Datantify is a new, dynamically developing company from the US. We are the largest provider of high-quality databases in the world. It’s been only a year since the company launched in September 2018, but our team already counts over ten people due to well-thought-out automation and improvement of many processes. All these good things have led to the quick development of our services using only bootstrapping.

Base team:


Michael A’Burzynski

CEO / Founder & Growth


Alan Sobocki



Dominic Glodek



Matthew Popialkiewicz



April 2016

As a part of Normand One, an internal department which specializes in gathering and elaborating data for our customer needs is established. Within a year we cooperated with a few big startups providing them with databases of locations and companies according to their specific criteria.

June 2017

Blenderg.com is created. A project that delivers databases of European companies from national registers and public sources. But that data was shared and sold by a lot of other companies, so we were unable to stand out in the market, and provide our customers with the unique, valuable and high-quality database because all suppliers were using very similar data.

September 2018

As a response to the lack of unique values to the BlendBerg project, we created Datantify. After a year of testing and developing a three-years-old Alanat engine, we kick-started Datantify.com, which is our blue sea among the red ocean of actual database providers market.

July 2019

After a year since the company has started, we introduced a completely new version of Datantify: Datantify 2.0, which further simplifies the process of browsing and buying from 106 million companies and 740,000 database combinations. And this is just the beginning of bigger changes.



The platform of the first choice for everyone who needs a database of companies from any location or country.


We want to provide our customers with high-quality databases.


We are flat, turquoise organization oriented to our customers’ needs.


From the very beginning we followed the rule: “good product will defend itself” and we still strongly believe in this. Also, investors often try to lob for investment return and not for the quality of the product, which is the thing we wanted to avoid. The actual shape of Datantify is the effect of 3 years of pivoting and searching for our place on the very demanding and competitive market, which is the company database market. Thanks to our customers who willingly choose our databases, we can dynamically grow and develop.

Are you one of our first customers?

If you have bought a database from BlendBerg or Datantify between June 2017 and June 2019 – contact us – your next order will be fulfilled for just 25% of the original price, and what is even better, we will donate this money to charity. 🙌