sale and its top products would be useful in this step, but another good solution for choosing a product to sell on Amazon is pushing on and carry out research not only inside this shopping platform but look at the scale of selling the product on different sites. If statistics on other shopping platforms present that item has been ordered willingly, it seems to be a good idea to start handling it. The other method to check the market of the product is using special programs and tools. One of the examples is Jungle Scout which was called as “the best resource for data-driven product research” by Forbes. This Amazon software shares information about sales, video courses, case studies and supports sellers 24/7. In addition, Jungle Scout lets you scan Amazon’s product catalog instantly so that you might find out profitable Amazon niches hastily.

2.3 Look at your potential competitors

How to find a profitable product to sell on Amazon? The best way is to learn from the best. Check offers of sellers who deal in products you are interested in. Analyze how many users propose selected product and pay attention to every element of their auctions – from descriptions and photos to reviews and rates. You need to verify if you had a chance to compete with these entities. If they have been accruing more and more positive opinions and comments you would face strong competition. Besides reviews of other sellers, scan the prices of the items and consider if handling this product would be profitable for you against the background of competitors. If you were wondering how to search for sellers on Amazon, you can find them after you would see several products on the auctions. Another way is using mentioned earlier Jungle Scout tool. The service even shows moves of your competitors on the online market and educate you what to do to outpace them and become a leader.

2.4 Pay attention to some details

The process of finding a product to sell on Amazon is connected to some details you should pay attention to. Firstly, try to get as many as possible information about the product which arouses your interest. Look at the features such as size, weight, and its mechanism. You can always write to the supplier or another merchant who sells this article and ask them for more information. It would be useful when you think about the product which is not easy to damage – both in shipment and use. That is connected with small chances for refunds and reclamation processes. What is more, when you decide to choose a lightweight item which does not fill too much space, the cost of transport wouldn’t be high too. It can be an important thing in the very beginning of your business. Naturally, the best option to find best-selling products on Amazon is choosing an article which is related to our hobbies, passion or things we are interested in. Being a pundit of the line of business your product is connected with, lets you gain the bulge on other competitors and create a great marketing scheme. In this case, you would be able to bring your offer to perfection and build a brand. After some time, when you would realize that your article is a success, there is also a possibility to add some new products similar to the first one and reach more and more customers. 3. Summary

As you can see**, finding products to sell on Amazon** can take some time if we want to do it in the most profitable way. Carrying out research is an essential step in this process. Check Amazon Best Seller list and compare offers of your potential competitors. You can use the services of special tool Jungle Scout – this Amazon group would help you before you even start. There is an option to scan consumer trends and new revenues streams – in that we are able to use the best opportunities and avoid some mistakes. There are hundreds of sellers on Amazon who can claim that shopping platform makes their businesses thriving. At the beginning you do not have to deal in many articles – find just the one with high sale position and focus on it. Later, when your results would be satisfying, you can extend a product range or maybe delegate some operations to the outsourcing company. But now, when you know how to research products to sell on Amazon, the success of your business is closer than you think.