[May 2019]Company rankings in China by Revenue, Employees and more

The most populous country in the world, member of the World Trade Organisation and the second largest economy by nominal GDP (just after the USA) in the global perspective – China. The presented country is also a leading world producer of agricultural goods and it is known for its developed automotive and steel industry. Some factors affect this excellent position – from legal conditions to consumers decisions. But what would be the country economy without enterprises which offer a wide range of products and services? Due to fast-growing companies in China, the country can improve export sales and strengthen its position in the global market. No matter what place you come from, you might have heard about Samsung, Toyota or Shell, but did you know these entities are the best thriving companies in China? Naturally, there are much more popular and large companies in China – now it is time to take a closer look at them. 1. Introduction

As it was mentioned above, in this article we would like to present the largest companies in China. At the very beginning, we should define what the term “the largest” means. Some of you can connote it with the number of employees, another think about revenue or market share. Do not worry – in the lines below you would find all useful information concerning the position of a particular company. 2. Top companies in China by revenue

The revenue is the first thing we would focus on here. In the created list there are entities from different industries, but despite the sectors’ differences, they have something in common – a high level of profit which let them be placed in our ranking of 10 top companies in China.

2.10 General Electric Company

Image source: Wikipedia, Author: EEJCC If we are thinking about the top American companies in China, we should set the General Electric Company apart. The company is a multinational conglomerate which is divided into few major businesses concerning aviation, capital, digital, healthcare, lighting, power, renewable energy, and global research. General Electric Company is engaged into many educational and marketing initiatives, and in 2017 it became a sponsor of NBA basketball team Boston Celtic. Revenue: $121.615 billion Country of origin: USA Year of foundation: 1892 Owner: H. Lawrence Culp Jr. Sector: Energy & Utilities

2.9 AXA

Image source: Wikipedia, Author: Kokky92 Famous insurance and the financial company which provides its services all over the world – from Europe, Canada, Africa, and Mexico to the Asia Pacific. AXA has been functioning on the market since 1816 and was founded by Claude Bébéar. The company comes from Paris and just right there is its headquarter. AXA offers different types of insurances such as life, health, property, and casualty protect. What is more, it also concentrates on investment management, where thousands of its employees give an investment piece of advice for customers interested in possible ways of placing their money in.
Revenue: $148.711 billion Country of origin: France Year of foundation: 1816 Owner: Thomas Buberl Sector: Financial Services

2.8 Total

Image source: Logok, Owner: Total Group In our list of companies in China, there is a place for Total company. With the revenue of $114.909 billion and nearly 100 hundred years on the market, it is a multinational company providing oil and gas services. Total handles with all chain’s elements – starting from crude oil and natural gas exploration, conversion into power energy, through transportation, marketing operations, and international trading. Chemicals, solar and biomass also fall within the Total products. The company manufacturers about 1582000 oil barrels and 6176000000 gas cubic feet per day. Revenue: $149.099 billion Country of origin: France Year of foundation: 1924 Owner: Patrick Pouyanné Sector: Oil and gas

2.7 AT&T

Image source: Wikipedia, author: Luismt94 AT&T is one of the top American companies in China. Generally, it focuses on telecommunications operations, but AT&T is also a parent company of WarnerMedia – the most significant entertainment corporation known for HBO or Cinemax. And besides, AT&T has over 300 million direct-to-consumer streams which are unceasingly growing thanks to HBO NOW, DIRECT Now or Watch TV. There is also a business sector providing telecommunications services in Mexico, South America and the Caribbean called AT&T Latin America. Another division which goes under the Xander name deals in advertising solutions by using TV and mobile services. Revenue: $160.546 billion Country of origin: USA Year of foundation: 1983 Owner: Randall L. Stephenson Sector: Telecommunications

2.6 Chevron

Source: By Coolcaesar – Own work by original uploader – Originally at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Chevronheadquarters.jpg, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link The American corporation was founded over 139 years ago and has its headquarter in San Ramon in California. The company with the $166,339 billion revenue which provides worldwide energy services. It handles with exploration, producing and selling fuels, additives, and petrochemicals. Chevron’s products are used for making food packages or biodegradable substances. There are many companies projects you can meet all over the word – Gorgon gas plan in Asia-Pacific, Wheatstone resource project in Australia and Alder scheme of natural gas production in the area of North Sea. Revenue: $166.339 billion Country of origin: USA Year of foundation: 1879 Owner: Michael K. Wirth Sector: Energy & Utilities

2.5 Samsung Electronics

Image source: Wikipedia, Author: Oskar Alexanderson Another one of the largest companies in China is Samsung Electronics. It was established in 1969 as a part of Samsung Group and handles in manufacturing and distributing different electronic products – from mobile phones, semiconductors, and televisions, to digital cameras or LED panels. Did you know that the company is the largest memory chips, producer? Samsung also used to make printers but in 2018 stopped production and the part of this field was sold to HP. The flagship Samsung product is a mobile phone from Galaxy S lines – one million units were sold in the US just after 45 days from launching it on the market. Revenue: $210.202 billion Country of origin: South Korea Year of foundation: 1969 Owner: Lee Kun-hee Sector: Manufacturing & Industrial

2.4 Amazon

Amazon is an example of thriving American businesses in China. The founder and present major CEO is Jeff Bezos, who became the wealthiest person in the world in 2017. The company deals in retail operations, to be exact, it is a huge online marketplace, where internet user might find different types of products – from electrical equipment, house improvement, jewelry, and books, to beauty products or clothes. But Amazon not only provides e-commerce services but also handles in cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Revenue: $232.887 billion Country of origin: USA Year of foundation: 1994 Owner: Jeff Bezos Sector: Retail

2.3 Toyota Motor Corporation

source: Wikipedia, author: Chris 73 The podium of the biggest companies in China is being opened by the Japanese automotive company – Toyota. It was founded in August 1937 and has its headquarter in Toyota City in Japan. In its industry, Toyota ranks the first place in a worldwide perspective and by the same token smashes other huge competitors such as Volkswagen and Hyundai. The company manufactures cars and buses and also has a leading global position in hybrid electric vehicles sales with Toyota Prius model at the head. In addition, Toyota has invested about $500 million in transportation network company Uber, with an intention to create a special technology into Toyota minivans in that way, cars would be adapted to Uber services. Revenue: $263.827 billion Country of origin: Japan Year of foundation: 1937 Owner: Takeshi Uchiyamada Sector: Automotive & Transportation

2.2 Royal Dutch Shell

source: Wikipedia, author: P.L. van Till Royal Dutch Shell (known as Shell) is one of the top company in China with a revenue of $311.870 billion. This oil and gas provider has incorporated in the UK over 112 years ago as a result of fusion two competing companies – the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company and Shell Transport and Trading Company Limited. Shell was also the main supplier of fuel to British Army during the first world war and nowadays the company is divided into four operating sections: Upstream, Integrated Gas and New Energies, Downstream and Projects and Technology. Moreover, presented multinational corporation is also a motorsport sponsor for Hyundai Motorsport or BMW Motorsport. Revenue: $311.870 billion Country of origin: UK Year of foundation: 1907 Owner: Charles O. Holliday Sector: Energy & Utilities

2.1 Walmart

source: lesgaleriesducap.ca, owner: Walmart And the winner is… Walmart Stores with a revenue of $514.405 billion. The company was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton and as a global retail corporation provides its services to over 275000000 customers weekly. It is provided into four main divisions: Walmart U.S., Walmart International, Global eCommerce, and Sam’s Club. This huge market entity organization includes hypermarkets, grocery stores, supermarkets, restaurants, neighborhood markets, warehouse clubs and online retailing. Walmart is known all over the world and the multinational heyday began between 1990-2005 when opened the stores in South America and Europe. We can find it also in South Africa, Indie, Canada, Japan, Mexico and of course in China. Presently, there are about 443 Walmart stores in China and as the largest company in China cooperates with over 7.000 local suppliers in this country – what is more, even all store managers of Walmart in China are Chinese. Revenue: $514.405 billion Country of origin: USA Year of foundation: 1962 Owner: Walton family Sector: Retail 3. Top companies in China by employees

The largest companies have many different business sectors, which engaged hundreds of employees – without them the success of every corporation would be nothing. In this part of the article, we would like to present the top companies in China by the number of employees. What do you think, who is the biggest employer there? Let’s look at our list and satisfy your curiosity.

3.10 Accenture

logo owner: Accenture Accenture opens our ranking of top companies in China by employment. The presented entity provides consulting services on a global scale. The offer contains communications and media solutions, marketing, research, delivery of digital transformation and software programs – a wide range of operations for supporting the client’ business. It has about 459 000 employees in 120 countries and there are five main divisions of Accenture activities: Strategy, Consulting, Digital, Technology, and Operations. Over the years, the company has been placed in the Forbes Global list – in 2018 it took the 288th place on the Forbes Global 2000 list. Number of employees: 459000 Country of origin: Ireland Year of foundation: 1989 Owner: David Rowland Sector: Business Products & Services

3.9 Agricultural Bank of China

logo owner: Agricultural Bank of China Agricultural Bank of China (often called AgBank or ABC) is an example of the biggest Chinese company. The financial company was established in July 1951 and firstly it was a subsidiary bank of People’s Bank of China. Now, It is divided into five major brands: Golden Key, Golden Way, Golden Online, Golden Benefit, and Kins Cards. Agricultural Bank of China joins over 322 million customers which are both individuals and companies. The interesting fact is this “big bank” was listed at the fifth position in Forbes Global 2000 list in 2017. Number of employees: 473691 Country of origin: China Year of foundation: 1951 Owner: Zhao Huan Sector: Financial Services

3.8 PetroChina

logo owner: Petro China Undoubtedly, PetroChina is one of the top Chinese companies by the number of employees. The company was established in 1999 and currently hires more than 485.000 people who are responsible for oil and gas exploring, producing, marketing and trading. Just for the record, an entity is a part of a joint venture with its parent company China National Petroleum. In general, PetroChina is the largest Chinese oil manufacturer and in 2018 was listed at the 30th places in Forbes Global 2000. Number of employees: 485544 Country of origin: China Year of foundation: 1999 Owner: Wang Yilin Sector: Energy & Utilities

7. Integrated Service Solutions

loo owner: ISS Integrated Service Solutions (ISS) is a multinational supplier which handles every part of the supply chain. Its services are provided in more than 100 countries and the offer contains air freight, warehousing, road freight, industrial projects, and ocean freight. Integrated Service Solutions acts in a comprehensive way and assists in many activities connected to the delivery process, e.g. packing and repacking, disposing of insurance, ocean consolidation, strategic consultancy or route survey. Number of employees: 488946 Country of origin: Denmark Year of foundation: 1901 Owner: Ole Andersen Sector: Real Estate & Construction

6. Compass Group

logo owner: Compass The multinational corporation is focused on food services and it is the largest company in the world in this kind of industry. The main purpose of a company is to deliver high-quality food, both to individuals and businesses. It was founded by Jack Bateman and initially functioned under the Bateman Catering name. Nowadays, Compass Group owed a lot of popular brands such as Trattoria Pizza or Mondo Subs. Furthermore, the company provides supporting services – from cleaning and security to logistics and transport operations. There is also an education brand of Compass Group takes part in many hospitality actions in universities and schools. Number of employees: 600000 Country of origin: United Kingdom Year of foundation: 1941 Owner: Paul S. Walsh Sector: Business Products & Services

5. Amazon

logo owner: Amazon Amazon has been placed in our article already, as one of the largest companies in China by revenue. It is also one of the biggest employers with a number of 647500 employees. In 2019 the company creates new 400 jobs in Arlington. Presently, there are many Amazon offices in more than 30 countries from different parts of the world. What is more, the company organizes special employment programs for military veterans – the number of hired veterans and their spouses is over 17.500. Number of employees: 647500 Country of origin: USA Year of foundation: 1994 Owner: Jeff Bezos Sector: Retail

4. China Post Group Corporation

logo owner: China Post China Post Group was established in 1997 and the founder was Government of China. The company mainly provides parcel services which include Small Parcel, Large Package and Express emails. The corporation operates in mainland China (except Hong Kong and Macau). Its fleet comprises 5 aircraft, 73 railway carriages, and about 39.000 transportation vehicles. In general, China Post is divided into 8 departments and is oversaw by government agency State Post Bureau. Number of employees: 938494 Country of origin: China Year of foundation: 1997 Owner: People’s Republic of China Sector: Travel & Leisure

3. China National Petroleum

logo owner: CNP The multinational company producing petroleum, natural gas and petrochemicals. China National Petroleum realizes many projects in more than 30 countries such as Iraq, Iran, Syria, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Russia, and New Zealand. The energy corporation rules 3.7 billion barrels of oil equivalent, deals with over 21.300 domestic service stations and in 2007 it manufactured about 54 billion cubic meters of natural gas. Moreover, this top Chinese company is a parent company of PetroChina – entities jointly develop overseas businesses. Number of employees: 1589508 Country of origin: China Year of foundation: 1988 Owner: Wang Yilin Sector: Energy & Utilities

2. State Grid Corporation of China

logo owner: State Grid Corp. State Grid Corporation of China is one of the largest Chinese companies which operates in China, Portugal, Australia, Brazil. Greece, Italy, and the Philippines. The presented entity provides electric power transmission to over 1.1 billion people and its headquarter is placed in Beijing. The company overseas investments are estimated at $19.5 billion and the State Grid Corporation of China awarded many prizes, such as one Gold Award of the 16th China Patent Award in 2016, the second place on Fortune Global 500 in 2017 and the first place of Chinese Top 500 Most Valuable Brands the same year. Number of employees: 1720000 Country of origin: China Year of foundation: 2002 Owner: Shu Yinbiao Sector: Energy & Utilities


logo owner: Walmart Is it surprising that the largest company in China with the highest revenue is also the biggest employer in this country? As it was said before, Walmart is the American chain of supermarkets which operates in many countries from different parts of the world. It is not only focused on retail stores management, but Walmart offers money services such as the creation of Walmart Credit Card, Photo Services, Bill Paying or Cash Checking. Walmart supports communities in need by its Walmart Foundation which organizes giving programs and contributes to developing different social and economic initiatives. What is more, this retail company is involved in many sustainability initiatives – e.g. it is the biggest green power generator in the U.S. Number of employees: 2200000 Country of origin: USA Year of foundation: 1962 Owner: Walton family Sector: Retail 4. Summary

There are a large number of companies in China which are regularly developing and reaching new groups of customers. The largest companies in China which are presented in our list are known all over the world and you have heard about them surely, or even use its services. Ranked entities handle different industries – from retail, through business products to automotive and energy. But even with those huge companies, there is still plenty of opportunities to start a business in China. If you want to expand your company or open a new one in here, yous should know what do you need to achieve this goal. Not easy, but definitely worth it – China is a huge market compared to the others. If you want to know more leading companies there, check the largest list of businesses from over the world on Datantify!