25 Industries in Ukraine That Will Become Crucial After War

Talks about the course and plans for the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war are already underway. Despite the ongoing war, European countries and the United States identify and collect plans for the most urgent matters.
Reconstruction discussions are underway in European capitals and Washington. Western aid and involvement will be of key importance for the financing, modernization and planning of the Ukrainian economy. Even after the end of economic support from the international community, Ukrainian “ownership” will mean acceptance by local communities and ensure continued progress and sustainability of these efforts.
April publications already show quite comprehensive outlines of potential reconstruction plans. It was proposed by President Volodymyr Zelensky a system in which countries and companies can choose a specific region for reconstruction.
Below you will find the 25 industries from the Datantify database which are expected to become most popular after war:

1. Gas Stations

Fuel stations will also have an additional option to charge electric cars. Many initiatives are planned to focus on delivering renewable energy. Rebuilding the right number of stations will be of great importance for city dwellers, as their number has now dropped drastically due to bombing.
The data on gas stations in Datantify database

2. Schools

Education, both during and after the war, is of great importance. Today, in addition to teaching, schools and universities provide a safe space and a daily routine. They also provide them with life-saving resources such as meals and improving mental health.

3. Hospitals

Construction of the hospitals is expected to start in the third phase with the key goal of “better restoration”. The reconstruction is to focus on the use of modern technology and urban planning projects. Designs based on the Soviet style are excluded.
The data on schools in Datantify database.

4. Manufacturer

The industry revenues of Ukrainian manufacturing enterprises have grown in the last decade. In 2020, they reached 2.15 trillion hryvnia, which was the highest annual income in the analyzed period. After the war, the number of enterprises will recover, and production companies will be one of the key executive groups. The data on manufacturers in Datantify database.

5. Shipping and Mailing Service

Delivery and postal systems are critical in any country. In the courier, express and parcel delivery (CEP) market in Ukraine, over 300 million parcels were delivered in 2020. This shows that this industry is important on the list.
The data on shipping services in Datantify database.

6. Wholesale

The revenues of wholesale enterprises in 2021 amounted to almost UAH 3.4 tln. The wholesale market refers to the management and transfer of goods along the manufacturer’s distribution chain to the retailer. Rebuilding and sustaining this market plays a key role in bringing all kinds of products to stores and selling non-consumer goods in the form of production materials. The data on wholesalers in Datantify database.

7. Construction

Ukrainian production of cubature construction in 2021 amounted to approximately 102.9 billion Ukrainian hryvnias. Non-residential buildings had the largest share in production. According to the data by 2020, almost 56.9 thousand construction companies were operating in Ukraine. In addition, it will be important to rebuild the transport infrastructure, which had the highest production value of the engineering construction segments in Ukraine in 2021. The data on construction in Datantify database.

8. Real Estate Agency

In 2020, the number of economic entities that worked in the real estate sector in Ukraine exceeded 95.8 thousand. However, this number is smaller than in the previous year. The same as the revenues of this industry – in 2020 it was less than in 2019. Nevertheless, this industry will take an active part in providing offers and housing to people returning to the country during the reconstruction. The data on real estate agencies in Datantify database.

9. Building Materials Store

Access to building materials will also have to be provided in construction stores. In this way, citizens will be able to buy the right amount of building materials for their own use. Construction companies will source materials through an appropriate wholesale supply chain.
The data on building materials store in Datantify database.

10. Notary Public

During the reconstruction, it will be crucial to work on the transition to an electronic notary system and to promote professional self-regulation of the notary system in order to improve the proficiency of notaries. It is also intended to offer access to affordable, high-quality notary services to people living in sparsely populated regions. The data on notary public in Datantify database.

11. Condominium Complex

Usually in post-war areas, during the reconstruction of cities, large housing complexes were built in order to provide citizens with a place to live. Reconstruction plans include provisions on ideas for building housing complexes, with a recommendation in what spirit of the times they should be styled.
The data on condominium complexes in Datantify database.

12. Money Transfer Service

International non-resident money transfer systems in Ukraine have introduced free services for Ukrainians and are lifting fees for money transfers to Ukraine. In addition, the international money transfer system INTELEXPRESS allows you to make immediate and free transfers to a special fundraising account to support the Ukrainian army and humanitarian aid for Ukrainian victims of the war. The data on money transfer services in Datantify database.

13. Building Materials Supplier

The supply of building materials is currently limited due to shortages in stock. Global supply chains will have to grow during the reconstruction. The scarcity of raw materials hampers world trade. Stocking in building materials stores will be in great demand. The data on building materials suppliers in Datantify database.

14. Legal Services

The work of the lawyers will play a role in drafting notarial documents and more. Legal services may be desirable, especially in unforeseen situations. The assistance of a lawyer may be required to sort out matters related to official processes or requiring legal compliance.
The data on legal services in Datantify database.

15. Interior Designer

Interior designers are to follow modern styles and look for interior design solutions tailored to the needs of residents. Probably many people will need to adapt the interior space for people with disabilities or people undergoing rehabilitation.
The data on interior designers in Datantify database.

16. Internet Service Provider

Internet service providers in many places will have to reinstall transmitters and put in installations enabling the use of their services. Both companies, state-owned buildings and people’s homes need internet access to communicate and use information available on the web. The data on internet service providers in Datantify database.

17. Industrial Equipment Supplier

Tools and heavy equipment are essential to the construction and mining industries, as are machinery necessary for infrastructure development. This industry is crucial for the rest of the industry to efficiently rebuild the country. The success of many industries depends on the provision of industrial machinery and tools. The data on industrial equipment suppliers in Datantify database.

18. Telecommunications Service Provider

Telecommunication service providers in many places will have to reassemble transmitters and put up installations enabling the use of their services. People will also need new phones when they are usually seized or stolen during the occupation.
The data on telecommunications service providers in Datantify database.

19. Psychologist

According to a Statista poll from 2020, 9% of Ukrainians almost consistently believed that no one could be trusted. Moreover, 65% of respondents admitted feeling depressed or melancholy from time to time, periodically or almost constantly. Access to psychological consultations will be extremely important in order to undertake therapeutic processes after experiencing a war trauma or developed mental disorders. The data on psychologists in Datantify database.

20. Farm Equipment Supplier

Reconstruction of the agricultural sector is not possible without suppliers of agricultural equipment. In 2020, wages in the agricultural sector were the highest in the observed decade of total revenues. The agricultural sector accounts for a significant percentage of the country’s economy revenues. Therefore, access to agricultural tools and equipment is of great importance.
The data on farm equipment suppliers in Datantify database.

22. Roofing Supply Store

Like all building resources, roofing materials will be as important as the rest. Not all buildings have classic roofs that require, for example, tiling, but the repair and roofs of newly constructed buildings are their most important elements. The data on roofing supply stores in Datantify database.

23. Insurance Agency

Products such as health, home and car insurance are not only considered essential by many consumers, but are often mandatory. Compared to many other industries, the insurance market is expected to recover relatively quickly from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the war in Ukraine. The data on insurance agencies in Datantify database.

24. Transportation Service

The revenues of economic entities involved in transport and storage in Ukraine in 2020 reached over 558 billion Ukrainian hryvnia. In 2020, over 98.3 thousand people operated in the Ukrainian transport and logistics sectors. companies. This shows how important the transport sectors are for the country’s economy, without which it is difficult to obtain capacity in many other sectors of the supply of necessary services and materials. The data on transportation services in Datantify database.

25. Heating Contractor

Providing heating in residential and commercial buildings is a basic and necessary activity. Heating contractors will be in demand when renovating, building and repairing the installations of premises and buildings. The data on heating contractors in Datantify database.